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All abstracts by Thomas Röckmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Methane from the Past: Insights from Clumped Isotope Measurements
Sivan M, Sun J, Röckmann T, Haghnegahdar MA, Farquhar J, Veen CVD, Slomp CP & Popa ME

(2023) ISAMO (Iron Salt Atmospheric Methane Oxidation)
van Herpen MMJW, Johnson MS, van de Kraats BA, Li Q, Saiz-Lopez A, Liisberg JB, Pennacchio L & Röckmann T

(2022) Exploring the Use of 17O-Excess in CO2 for Estimating Mesophyll Conductance of C3 and C4 Plants
Röckmann T, Adnew GA, Pons T, Koren G & Peters W

(2022) Diurnal Variation in the Δ′17O of Atmospheric CO2 in the Temperate Scots Pine Forest Ecosystem
Adnew GA, Koren G, Melman E, Peters W, Molen MVD & Röckmann T

(2021) Methane Dynamics in a Seasonally Hypoxic Coastal Marine Basin
Zygadlowska OM, Lenstra WK, van Helmond NAGM, Röckmann T, Venetz J, Wallenius AJ, Dalcin Martins P, Veraart AJ, Jetten MSM & Slomp CP

(2020) What can Isotopes Tell us About the Atmospheric H2 Cycle?
Popa ME, Paul D, Janssen C, Felius F, Tapia Rodriguez FE & Röckmann T

(2019) Isotopes and Novel Tracers in Atmospheric Research
Masalaite A, Remeikis V, Holzinger R, Rockmann T & Dusek U

(2019) Tidal Dynamics Control Microbial Methane Oxidation in the Water Column Above an Active Cold Seep (Doggerbank, North Sea)
de Groot T, Maazallahi H, Walter S, Menoud M, Röckmann T, Meijninger B, Mesdag C, Rush D & Niemann H

(2019) H2 Clumped Isotope Measurements at Natural Isotopic Abundances
Popa ME, Paul D, Janssen C, Felius F & Röckmann T

(2018) Fragment Ion Measurement of 17O+ and 13C+ of CO2 with MAT253-Ultra
Adnew G, Hofmann M, Laskar A, Paul D, Popa E, Peters W & Röckmann T

(2016) Unravelling the Origin(s) of Methane in Sea Ice Using Stable Isotope Ratios
Sapart CJ, Carnat G, Zhou J, Delille B, Niemann H, Röckmann T, van der Veen C & Tison J-L

(2016) Coupled Dynamics of CH4-S-Fe-P in Black Sea Sediments
Egger M, Kraal P, Jilbert T, Sulu-Gambari F, Sapart CJ, Röckmann T & Slomp CP

(2015) Automated CO2 Extraction from Air for Clumped Isotope Analysis in the Atmo- and Biosphere
Hofmann MEG, Ziegler M, Pons T, Lourens L & Röckmann T

(2013) Unravel the Role of Sub-Arctic Lake Ice Cover on the Methane Budget: A Multi-Proxy Analysis
Sapart CJ, Boerenboom T, Röckmann T, Niemann H, van der Veen C & Tison J-L

(2013) Experimental Research on Isotope Effects in Photodissociation of O3
Früchtl M, Röckmann T & Janssen C

(2013) The Stable Isotopic Composition of Carbon Monoxide from Greenland Firn Air Samples Collected at NEEM
Pathirana S, Martinerie P, Witrant E, Kaiser J, van der Veen C & Röckmann T

(2013) New Insights into the Isotope Exchange Reaction between O3 and CO2 via O(1D) from Laboratory Experiments
Shaheen R, Röckmann T, Tuzson B & Janssen C

(2009) UV Light Induces Methane Emission from Plant Biomass: Mechanism and Isotope Studies
Vigano I, Holzinger R, Röckmann T, van Dijk A, Keppler F, Greule M, Brand W, van Weelden H & van Dongen J

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