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All abstracts by Alexander Rocholl in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Comparative Chronology of Apollo 16 Impactites and Implications for the Landing Site Stratigraphy
Černok A, Haber T, Dürr T, Rocholl A, Schwarz WH, Jeon H, Whitehouse M, Scherer EE & Becker H

(2021) The Behavior of the U-Pb System in Apatite and Zr Minerals in Pristine Lunar Norite during Infiltration by Imbrium Impact Melt
Vanderliek DM, Becker H, Rocholl A, Schwarz WH & Whitehouse M

(2020) Zircon-Baddeleyite Age Relationships in a Polymict Lunar Breccia
Vanderliek D, Becker H, Rocholl A & Schwarz W

(2019) Origin of Chromitites with UHP Minerals in the Aladag Ophiolite, Turkey: Two-Way Recycling in Oceanic Lithosphere Generation
Lian D, Yang J, Wiedenbeck M, Dilek Y, Rocholl A & Wu W

(2018) Differentiating between Euxinic and Diagenetic Pyrite in the Barney Creek Formation – Implications for Ore Formation in the Teena Sub-Basin, Australia
Magnall J, Gleeson S, Rocholl A & Hayward N

(2018) Sources of S in the Paleoproterozoic Urquhart Shale Hosted George Fisher Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit, Mt Isa, Australia
Rieger P, Magnall JM, Gleeson SA, Rocholl A & Lilly R

(2017) Boron Isotope Systematics in Cold Water Corals (Lophelia pertusa) along the Norwegian Margin: Zooming into a Potential pH-Proxy by Combining Bulk and High Resolution Approaches
Liebetrau V, Raddatz J, Fietzke J, Trotter J, Rocholl A, Krause S, McCulloch M, Rüggeberg A & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Calcium Isotopes as Tracers of Ocean Crust Alteration – Implications for Proxy Records
Böhm F, Rocholl A, Wiedenbeck M, Liebetrau V & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Impact-Generated Zircon and the History of Lunar Breccia 67955
Vanderliek DM, Becker H & Rocholl A

(2015) First Report on Hawaiian Carbonatites
Rocholl A, Jochum KP, Plessen B, Rhede D, Romer RL & Wirth R

(2013) Design Overview of the Potsdam 1280-HR SIMS Instrument
Rocholl A & Wiedenbeck M

(2007) A Depleted Lithosphere Component in the Hawaiian Plume: Noble Gas Evidence from Plume-Related Mantle Xenoliths
Rocholl A, Günther D, Trieloff M & Wirth R

(2007) Nb-Depleted Calc-Alkaline Dacites from Iceland: Implications for Archean Crust Formation
Hegner E, Willbold M, Stracke A & Rocholl A

(2004) Activity Disequilibrium of 230Th, 234U, and 238U in Old Stilbite: Effects of Young U Mobility and Daughter Implantation by a-Recoil
Romer R & Rocholl A

(2001) Water — a Source of Systematic Error in Quantitative SIMS Analyses of Hydrous Glasses
Wiedenbeck M, Rocholl A & Koepke J

(2000) Comparative Study of Koolau and Mauna Loa Primitive Melts: Investigation of Melt Inclusions in Olivines
Sobolev V, Sobolev A, Rocholl A & Hofmann A

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