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All abstracts by Martin Rosner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Intercomparison of δ26Mg Values in Mg Isotope RMs and Standards to a New Isotope RM Traceable to the SI
Rosner M, Vogl J, Meixner A, Kasemann S, Rienitz O, Noordmann J, Schuessler J, Vocke R, Rabb S & Kraft R

(2017) Assessing δ26Mg in Bioapatite as Proxy for Faunivory
Tatzel M, Vogl J, Tütken T & Rosner M

(2013) Approaching Real Uncertainty Estimates for δ11B Data
Rosner M & Vogl J

(2011) Phase Separation, Degassing and Anomalous Methane at the Menez Gwen Hydrothermal Field
Reeves E, Prieto X, Hentscher M, Rosner M, Seewald J, Hinrichs K-U & Bach W

(2011) New Offset δ11B Isotope Reference Materials for Geochemical and Environmental Boron Isotope Studies
Rosner M & Vogl J

(2011) Fluid and Temperature Conditions in an Oceanic Detachment Fault Footwall: Insights from Late-Stage Mineral Veins (ODP Leg 304/305)
Jöns N, Bach W, Rosner M & Plessen B

(2009) Boron Isotope Composition of Crop Plants
Rosner M, Pritzkow W, Vogl J & Voerkelius S

(2009) Tourmaline Reference Materials for the in situ Determination of Lithium Isotope Composition
Wiedenbeck M, Rosner M, Halama R & Krienitz M

(2008) Plagiogranitic, Serpentinite and Carbonate Veins in Abyssal Peridotites: Insights into Fluid Transport in a Detachment Fault Setting (ODP Leg 209)
Jöns N, Bach W, Schroeder T & Rosner M

(2007) Carbonate and Anhydrite Veins from Altered Gabbroic Oceanic Crust (Atlantis Massif, MAR 30°N)
Rosner M, Bach W, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Erzinger J & Plessen B

(2004) Heavy Boron Isotope Compositions of Back-Arc Lavas from the Southern Lau-Basin (Valu Fa Ridge)
Rosner M, Rhede D & Erzinger J

(2004) D11B Values of Silicate Geochemical Reference Materials – A Contribution Towards Well Characterized Reference Materials
Meixner A & Rosner M

(2004) Lithium Isotope Compositions of Silicate Reference Materials
Blusztajn J, Rosner M & Ball L

(2002) Isotopic Crustal and Slab Fingerprints in Arc Volcanic Rocks from the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes
Rosner M, Erzinger J & Trumbull R

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