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All abstracts by Konstantin Rozov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Phase Equilibria in the System (Ba, Sr, Ra)SO4 + H2O
Vinograd V, Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Weber J, Rozov K, Kulik D, Winkler B & Bosbach D

(2015) Replacement of Barite by (Ba, Ra)SO4 at T = 25 – 90℃
Brandt F, Rozov K, Klinkenberg M & Bosbach D

(2013) Effects of Lead and Strontium on Radium Uptake by Barite: Atomistic Simulations and Thermodynamic Assessment
Rozov K, Vinograd V, Kulik D, Brandt F, Winkler B & Bosbach D

(2013) Solid Solution Formation and Uptake of Radium in the Presence of Barite
Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Vinograd V, Rozov K & Bosbach D

(2012) Replacement of Barite by Radiobarite at Close to Equilibrium Conditions and Room Temperature
Brandt F, Klinkenberg M, Rozov K, Modolo G & Bosbach D

(2012) Synthesis, Characterization and Stabilities of Mg-Zr(IV)-Al-Cl Containing Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs)
Rozov K, Curtius H & Bosbach D

(2012) Recrystallization of Barite in the Presence of Ra at Elevated Temperatures up to 90℃
Klinkenberg M, Brandt F, Rozov K, Modolo G & Bosbach D

(2009) Solubility Measurements of Hydrotalcite-Like Solid Solutions
Rozov K, Berner U & Kulik D

(2004) Solubility and Mass Transfer of Gold between Au(met) and FeS2 Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Rozov K & Laptev Y

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