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All abstracts by Kevin Rosso in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Identifying Prenucleation Species in Concentrated, Alkaline Sodium Aluminate Solutions to Improve Aluminum Processing Efficiency
Nienhuis-Marcial E, Wang H-W, Graham T, Pouvreau M, Prange M, Zhang X, Clark A, Schenter G, Rosso K & Pearce C

(2021) Reduction of Selenate in Contact with Pyrite [100]: A DFT ab Initio Study
Ramothe V, Simonnin P, Gilbert B, Rosso K & Charlet L

(2021) Self-Similar Mesocrystals Form Via Interface-Driven Nucleation and Assembly and Dissolve by Particle Detachment
Zhu G, Sushko M, Loring J, Legg B, Huang X, Song M, Rosso K & De Yoreo J

(2021) Transverse Electron Exchange Pathways in Nontronite from First Principles
Simonnin P, Dong H, Neumann A & Rosso K

(2020) Energetics and the Role of Defects in Fe(II)-Catalyzed Goethite Recrystallization from Multiscale Molecular Simulations
Rosso K & Zarzycki P

(2020) Mass Transport and Mineral Transformations in Nanoscale Interfacial Water Films Triggered by Critical Water Coverages
Miller Q, Kerisit S, Kaszuba J, Schaef T, Bowden M, McGrail P & Rosso K

(2020) Probing Solid Transformation of Akaganéite to Iron Oxides by in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
Zhang X, He Y, Kovarik L, Bowden M, Engelhard M, Du Y, Liu L, Wang C, De Yoreo J & Rosso K

(2020) Mechanistic Understanding of Electron-Beam Induced Akaganeite Nanorod Dissolution
Sassi M, Liu L, Nakouzi E, Kovarik L, Liang X, Zhang X, Rosso K & De Yoreo J

(2020) Understanding Torque-Generating Forces Enabling Crystal Growth by Oriented Attachment
Zhang X, He Y, Sushko M, Liu J, De Yoreo J, Mao S & Rosso K

(2020) Dynamics of Interface-Driven Nucleation and Assembly
De Yoreo J, Legg B, Zhu G, Baer M, Sushko M, Loring J, Huang X, Mundy C, Schenter G, Chun J & Rosso K

(2019) Molecular Simulation of the Solid-State Transport Properties of Silver Sulfide Towards Smart Passivation Strategies for Silver Nanowires in the Environment
Simonnin P, Charlet L, Gilbert B & Rosso K

(2019) Capturing Atom Exchange Fronts during Fe(II)-catalyzed Recrystallization of Fe(III)-oxide Minerals Using Isotopic Mapping Probes
Taylor S, Liu J, Zhang X, Kovarik L, Cliff J, Perea D, Byun TS, Schreiber D & Rosso K

(2019) Role of Mass Transport in Mineral Carbonation in Confined H2O Films
Loring J, Placencia-Gomez RE, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Qafoku O, Miller Q & Rosso K

(2019) Overview of the Role of Surface Defects on Goethite’s Biogeochemistry
Notini L, Latta D, Neumann A, Pearce C, Rosso K, Byrne J, Tomaszewski E, Zhou Z, Kappler A & Scherer M

(2018) Spectroscopic Features of Tetrahedrally Coordinated Aluminate Dimer, K2Al2O(OH)6
Dembowski M, Graham T, Pouvreau M, Wang H-W, Hu J, Clark A, Rosso K & Pearce C

(2018) An in situ Look at Water, Ions and Forces at Mineral Surfaces and in Confinement
De Yoreo J, Kerisit S, Tuladhar A, Zhang X, Sushko M, Zhang S, Li D, Chun J, Wang Z, Nakouzi E & Rosso K

(2018) Ionic Liquid Glassification to Observe Aluminate Ion Speciation in Low Water Alkaline Environments
Graham T, Hu J, Shen Z, Dembowski M, Zhang X, Clark S, Schenter G, Pearce C & Rosso K

(2018) Correlating Mineral-Water Interface Structure to Particle Interactions and Emergent Phenomena
Chun J, Nakouzi E, Soltis J, Legg B, Schenter G, Zhang X, Graham T, Rosso K, Anovitz L & De Yoreo J

(2018) Chasing Atom Exchange Fronts during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Recrystallization of Hematite Using Isotopic Mapping Probes
Taylor S, Liu J, Arey B, Schreiber D, Cliff J, Perea D & Rosso K

(2018) Ferrihydrite Transformation by Fe(II): Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Stability at Neutral pH
Qafoku O, Kovarik L, Bowden M, Sheng A, Soltis J, Sassi M, Pearce C, Liu J & Rosso K

