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All abstracts by Kenneth H. Rubin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Whole-Reef Approach to Reconstructing Deglacial Sea Level Change and MWP-1A Timing in Submerged Hawaiian Coral Reefs
Rubin K & Fletcher C

(2015) Helium, Carbon, Trace Metals, and Radiogenic Isotopes in the Northern Lau and North Fiji Basins
Lupton J, Rubin K, Arculus R, Price A & Jackson M

(2015) Composition within and between Tonga Arc/Lau Basin Backarc Eruptions Reveal Wide Variety of Parent Melts Linked to Eruption Styles
Rubin K, Michael P, Jenner F, Clague D, Glancy S, Hellebrand E, Arculus R, Gill J, Todd E, Lupton J & Embley R

(2015) How Melting, Mixing and Mush Cause 4D Variability in MORB Compositions
Perfit M, Rubin K & Wanless D

(2014) Wedge and Slab Inputs to Boninite Magmas in the NE Lau Basin
Glancy S, Rubin K, Hellebrand E, Jennner F, Arculus R & Embley R

(2014) Magma Dynamics from Temporal and Spatial Compositional Variations within and between Eruptions
Rubin K, Michael P, Perfit M & Sinton J

(2013) Helium Isotope and C/3He Signatures in the Northern Lau Basin: Distinguishing Arc, Backarc, and Hotspot Affinities
Lupton J, Lilley M, Butterfield D, Resing J, Arculus R, Rubin K, Graham D, Keller N, Baker E & Embley R

(2013) Timescale and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mata Boninite Magmas
Rubin K, Michael P, Gill J, Clague D, Plank T, Escrig S, Glancy S, Todd E, Cooper L, Keller N, Soule A, Hellebrand E, Kelley K, Cottrell L, Jenner F, Arculus R, Ruprecht P, Lupton J, Langmuir C & Embley R

(2012) Generation of Moderately to Very Alkalic Young Honolulu Series Lavas from Th-U-Os-Pb-Nd-Sr Isotopes
Rubin K, Pyle D, Russo C, Vonderhaar D, Ravizza G & Clague D

(2011) Local and Regional Magmatic Modulators to Mantle Signatures in Erupted Mid-Ocean Ridge Lavas
Rubin K, Maclennan J, Sinton J & Hellebrand E

(2011) Do Erupted Mafic Lavas Accurately Reflect Mantle Magmatic Timescales?
Rubin K

(2009) Imprecisions and Errors in 226Ra-230Th Volcanic Mineral Ages from Ra-Ba Partitioning Difference Estimates
Rubin K & Zellmer G

(2009) Rates of Magmatic Processes from U-Series in Historical Eruptions at Askja and Krafla Volcanoes, Iceland
Zellmer GF, Rubin KH, Grönvold K & Jurado-Chichay Z

(2008) Recent Bimodal Magmatic Processes and their Rates in the Torfajökull-Veidivötn Area, SE Iceland
Zellmer GF, Rubin KH, Grönvold K & Jurado-Chichay Z

(2008) Melting of an Enriched Lithology on the SE Indian Ridge and Possibly Other Ridges from Pb-Th-U Isotopes
Russo C, Rubin K & Graham D

(2008) The Ridge Filter: How Melt Supply and Magma Chambers Modulate Mantle Compositions in MORB
Rubin K & Sinton J

(2008) Petrogenesis of Dacites from the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Perfit M, Schmitt AK, Ridley WI, Rubin K & Valley J

(2007) Recent Bimodal Eruptions from the Torfajökull-Veidivötn Volcanic System, South-Central Iceland: Insights into Magmatic Processes and their Rates
Zellmer GF, Rubin KH, Grönvold K & Jurado-Chichay Z

(2005) <+>210<$>Pb-<+>226<$>Ra-<+>230<$>Th Disequilibria in Very Young Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
Rubin K, van der Zander I, Smith M & Bergmanis E

(2004) Hf Isotopes and Mantle Melting along the Southeast Indian Ridge
Graham D, Blichert-Toft J, Russo C & Rubin K

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