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All abstracts by Daniela Rubatto in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Serpentine Dehydration and Continental Crust Formation
Hermann J, Tamblyn R, Ganade C, Rubatto D & Pettke T

(2023) Multistage Serpentinisation at the Ocean Floor Revealed by in situ Analysis
Vesin C, Rubatto D, Pettke T & Deloule E

(2023) Tracking Fluid Flow in Subducted Serpentinites of the Zermatt-Saas HP-Ophiolite (Western Alps) Using Oxygen Isotopes
Ulrich M, Rubatto D, Hermann J, Piccoli F & De Hoog C-J

(2023) Petrochronology of Metasomatic Rocks: Insights into Metamorphism, Fluid Flow and Deformation during Subduction
Piccoli F, Rubatto D, Millonig LJ, Gerdes A, Vitale Brovarone A & Hermann J

(2023) Tracing Fluid Infiltration in Subducted Oceanic Crust at High Pressure Conditions
Rubatto D, Williams M, Markmann T, Lanari P & Hermann J

(2023) Ophiolitic Relicts in the Central Alps: Timing the Transition from High-Pressure Melting to Amphibolite Facies Conditions
Lemke K, Rubatto D & Hermann J

(2021) U–Pb Geochronology and Isotopic Signatures of Epidote in Hydrothermal Veins: Evidence for Eo-Alpine Fluid Circulation in the Albula Area (Eastern Swiss Alps)
Peverelli V, Berger A, Wille M, Rubatto D, Putlitz B, Pettke T & Herwegh M

(2021) Pervasive Fluid Flow in Subducted Crust
Rubatto D, Bovay T & Lanari P

(2021) The Role of Chlorite Dehydration in Ultramafic Rocks for Slab Melting and Element Recycling in Subducted Crust
Hermann J, Lakey S, Lederer M & Rubatto D

(2021) When Volcanic Eruptions and Shallow-Level Granites are Siblings: The Case of the Takidani Magmatic Complex
Farina F, Hartung E, Weber G, Rubatto D & Caricchi L

(2019) Trace Element Mapping of Garnet by LA-Icp-Tofms
Rubatto D, Burger M, Schwarz G, Keresztes Schmidt P, Neff C, Lanari P, Hermann J, Vho A & Günther D

(2018) Radiogenic 40Ca in Garnet: A New Proxy for K Loss during Granulite-Facies Metamorphism
Antonelli MA, DePaolo DJ, Chacko T, Grew ES & Rubatto D

(2018) Internally Consistent Database for Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Minerals: Theory and Application to HP Metamorphic Rocks
Vho A, Lanari P & Rubatto D

(2018) The Path of Fluids and the Composition of Melts in (Ultra)high Pressure Subducted Crust
Rubatto D, Gauthiez-Putallaz L, Williams M, Bovay T, Stepanov A & Hermann J

(2017) Th–U Distribution in the Crust: Outcrop and Grain Scale Approaches
Williams M, Kelsey D, Rubatto D, Hand M & Bockmann K

(2017) Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Garnet from Granulite Facies Rocks
Higashino F, Rubatto D, Kawakami T & Bouvier A-S

(2017) High-Temperature Calcium Isotope Fractionation: Theory vs. Nature
Antonelli MA, DePaolo DJ, Schauble EA, Grew ES, Chacko T & Rubatto D

(2016) Tracing Fluids in Subducted Oceanic Crust Using in situ δ18O and δ11B by SHRIMP
Williams M, Rubatto D, Hermann J & Holden P

(2016) The Resilience of Accessory Minerals
Rubatto D

(2016) Experimental Calibration of Oxygen Diffusion Rates in YAG Garnet
Scicchitano MR, Jollands MC, Rubatto D, Hermann J & Williams IS

(2015) Experimental Determination of Oxygen Diffusion Rates in Garnet: A Preliminary Study
Rubatto D, Scicchitano MR, Jollands MC, Hermann J & Williams IS

(2015) Dating Prograde Metamorphism by Linking Zircon Recrystallization to Fluid Pulses
Gauthiez-Putallaz L, Hermann J & Rubatto D

(2015) Oxygen Isotopes Analysis of Serpentine Minerals by SHRIMP: Analytical Developments and Geological Applications
Scicchitano MR, Rubatto D, Hermann J, Padrón-Navarta JA & Shen T

