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All abstracts by Joseph Ryan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Forward Alteration Rate Measurement Using the Stirred Reactor – Coupon Analysis (SRCA) Technique
Parruzot B, Ryan J, Reiser J, Lu X, Kerisit S, Cooley S, Bonnett J, Seymour L, Prather D, Asmussen M & Vienna J

(2019) Atomistic Origin of the Passivation Effect in Hydrated Silicate Glasses
Du T, Ryan J & Bauchy M

(2018) New Insights on Dissolved Organic Sulfur Chemistry by Complementary Atomic-Level and Molecular-Level Approaches
Poulin B, Ryan J, Nagy K, Podgorski D, Zito P, Orem W, Krabbenhoft D & Aiken G

(2018) Amorphous Transitions: Metasomatic Changes that Drive Glass Corrosion Performance
Ryan J & Schreiber D

(2011) Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter for the Precipitation of Nanoparticulate Metal Sulfides
Hsu-Kim H, Deonarine A, Gondikas A, Morris A, Zhang T, Aiken G & Ryan J

(2011) Reliance of the Rate of Dissolution of the SON68 Glass on SiO2(aq): New Quantification Using Interferometry
Icenhower J, Steefel C, Luttge A, Ryan J & Pierce E

(2010) Identification of Metacinnabar in Mixed Mercury, Sulfide, and Dissolved Organic Matter Solutions Through Chromatographic Concentration and EXAFS
Gerbig C, Ryan J, Aiken G, Kim C, Stegemeier J & Moreau J

(2010) Growth and Aggregation of ZnS Nanoparticles during Coprecipitation with Aquatic Humic Substances
Gondikas A, Deonarine A, Hsu-Kim H, Aiken G, Ryan J, Masion A & Auffan M

(2009) Mercury(II)-Sulfur Binding in Peat
Nagy K, Manceau A, Ryan J & Aiken G

(2005) The Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter on Cinnabar Dissolution
Nagy K, Waples J, Aiken G & Ryan J

(2005) Interactions between Dissolved Organic Matter and Mercury in Aquatic Environments
Aiken G, Ryan J & Nagy K

(2001) Dissolution Kinetics of Cinnabar in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter
Waples JS, Nagy KL, Aiken GR & Ryan JN

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