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All abstracts by Jong-Sik Ryu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry in Bivalves Collected along the Korean Coast
Ryu J-S, Lee J, Kim GM, Lee Y-W, Sun C, Kim J-J & Oh S-J

(2023) Iron and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Magnetite from Shinyemi Skarn Deposit in South Korea
Kim Y, Kim C, Park C & Ryu J-S

(2021) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry in the Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Choi H-B, Lim HS & Lee J

(2019) Petrogenesis and Mantle Source Characteristics of Volcanic Rocks on Jeju Island, South Korea
Choi SH, Kim J-I, Koh GW, Park JB & Ryu J-S

(2019) Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopic Characterization of Precipitation in Four South Korean Cool Temperature Forests
Gautam M, Lee K-S, Bong Y-S, Song B-Y & Ryu J-S

(2019) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of CO2-rich Groundwater in Chungbuk Province, Korea
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Ko K-S, Koh D-C, Lee J & Lee K-S

(2019) Occurrence of Marine Silicate Weathering (MSiW) in the Mound Structure of the Chukchi Sea
Kim J-H, Ryu J-S, Park M-H, Lee D-H, Minami H, Jeen Y-K, Kang M-H, Lee CS & Park SH

(2019) A Worldwide Survey of Li and Mg Isotopes in River Clays
Vigier N, Ryu J-S, Godderis Y & Bayon G

(2018) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry of Hot Springs in South Korea
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Lee S-G & Ko K-S

(2018) Li Isotope Fractionation during Biotite Dissolution
Ryu J-S, Vigier N & Choi H-B

(2017) Inference on Geochemical Reactions to Control the Pore Fluid and Gas Properties in the Southern Ulleung Basin
Kim J-H, Choi J, Park M-H & Ryu J-S

(2017) Mg Isotope Geochemistry in the Middle to Late the Cambrian Machari Formation by Various Diagenesis
Lee SW, Kim MS, Chung GS, Ryu JS, Lee KS & Choi JW

(2017) Geochemical Characteristics Across the River-Sea Interface: A Case Study in the Geum and Sumjin River Systems, South Korea
Song H, Ryu J-S & Kim J-H

(2017) Behavior of Mg Isotopes during Structural Transformation of Biotite
Ryu J-S, Cheong AC-S & Jeong GY

(2017) Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from Jeju Island, South Korea: Implications for Petrogenesis and Mantle Source
Kim J-I, Choi SH, Koh GW, Park JB & Ryu J-S

(2017) Effects of CO2(g)-soil-Water Interactions on the Leaching Behaviors of Major Metals at the Atmospheric PCO2(g) of 1 Bar
Jeon S, Namgung S, Han WS, Ryu J-S, Yun S-T & Lee G

(2016) Determining the Geographical Origin of Beer Using Isotopes and Multielements
Bong Y-S, Ryu J-S, Choi S & Lee K-S

(2016) Migratory Behaviors of Japanese Eel Anguilla Japonica Using Trace Elemental Distributions in Otolith by LA -ICP -MS
Jeon S, Lee TW, Hong JM, Ryu J-S & Park C-S

(2016) Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials in Filters of Drinking Water Plants
Park M, Jeon S, Shin W, Han J, Ryu J-S, Choung S & Chang B-U

(2016) Mg Isotope Geochemistry during Carbonate Diagenesis in the Cambrian Machari Formation, South Korea
Lee S-W, Chung GS, Ryu J-S & Lee K-S

(2016) Mo Isotopic Analysis of SRM Using Anion Exchange Chromatography
Jo Y, Kil Y, Ryu J, Seol J, Cong NT & Jung W

(2016) Effect of Natural and Anthropogenic Sources on Water Chemistry in the Nakdong River Before Implementation of the Four Rivers Restoration Project of South Korea
Choi S, Shin W-J, Ryu J-S, Bong Y-S & Lee K-S

(2016) Chemical Weathering of Soils in the King George Island, Antarctica: Evidence from Lithium Isotopes
Yu J, Ryu J-S, Lim H & Yoon H

(2016) Mg Isotope Geochemistry of Glacial Streams in Svalbard, Norway
Song H, Ryu J-S, Lim H, Lee K-S & Yoon HI

(2016) Experimental Investigation of Mg Isotope Fractionation during Mineral Dissolution and Clay Formation
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Decarreau A, Lee S-W, Lee K-S, Song H & Petit S

(2016) Lithium Isotope Geochemistry in the Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica
Choi H-B, Ryu J-S, Lim H-S, Lee J & Yoon H-I

(2016) Zircon O and Biotite Mg Isotopes of Granitoids from the Gyeongsang Arc System in Southeastern Korea Indicate Crustal Self-Cannibalization
Jo HJ, Cheong AC-S, Ryu J-S & Yi K

(2015) Ecotoxicities Evaluation of Antifouling Agents Application for Lithium Adsorbents in Seawater
Kim J-A, Chung K-S, Ryu J-H & Yoon H-O

(2015) Multi-Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Carbonate Cements in Sandstones: A Natural Analogue of CO2 Mineral Trapping in CCS Sites
Lee D, Ryu J-S & Lee K-S

(2015) Nitrogen Isotope Composition of Dissolved Nitrate and Chemical Characteristics in Wet Deposition of Seoul, Korea
Kim Y, Lee I & Ryu J-S

(2014) Paleo-Variation of Lithium Isotope Geochemistry during Basalt Weathering in Hawaii
Ryu J-S, Vigier N, Lee S-W, Chadwick OA & Lee K-S

(2014) Seasonal Characteristics of Marine Biofouling on the Lithium Adsorbents in Okgye Harbor, Korea
Yoon H-O, Kim J-A, Kong M, Chung K-S & Ryu J-H

(2014) Influence of Biofouling on the Lithium Manganese Oxide and its Dissolution Characteristics Near the Sacheon Harbor, South Korea
Kim J-A, Kong M, Chung K-S, Ryu J-H & Yoon H-O

(2013) Determination of Boron Using Isotope Dilution MC-ICP-MS
Shin HS, Choi MS, Ryu J-S & Hong KS

(2011) The Elemental and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Korean Bottled Waters: Characterization and Identifying their Origins
Kim G, Ryu J-S, Shin W-J, Choi M & Lee K-S

(2011) CO2 Evasion from the Greenland Ice Sheet: A New Carbon-Climate Feedback
Jacobson A & Ryu J-S

(2009) Comparison of the Stable Isotopes in the Juices of Fast-Growing Vegetables and Slow-Growing Fruits
Bong Y-S, Lee K-S, Shin W-J & Ryu J-S

(2008) Chemical Weathering of Carbonates and Silicates in the Han River Basin, South Korea
Ryu J-S, Lee K-S, Chang H-W & Shin HS

(2007) Characteristics of Trace Elements in Groundwater from Basaltic Aquifers with Natural Land Uses in Jeju Island
Koh D-C, Ryu J-S, Kang B-R, Chae G-T, Koh G-W & Park K-H

(2007) Chemical Weathering in the Han River Basin, South Korea: Carbonate and Silicate Weathering
Ryu J-S, Lee K-S, Shin HS & Chang H-W

(2006) Application of U isotopes as tracers of water-rock interaction in the Han River Basin, Korea
Ryu J-S, Lee K-S & Chang H-W

(2002) Isotopic and Elemental Geochemistry of the Han River, Korea: Implications for Water-Rock Interaction
Lee K-S, Ryu J-S & Chang H-W

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