(2015) The Many Lives and Faces of Zircon
Rubatto D

(2014) Sediment-Eclogite Fluid Exchanges during Subduction in the Tavsanli Zone, Turkey
Gauthiez Putallaz L, Rubatto D, Hermann J, Martin L, Fornash K & Whitney D

(2014) Determining Oxygen Isotope Fractionation Coefficients between Metamorphic Minerals by in situ SIMS Analysis
Gauthiez Putallaz L & Rubatto D

(2013) Relating U-Th-Pb Ages of Accessory Minerals to Metamorphism: A Case Study from the Barrovian Sequence of the Central Alps, Switzerland
Boston K, Rubatto D, Hermann J, Amelin Y & Engi M

(2013) Archean Geodynamic: Fingerprinting Sagduction vs Subduction Processes
François C, Philippot P, Rey P, Rubatto D & Moyen JF

(2013) Assesing Iron and Oxygen Isotope Homogeneity in Garnets
Urosevic M, Nebel O, Peterson E, Padrón-Navarta JA & Rubatto D

(2013) Metasomatism in the Dora Maira Whiteschists Investigated by SHRIMP Oxygen Isotopes and U-Pb Geochronology
Gauthiez Putallaz L, Rubatto D & Hermann J

(2013) Episodic Fluid Flow in a Subduction Zone
de Meyer C, Baumgartner L, Rubatto D & Bouvier A-S

(2013) Integration of U-Pb Dating, Trace Elements and Oxygen Isotopes at the Microscale
Rubatto D, Gauthiez-Putallaz L & Boston K

(2013) Analysis of Internal Dynamics in a Deep Subduction Channel
Engi M, Regis D & Rubatto D

(2011) Allanite Petrochronology in High-Pressure Rocks
Engi M, Regis D, Darling J, Cenki-Tok B & Rubatto D

(2011) Insights into Lower Crustal Evolution from Hf Isotope and Zr Thermometry Data for Rutile
Ewing T, Rubatto D & Hermann J

(2011) Experimental Study of Monazite/Melt Partitioning
Stepanov A, Hermann J & Rubatto D

(2010) Detailed Mechanisms of Melting and Crystal Growth during Crustal Anatexis at El Hoyazo (SE Spain)
Acosta-Vigil A, Buick I, Hermann J, Cesare B, Rubatto D, London D & Morgan Vi GB

(2009) Transport of Heat and Mass in a Barrovian Belt: What do We Know from Nature ?
Berger A, Bousquet R, Engi M, Janots E, Rubatto D, Schmid S & Wiederkehr M

(2009) In situ Measurement of Hf Isotopes in Rutile by LA-MC-ICPMS
Ewing T, Rubatto D & Eggins S

(2009) Timing of Melting in Collisional Orogenies
Rubatto D, Hermann J, Berger A, Engi M & Chakraborty S

(2009) Preservation of Chemical and Isotopic Inheritance in Allanite during Protracted Alpine Melting
Gregory C, Rubatto D, Hermann J, Berger A & Engi M

(2008) Rates of Metamorphism in Collisional Orogeny
Engi M, Janots E, Rubatto D, Berger A, Gregory C, Allaz J & Schwarz J-O

(2007) Accessory Phase Control on the Trace Element Signature of Subduction Zone Fluids
Hermann J & Rubatto D

(2007) Combining in situ Isotope Dating, Petrology, and Tectonic Observations to Infer Rates of Regional Metamorphism
Berger A, Janots E, Engi M & Rubatto D

(2007) Migmatisation in the Central Alps Lasting 10 m.y
Rubatto D, Berger A, Gregory C, Hermann M-V & Engi M

(2006) Zircon/garnet trace element partitioning: a tool for P-T-time paths.
Rubatto D & Hermann J

(2006) Geochronological constraints on fast exhumation: the example of the Central Alps
Rubatto D & Hermann J

(2006) Exploring the potential of allanite as a geochronometer of high-grade crustal processes
Gregory C, Rubatto D & Hermann J

(2002) The Link between U-Pb Ages of Accessory Minerals and Metamorphic Conditions
Rubatto D

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