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All abstracts by Karyn Rogers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Does Clay Activation Matter? A Study of Prebiotic RNA Polymerization
Pedreira-Segade U & Rogers K

(2019) Network Analysis on Geochemical and Biological Signatures from Cerro Negro Volcano and Implications for Life on Ancient Martian
Huang F, Fischer A, Collins C, Eleish A, Fox P, Hynek B, McCollom T, Prabhu A & Rogers K

(2018) From Adsorption to Reaction: A Study of Nucleotide-Mineral Interactions
Pedreira-Segade U, Daniel I, Michot L & Rogers K

(2018) A New Prebiotic Paradigm: Early Earth Environments Give Rise to Life’s Chemistry
Rogers K

(2013) Volcanic Acid-Sulfate Analogs for Early Mars
Hynek B, McCollom T, Rogers K & Marcucci E

(2008) Habitability of Serpentinizng Systems for Methanogenic Microorganisms: An Energy Balance Model
Hoehler T, Alperin M, McCollom T & Rogers K

(2008) Formation and Metabolism of Organic Sulfur Compounds in Serpentinizing Fluids
Schulte M & Rogers K

(2005) What's on the Menu for Thermophilic Heterotrophs?
Rogers K & Amend J

(2005) Organic Sulfur Compounds in Extremophile Metabolisms
Schulte M & Rogers K

(2005) The Vulcano Hydrothermal System: Microbial Community Structure, Novel Isolates, and Geochemical Energy Sources
Amend J, Rogers K, Rusch A & Gammon C

(2004) Geochemical Niches and Novel Archaea in the Hydrothermal Systems of Vulcano, Italy
Rogers K & Amend J

(2004) Thermophiles and Vent Geochemistry at Vulcano (Italy) and Ambitle (Papua New Guinea)
Amend J, Meyer-Dombard D, Rogers K & Rusch A

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