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All abstracts by Joaquin Ruiz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Rb-Sr and Re-Os Ages of Fault Gouges and Copper Mineralization from the Paradox Basin, Utah
Kirk J, Ruiz J, Reiners P, Krantz R & Downs R

(2012) Sr Isotopes Reveal New Insights About the Source of Turquoise at the Aztec Templo Mayor
Thibodeau A, Lopez Luan L, Killick D & Ruiz J

(2011) Provenance Study of Swahili Metals Using Lead Isotopic Analysis
Fenn T, Killick D & Ruiz J

(2011) Evolution of the Lower Crust from S Mexico: Constraints from Lu-Hf Isotopes and U-Pb Ages in Zircon
Weber B, Scherer E, Mezger K & Ruiz J

(2011) Age of the Pueblo Viejo Epithermal Deposit, Dominican Republic: Re-Os Isotope Data for Sulfides from the Moore and Monte Negro Deposits
Kirk J, Kesler S & Ruiz J

(2006) Late Cretaceous porphyry copper mineralization in Sonora, Mexico and the implications for the evolution of the SW North America porphyry copper deposit Province.
Valencia VA, Ruiz J, Gehrels G, Noguez-Alcantara B & Barra F

(2004) Re-Os Evidence for Juvenile 3.0 Ga Gold at Witwatersrand and Implications for the Giant Goldfields
Ruiz J, Kirk J, Chesley J & Valencia V

(2002) A Major Gold-Bearing Crust-Forming Event at 3.03 Ga
Kirk J, Ruiz J & Chesley J

(2002) Controls of Copper Isotope Fractionation
Ruiz J, Mathur R, Young S & Brantley S

(2002) Decoupling of the Os Isotopic System during Crust-Mantle Interaction in Continental Arc Volcanic Systems
Chesley J, Ruiz J & Righter K

(2001) Re-Os Isotopes of Base Metal Porphyry Deposits
Ruiz J, Mathur R & Munizaga F

(2001) Radiogenic Os in Arc Basalt: Fluid or Crust?
Righter K, Chesley JT & Ruiz J

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