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All abstracts by Lorraine Ruzié in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Halogen Geochemistry of Lunar Rocks
Clay PL, McDonald FE, Joy KH, Burgess R, Ruziè-Hamilton L, Joachim B & Ballentine CJ

(2016) Iodine Budget in the Manus Back-Arc Basin: Implication for the Iodine Cycle in the Earth’s Mantle
Ruzie L, Chavrit D, Hilton D, Burgess R, Joachim B, Clay P, Sinton J & Ballentine C

(2016) Noble Gas Evolution in Submarine Volcanoes: New Forecasting Perspectives
Álvarez-Valero AM, Burgess R, Bárcena MÁ, Fraile-Nuez E, Ban M, Flores JA, Recio C, Ruzie L, Geyer A, Giralt S, Recio G & Jordan R

(2016) Halogen Fluxes at Mid-Ocean Ridges and Budget in Surface Environments
Kagoshima T, Ruzié-Hamilton L, Burgess R, Takahata N & Sano Y

(2015) Archaean Mantle Halogen Composition from Komatiites
McDonald F, Clay P, Joy K, Ruzie L, Ballantine C & Burgess R

(2015) Post-Basin Impact Modification of the Lunar Highlands Recorded by Apollo 16 Impact Splash Coats
Joy KH, Burgess R, Clay PL, Ruzie L, Curran NM & McDonald FM

(2014) Age & Chemical Diversity of Basaltic Particles in the Apollo 12 Regolith
Joy KH, Burgess R, Ruzie L, Clay P, Snape JF, Alexander L & Crawford IA

(2014) Halogen Geochemistry of Planetary Building Blocks
Clay PL, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruzie L, Joachim B & Ballentine C

(2014) Evidence for Volatile Recycling from Determination of the OIB Mantle Source Halogen Concentration
Joachim B, Pawley A, Lyon I, Henkel T, Clay P, Ruzié L, Burgess R & Ballentine C

(2014) Neutron Irradiation Noble Gas Mass Spectrometric Technique for Quantifying Cl, Br and I in Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Rock Samples
Ruzie L, Clay PL, Burgess R, Sumino H, Kobayashi M & Ballentine C

(2014) Spatial Distribution of Halogens (Cl, Br, I) in Back-Arc Basin Basalts
Chavrit D, Ruzié L, Burgess R, Hilton DR, Sinton J & Ballentine CJ

(2013) The Halogen Cycle in Subduction Zones: Insight from Back-Arc Basin Basalts
Chavrit D, Ruzie L, Burgess R, Hilton DR, Sumino H, Sinton J & Ballentine CJ

(2013) Halogen Partitioning Behavior at Earth's Mantle Conditions
Joachim B, Lyon I, Pawley A, Henkel T, Ruzie L, Clay P, Burgess R & Ballentine CJ

(2013) Halogen (Cl, Br and I) Inventory of the Primitive Meteorites
Clay P, Burgess R, Busemann H, Ruzie L, Joachim B & Ballentine C

(2013) Combined Halogen (Cl, Br, I) and Noble Gas Mantle Geochemistry
Ballentine C, Burgess R, Sumino H, Hilton D, Graham D, Van Keken P, Chavrit D, Ruzie L, Clay P, Joachim B, Moorsom B, Jepsom L & Broadley M

(2013) Halogen Systematics of the Manus Spreading Center
Ruzie L, Chavrit D, Burgess R, Clay P, Joachim B, Hilton DR, Sinton JM & Ballentine CJ

(2011) Magma Degassing Processes during Plinian Eruptions of La Montagne Pelée (Martinique, F.W.I.)
Ruzié L & Moreira M

(2011) Hydrogeochemical Survey of CO2 Geological Leakage Using Noble Gases: Application to the Furnas Caldera (Azores, Portugual)
Gréau C, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Lagneau V, Schneider H, Madureira P & Ruzié L

(2009) Noble Gas in Volcanic Thermal Springs: A Window on Hydrothermal System
Ruzié L & Moreira M

(2008) Noble Gases in Pumices: Magmatic or Atmosphere-Derived?
Ruzié L & Moreira M

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