(2018) Fe(II) – Fe(III) Oxide Electron Transfer: Influence on Contaminant, Nutrient, and Carbon Dynamics
Scherer M, Andrade L, Felber O, Pearce C, Robinson T, Rosso K & Zhou Z

(2017) Chemical Reactivity in Thin Water Films on Minerals in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Schaef T, Thompson C, McGrail P & Rosso K

(2017) U(IV)-mineral Complexation may Explain U Speciation in Reduced Sediments
Boyanov M, Latta D, Scherer M, Mishra B, Pearce C, Rosso K, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K

(2016) The Future of Radionuclide Retention in Fukushima Soils from First Principles Simulations
Rosso K, Sassi M, Okumura M, Kerisit S & Machida M

(2016) The Nanoscale Forces Behind Crystallization by Oriented Aggregation
Rosso K, Zhang X, Sushko M, Shen Z, Kerisit S, Li D, Chun J, Bowden M, Engelhard M, Liu J, Mundy C & De Yoreo J

(2015) Impact of Heat, Gamma- and Alpha-Radiation on the Clay Barrier in a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste
Pearce C, Bower W, Pattrick R, Mosselmans F, Sims A, Devine J & Rosso K

(2015) Reduction of U(VI) by Fe(II): Influence of Fe- and Al-(oxyhydr)oxides on Redox Catalysis
Taylor S, Marcano M, Rosso K & Becker U

(2014) Mechanistic Insights into the Water-Film Threshold for Silicate Carbonation in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Benezeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Felmy A & Rosso K

(2014) Size Effect on the Reduction of Hematite Nanoparticles with Outer Membrane Cytochromes OmcA of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Liu J, Pearce C, Shi L, Wang Z, Shi Z, Arenholz E & Rosso K

(2014) Transient Surface Potential Gradients as a Driving Force for the Bulk Conduction Mechanism of Iron Oxide Recrystallization
Zarzycki P & Rosso K

(2013) Non-Innocent Role of Electron-Mediating Ligands in Reductive Dissolution of Hematite
Zarzycki P, Toczydlowska D, Chatman S & Rosso K

(2013) Understanding Electron Transfer at Fe-Bearing Mineral Surfaces to Optimize Contaminant Remediation
Pearce C, Liu J, Kabius B, Arenholz E & Rosso K

(2013) Electron Flow in Bacterial Multi-Heme Cytochromes
Breuer M, Smith D, Blumberger J & Rosso K

(2013) Theoretical Calculations on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of U(VI) Homogeneous Reduction by Fe(II)
Collins R & Rosso K

(2013) Reduction of Aqueous U(VI) by Fe(II): Effect of Ti(IV) on the Speciation of U(IV)
Latta D, Pearce C, Rosso K, O'Loughlin E, Kemner K & Boyanov M

(2013) Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Fe(II)-Fe(III) Electron Transfer Across Interfaces
Chatman S, Zarzycki P, Kerisit S, Alexandrov V, Pearce C & Rosso K

(2012) Reactivity of U(VI) with Pure, Oxidized, and Ti-Substituted Magnetites
Latta D, Pearce C, Gorski C, Rosso K, O'Loughlin E, Kemner K, Scherer M & Boyanov M

(2012) Fe Electron Transfer and Atom Exchange at Mineral/Water Interfaces
Scherer M, Latta D, Pasakarnis T, Neumann A, Barger M, Rosso K & Johnson C

(2012) Electron Transfer and Atom Exchange Among Fe and Mn Phases
Bachman J, Latta D, Scherer M & Rosso K

(2012) Fe Atom Exchange between Aqueous Fe(II) and Hematite
Barger M, Rosso K & Scherer M

(2011) Reactive Fe(II) and Electron Exchange Dynamics in Iron Oxides
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Pearce C, Katz J, Gilbert B, Handler R, Scherer M & Meakin P

(2011) Fe(II) Exchange at Titanomagnetite-Water Interfaces
Pearce C, Liu J, Qafoku O, Arenholz E, Heald S & Rosso K

(2011) Surface Transformations and Element Cycling Resulting from Interfacial Fe(II)-Fe(III) Self Exchange
Catalano J, Frierdich A, Luo Y, Fenter P, Park C & Rosso K

(2011) Probing Mineral-Water Interfaces with Computer Simulation
Kerisit S, Rosso K & Felmy A

(2011) Large-Scale Simulation of Molecular Structure and Electron Transfer in Microbial Cytochromes
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Breuer M, Blumberger J, Shi L, Richardson D, Clarke T, Edwards M, Butt J, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2010) Fe(II)-Induced Structural Transformations of Hematite Surfaces and their Impact on Contaminants
Catalano J, Fenter P, Park C, Rosso K, Frierdich A & Otemuyiwa B

