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All abstracts by Tyrone Rooney in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Magma Generation during the Continent – Ocean Transition: The Unexpected Role of the Continental Lithospheric Mantle
Rooney T, Brown EL, Bastow ID, Arrowsmith JR & Campisano C

(2023) PiAutoStage: Accessible Digital Microscopy Through Open-Source Robotic Image Capture
Steiner RA & Rooney T

(2015) Afar and the East African Rift – A Lithosphere in Transition
Rooney T

(2014) HIMU-Like Magmatism on the Northeast African and Arabian Plates: The Role of Continental Lithosphere Metasomes
Rooney T, Nelson W, Dosso L, Furman T & Hanan B

(2014) Geochemistry of Lavas from the Kaiapo Tuff Cone, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: Lava Heterogeneity within a Single Edifice
Martin N, Snell A, Rooney T & Deering C

(2010) Recognition of a HIMU-Like Reservoir beneath Northwest Ethiopia
Rooney T, Dosso L & Nelson W

(2008) Hf and Pb Isotope Constraints on the Source Origin of Northern Lau Basin Back-Arc Basin Basalts
Hanan B, Rooney T, Pietruszka A, Tian L, Hahm D, Castillo P, Hilton D & Hawkins J

(2008) The Nature of Magmatism Associated with Breakup of Super-Continents: Constraints from Geochemical and Pb, Sr, Nd and Hf Isotopic Studies from the Appalachian Orogen
Sinha K, Rooney T & Hanan B

(2008) Multi-Component Isotopic Mixing in the Ethiopian Rift: Modeling Plume Contributions to Recent Magmatism
Rooney T, Hanan B, Furman T & Graham D

(2008) Hf Isotopic Insights into Mantle Source Contributions in Turkana, East African Rift System
Locke J, Bryce J, Furman T, Hanan B, Rooney T & Graham D

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