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All abstracts by Werner Aeschbach-Hertig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) 87Sr/86Sr Systematics and Li of Shallow Groundwaters and Springs at the Western Main Fault of the Northern Upper Rhine Graben
Schmidt G, Al Najem S, Isenbeck-Schröter M, Freundt F, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Kraml M

(2015) Application of Helium Isotopes in Shallow Groundwater for Geothermal Exploration in the Upper Rhine Graben
Freundt F, Al Najem S, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Isenbeck-Schröter M, Schmidt G & Kraml M

(2015) Noble Gases in Soil Air and Groundwater
Mayer S, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Peregovich B

(2014) Dating Groundwater in the Western Great Artesain Basin, Australia
Love A, Purtschert R, Shand P, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Tosaki Y, Fulton S, Wohllng D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L & Kipfer R

(2013) Multitracer Paleoclimate and Recharge Study of Groundwater in the North China Plain
Schneider T, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Zheng C & Cao G

(2013) Deep Geothermal Reservoir Analysis in the Upper Rhine Graben Using a Geochemical and Isotopical Multi-Tracer Method – First Results
Al Najem S, Freundt F, Isenbeck-Schröter M & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2013) Hydrogeochemical Modeling and Noble Gas Analysis of Spring Waters from Poços de Caldas, MG-Brazil
Ritter S, Isenbeck-Schröter M, Freundt F, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Bonotto DM

(2013) TRACE: A Multi-Tracer Analysis of Shallow Aquifers to Improve Geothermal Potential Assessment
Freundt F, Al Najem S, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Isenbeck-Schroeter M, Kober B, Kraml M, Grobe R & Wenke A

(2013) PANGA: A New Tool for the Evaluation of Noble Gas Data
Jung M & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2012) Dating Old Groundwater by Multiple Tracers Including Krypton 81
Love A, Purtschert R, Lu Z-T, Fulton S, Shand P, Jiang W, Mueller P, Yang G-M, Wohling D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L, Kipfer R, Priestley S, Gueutin P & Tosaki Y

(2012) Origin and Evolution of Red Sea Brines – Insights from Noble Gases
Winckler G, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kipfer R, Botz R, Schmidt M & Bonatti E

(2011) Palaeoclimate Record from Groundwater of the Great Artesian Basin, Australia
Bröder L, Purtschert R, Love A, Fulton S, Wohling D & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2011) Noble Gases Used as an Indicator of Groundwater Mixing in Azraq, Jordan
Kaudse T & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2011) Measuring Annual Variation of Soil Air Composition Focusing on the Effect of Oxygen Depletion on Noble Gas Partial Pressures
Freundt F, Schneider T & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2011) Noble Gas Paleotemperature Records: Recent Developments in Dating, Archives, and Interpretation
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Wieser M & Marx T

(2010) Paleoclimate Information from Degassed Groundwaters
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Blaser P & Walraevens K

(2010) Influence of Oxygen Depletion on Noble Gas Partial Pressures in Soil Air
Schneider T & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2009) Groundwater Recharge in the North China Plain Determined by Environmental Tracer Methods
von Rohden C, Kreuzer A, Chen Z, Kipfer R & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2009) Multi-Tracer Study of Groundwater in a Semiarid Region in Northwest India
Wieser M, Schneider T, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Deshpande RD & Gupta SK

(2009) Noble Gas Temperatures from Speleothems
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kluge T, Marx T, Scholz D, Spötl C, Niggemann S & Mangini A

(2008) Noble Gases in Permafrost Perrenial Groundwater Springs, Fishing Branch River, Yukon, Canada
Utting N, Clark I, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Wieser M

(2007) Use of Multiple Tracers for Studying the Inter-Relationships between Climate and Recharge Conditions of Groundwater in a Region of France: The Past Half-Millennium
Corcho Alvarado J, Barbecot F, Purtschert R, Aeschbach-Hertig W & Kipfer R

(2007) A Noble Gas Record of Groundwater Recharge, Paleoclimate, and Mantle Degassing in the North China Plain
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kreuzer A, Von Rohden C & Chen Z

(2006) An automatic mass spectrometric system for determining noble gas concentrations in large and small water samples
Palcsu L, Friedrich R, Kluge T, Zimmek G, Träumner K & Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2003) Studying Fluid Interactions by Inverse Modeling of Noble Gas Data
Aeschbach-Hertig W

(2002) Comparison of Residence Time Indicators (3H/3He, SF6, CFC-12 and 85Kr) in Shallow Groundwater: A Case Study in the Odense Aquifer, Denmark
Corcho Alvarado JA, Purtschert R, Hofer M, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kipfer R & Hinsby K

(2002) Excess Air Correction in Groundwater Dating with He Isotopes
Peeters F, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Holocher J & Kipfer R

(2002) Excess Air in Groundwater as a Proxy for Paleo-Humidity
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Beyerle U & Kipfer R

(2002) Gas Exchange in Quasi-Saturated Porous Media: Investigations on the Formation of Excess Air Using Noble Gases
Holocher J, Peeters F, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Hofer M & Kipfer R

(2002) Noble Gases Dissolved in Porewater of Lacustrine Sediments
Brennwald MS, Kipfer R, Peeters F, Hofer M, Aeschbach W & Imboden D

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