(2010) The Role of Intermediates during Metal Carbonation of Forsterite in Wet Supercritical CO2
Felmy A, Kwak J, Hu J, Rosso K, Wang C, Hoyt D, Ilton E, Rustad J & Dixon D

(2010) Scanning Probe Microscopy and Mineral-Water Interfaces: Have We Reached a Limit?
Higgins S, Xu M, Cubillas P, Lea AS, Knauss K & Rosso K

(2010) Surface Structure Effects on Gibbsite Nanoparticle Reactivity
Bickmore B, Rosso K & Madden A

(2010) Carbonation of Forsterite Exposed to Water-Saturated Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Loring J, Wang Z, Thompson C, Joly A, Sklarew D, Rosso K & Felmy A

(2010) Characterization of Reactive Ferrous Iron in Titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) Nanoparticles for Contaminant Reduction
Pearce C, Qafoku O, Liu J, Arenholz E, Heald S, Felmy A, Henderson M & Rosso K

(2010) Redox Behavior of Nanoscale Fe Oxides: Stable Isotope Investigations
Scherer M, Handler R, Gorski C, Beard B, Johnson C & Rosso K

(2010) Reduction of Contaminant Tc(VII) by Magnetite (Fe3O4) and Titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) Nanoparticles
Liu J, Pearce C, Qafoku O, Rosso K, Peretyazhko T, Arenholz E & Heald S

(2010) Electrostatic Potentials and Charge Distributions at Structurally Defined Hematite/Electrolyte Interfaces
Chatman S, Zarzycki P, Preočanin T & Rosso K

(2010) Dynamics of Interfacial Electron Transfer: Implications for Biogeochemical Reactions
Kerisit S & Rosso K

(2009) The Growth of Pyramids and Pits on Hematite Mediated by Redox Chemistry and Bulk Electron Transport
Meakin P & Rosso K

(2009) Oxidative Adsorption of Iron(II) at the Hematite-Water Interface
Kerisit S & Rosso K

(2008) Electron-Transfer Reactions at Water- and Cytochrome-Iron Oxide Interfaces
Kerisit S, Dupuis M & Rosso K

(2008) Electron-Transfer Rates in Magnetite Surfaces: Implications for Uranium Reduction
Skomurski F, Kerisit S & Rosso K

(2007) Insights into Enzymatic Reduction of Hematite from Single-Molecule Tunneling Studies of Multiheme Cytochromes
Wigginton N, Rosso K, Shi L, Lower B & Hochella M

(2005) Self-Consistent Self-Interaction Corrected DFT Studies of Annite
Bylaska E, Tsemekhman K, Ilton E & Rosso K

(2005) Rates of Uranium Electron Transfer: A Theoretical Perspective
Rosso K, Wang Z, Ainsworth C & Fredrickson J

(2005) Simulation and Theoretical Modeling of L-Edge XANES of Transition Metals
Ankudinov AL & Rosso K

(2005) Fast Kinetic Monte Carlo Models for Defect Controlled Dissolution of Multiple Etch Pits
Meakin P, Rosso K & Yanina S

(2005) Defect Distribution and Dissolution Morphologies on Low-Index Surfaces of Alpha-Quartz
Yanina S, Rosso K & Meakin P

(2005) On Charge Transport in Iron Oxides
Rosso K & Dupuis M

(2005) Electron Transfer Reactions in Solution and at Interfaces
Rustad J, Rosso K & Felmy A

(2004) Combined ab Initio/Bond-Valence Method of pKa Prediction for Oxide Surfaces
Bickmore B, Tadanier C & Rosso K

(2004) Electron Transfer in Iron Oxides: Theoretical Assessment of Electron Hopping Rates
Rosso K & Dupuis M

(2002) Theoretical Evaluation of Electron Transfer Kinetics at Fe(III)-Oxide Surfaces with Implications for Microbial Respiration
Rosso K & Zachara J

(2002) The Structure of Hematite (0001) Surfaces in Water: STM and Resonant Tunneling Calculations of Coexisting O and Fe Terminations
Eggleston C, Stack A, Rosso K & Higgins S

(2001) The Proximity Effect on Semiconducting Mineral Surfaces
Becker U, Rosso KM & Hochella Jr. MF

(2001) Energetics and Kinetics of Electron Transfer to Aqueous Fe and Hematite Surfaces: ab Initio Calculations and Marcus Theory
Rosso KM, Rustad JR & Zachara JM

(2001) A Comparison of Procrystal and First-Principles Crystal Electron Density Distributions with Application to Understanding the Phase Changes in Pyroxenes
Downs RT, Gibbs GV, Giovanni MK, Boisen Jr. MB & Rosso KM

(2000) Reductive Dissolution of Hematite by the Microbe Shewanella putrefaciens: Surface Transformations and Dissolution Pathways
Rosso K, Zachara J & Smith S

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