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All abstracts by Megan Rohrssen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Lipid Biomarkers Record Strong Marine Methane Cycling and an Anoxic Deep Ocean Persisting Through the Ordovician and Silurian Periods
Marshall N, Love G, Bekker A, Rohrssen M & Lee C

(2019) Hydrological and Biogeochemical Change to Rapid Warming in Eocene Lake Uinta, Green River Formation, Utah
Elson A, Rohrssen M, Marshall J & Whiteside J

(2018) Hydrological Cycling in a Long-Lived Eocene Lake Uinta, Green River Formation, Utah
Elson A, Rohrssen M, Marshall J & Whiteside J

(2018) Elevated Terrestrial Temperatures during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: A Multi-Proxy Perspective
Inglis G, Naafs D, Rohrssen M, Kennedy L & Pancost R

(2017) Quantifying Terrestrial Temperatures during the Early Paleogene: New Insights from Novel Organic Geochemical Proxies
Naafs D, Inglis G, Rohrssen M, Pancost R & peat database collaborators T

(2016) Orbital Forcing of Wetland Methane Feedbacks during Paleogene Greenhouse Climates
Badger M, Valdes P, Rohrssen M, Wilton D, Beerling D & Pancost R

(2015) Evidence for Methane Cycling in Paleogene Terrestrial and Marginal Marine Sediments
Rohrssen M, Inglis GN, Badger MPS, Naafs BDA, Kennedy EM, Collinson ME, Singh PK, Singh MP & Pancost RD

(2015) Coupled Model-Data Approach to Terrestrial Methane Cycling during Paleogene Greenhouse Climates
Badger M, Rohrssen M, Inglis G, Naafs BD, Pancost R, Valdes P, Wilton D, Beerling D, Collinson M, Kennedy E, Singh P & Singh M

(2015) First Occurrence of Archaeal Tetraether Lipids with 5 to 7 Cyclopentane Moieties in a Mesophilic Setting
Inglis GN, Naafs BDA, Feakins SJ, Lahteenoja O, Ponton C, Collinson ME, Rohrssen M & Pancost RD

(2014) Methane Sources in Arctic Thermokarst Lakes on the North Slope of Alaska
Matheus Carnevali P, Rohrssen M, Williams M, Love G, Michaud A, Adams H, Priscu J, Berisford D, Klesh A, Leichty J, Hand K & Murray A

(2013) Palaeozoic Biosphere and Climate: Modes of Marine Primary Production and Methane Cycling Feedbacks
Rohrssen M, Love GD & Reinhard CT

(2012) Tracking Proterozoic Biospheric Evolution and Marine Redox Structure Using Lipid Biomarkers
Love G, Kelly A, Li C & Rohrssen M

(2008) A Potential Mineral Paleo-Humidity Measure for Martian Hydrated Evaporite Minerals: First Results
Coleman M, Rohrssen M & Mielke R

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