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All abstracts by Rolf L. Romer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Li and B Isotopic Fingerprint of Archean Subduction
Wang D, Romer RL, Guo J-H & Glodny J

(2019) The Subduction Zone Signal in Continental Basalts
Pfänder J, Jung S, Klügel A, Münker C, Romer R, Sperner B & Kroner U

(2017) Isotopic Disequilibrium during Partial Melting
Wolf M & Romer RL

(2017) Controls on the Partitioning of Ore Elements into Granitic Melts
Wolf M & Romer RL

(2017) High δ7Li Peridotite Xenoliths from ca. 2.52 Ga High-Mg Diorites: Metasomatism Above an Archean Subduction Zone
Wang D, Romer RL, Guo J & Glodny J

(2017) Metasomatism of Mantle Peridotite during Continental Collision and the Origin of Heterogeneity in K-Rich Mafic Magmatism
Soder C, Romer RL, Meyer H-P & Trieloff M

(2016) Field and Experimental Investigations of Li behavior-Implications for Fluid Origin and Fluxes in SZ Forearcs
Kastner M, Solomon E, Romer R & Glodny J

(2015) First Report on Hawaiian Carbonatites
Rocholl A, Jochum KP, Plessen B, Rhede D, Romer RL & Wirth R

(2015) Mantle Metasomatism in a Complex Subduction-Collision Scenario: The Late Miocene Lamprophyres from the Island of Kos (SE-Aegean)
Soder C, Altherr R & Romer RL

(2015) The Misleading Role of Carbonatites in the Deep Volatile Cycle
Tappe S, Smart KA, Stracke A, Romer RL, Steenfelt A & Muehlenbachs K

(2013) Are Mafic Microgranular Enclaves in Durbachites Plutonic Equivalents of Common Minettes?
Krmíček L & Romer R

(2013) Genetic Relationship between Ag-(Pb-Zn) Mineralization and W-Specific Mesozoic Magmatism in the Nanling Belt (China) Based on Data from the Wutong Deposit
Lecumberri-Sanchez P, Romer RL, Lüders V & Bodnar RJ

(2013) The Role of Ultramafic Veins in Mafic Alkaline Magmatism: Contrary Evidence from Continental Intra-Plate Settings
Smart K, Tappe S, Stracke A, Romer R & Prelevic D

(2012) The Vapour-Liquid Fractionation of Cu Stable Isotopes: A New Tool for Porphyry Research
Rempel K, Romer R & Liebscher A

(2012) Pb and Hf Isotope Composition of Hornblende-Bearing Lavas (Central European Volcanic Province): A Lithospheric Mantle Source?
Mayer B, Jung S, Romer RL & Munker C

(2012) Carbon Fluxes beneath Cratons: Insights from West Greenland Kimberlites and Carbonatites
Tappe S, Smart K, Stracke A, Romer R, Steenfelt A & Muehlenbachs K

(2012) Petrology of Syn-Orogenic S-Type Leucogranites (Damara Orogen; Namibia): Constraints from Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes
Paul A, Jung S, Romer RL & Stracke A

(2011) Late Cretaceous Alnöite from the Delitzsch (Germany) Carbonatite-Ultramafic Complex
Krüger JC, Romer RL & Kämpf H

(2011) Calc-Alkaline Lamprophyre from Lusatia (Germany) Derived from a Multiply Enriched Mantle Source
Abdelfadil K, Romer R, Seifert T & Lobst R

(2011) Demir Kapija Ophiolite: A Snapshot of Subduction Initiation within a Back-Arc
Bozovic M, Prelevic D, Romer RL & Barth M

(2011) Rhodochrosite Gemstones: Contrasting Origin and Evolution of Related Fluids
Lecumberri-Sanchez P, Romer RL, Lüders V & Bodnar RJ

(2009) Long-Lived Mesoproterozoic Magmatic Activity in Namibia – Insights to the Origin and Evolution of Anorogenic Igneous Suites
Drüppel K, Gleißner P, Romer R & Gerdes A

(2009) Li Isotope Partitioning between Serpentine Phases and Fluid
Wunder B, Watenphul A, Deschamps F, Guillot S, Meixner A, Romer RL & Wirth R

(2009) Quest for Primary Carbonatite Melts beneath Cratons: A West Greenland Perspective
Tappe S, Heaman L, Romer R, Steenfelt A, Muehlenbachs K, Simonetti A & Stracke A

(2009) Lithium Isotope Signatures of Mantle Domains
Krienitz M-S, Garbe-Schönberg C-D, Romer RL, Meixner A & Haase K

(2009) Mantle Source and Crustal Contamination of the Anorthosites of the Kunene Intrusive Complex, NW Namibia
Gleißner P, Drüppel K, Taubald H & Romer RL

(2009) Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer for Diagenetic Processes in Deep Subsurface Sediments
Scholz F, Hensen C, Meixner A, Reitz A, Haeckel M, Romer RL, De Lange GJ & Wallmann K

(2008) The Alleged Carbonatitic-Kimberlitic Melt Continuum: Contrary Evidence from West Greenland
Tappe S, Steenfelt A, Heaman L, Romer R, Simonetti A & Muehlenbachs K

(2007) Age of Magnetite-Apatite Deposits and Geochemistry of Host Rocks, Bafq District, Central Iran
Stosch H-G, Romer RL & Daliran F

(2007) Interactions between Carbonate Magmas and MARID Metasomes: The Case of Diamondiferous Aillikites from the Torngat Mountains, Canada
Tappe S, Foley S, Heaman L, Romer R, Stracke A, Kjarsgaard B & Jenner G

(2007) No Need for Involvement of a Hidden Mantle Reservoir in the Origin of Lamproites from Mediterranean
Prelevic D, Foley S, Stracke A, Romer R & Conticelli S

(2007) Petrogenesis of Fayalite Granitoids: New Insights from Metapelitic Xenoliths
Vásquez P, Franz G, Glodny J & Romer R

(2007) Experimental Study on the B-Isotope Fractionation between Tourmaline and Fluid: A Re-investigation
Meyer C, Wunder B, Meixner A, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2007) Vapor-Liquid Fractionation of B, Li, and Cl Stable Isotopes: Experimental Constraints at 400 and 450℃, 20 to 42 MPa
Liebscher A, Barnes J, Heinrich W, Meixner A, Romer RL & Sharp Z

(2007) Li and B Isotope Characteristics of Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks from Sulu, China
Xiao Y, Romer RL, Hoefs J & Meixner A

(2006) Fluid origin and evolution at the Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado
Lüders V, Romer RL, Gilg HA & Pettke T

(2005) Experimental Determination of the Geochemical Cycle of Boron and its Isotopes from the Slab to the Surface
Liebscher A, Wunder B, Schmidt C, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2004) Activity Disequilibrium of 230Th, 234U, and 238U in Old Stilbite: Effects of Young U Mobility and Daughter Implantation by a-Recoil
Romer R & Rocholl A

(2004) The Geochemical Cycle of Boron: Experiments on Boron Isotope Partitioning between Micas and Fluids
Wunder B, Meixner A, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2004) Cretaceous Metasomatism of Lithospheric Mantle: Trace Element and Isotopic Composition of Spinel Lherzolite Xenoliths from NW Argentina
Franz G, Lucassen F, Viramonte J & Romer R

(2002) Effect of Metamorphic Reaction History on Isotopic Dating of Minerals
Romer RL & Rötzler J

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