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All abstracts by Nancy Ross in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Inelastic Neutron Scattering Studies of Framework Materials
Ross N, Daemen L, Kolesnikov A, Zhao J & Anovitz L

(2018) The Role of Lattice Vibrations in the Energy Landscape of Materials
Ross N

(2017) Impact of Extreme Pressure on Bonded Radii of Atoms
Gibbs G, Ross N & Cox D

(2015) Effect of Hydration Layers and Magnetic Transitions on the Stability of Fe-Oxide Nanoparticles
Ross N, Spencer E, Woodfield B & Kolesnikov A

(2014) Exploring Confined Water on Surfaces of Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles with Neutrons
Ross N

(2013) New Insights into the Size of Atoms from Electron Density Distributions
Gibbs GV, Ross NL & Iversen BB

(2012) Petrologic Evidence for Rapid Exhumation of Alpine UHP Rocks from > 100 km Depth
Caddick M, Tracy R & Ross N

(2011) Thermodynamic Properties of Hydration Layers on Surfaces of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Ross NL, Spencer EC, Woodfield BF, Navrotsky A, Parker SF & Kolesnikov AI

(2010) Influence of Adsorbed Water on Energetics of Cassiterite Nanoparticles
Ross N, Spencer E, Parker S, Kolesnikov A, Boerio-Goates J, Woodfield B & Navrotsky A

(2008) Bond Strength and the Compression of Framework Minerals
Ross N, Angel R, Zhao J & Wang D

(2008) An Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of Adsorbed Water on Rutile and Cassiterite Nanoparticles
Levchenko A, Navrotsky A, Ross N, Spencer E, Kolesnikov A, Wesolowski D, Cole D, Mamontov E, Boerio-Goates J & Woodfield B

(2005) Hydrogen in the Al2SiO<->5<$> Polymorphs
Burt J, Ross N, Gibbs J & Cox D

(2005) Structure and Properties of Silicate Perovskites in the Deep Mantle
Angel R, Zhao J, Vanpeteghem C & Ross N

(2001) Hydrogen Positions in Leucophoenicite, Mn7Si3O12(OH)2, and a Comparison with the Hydrous B Phases
Welch MD, Marshall WG, Ross NL & Knight KS

(2001) Compression of Octahedral Framework Structures
Ross NL

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