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All abstracts by Murielle Salomé in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Mercury Methylation and Transformations by the Sulfate Reducing Bacterium Pseudodesulfovibrio Hydrargyri Combining Synchrotron cryo-Nano-Xrf, XRF Tomography and HERFD-XANES
Le Bars M, Barrouilhet S, Monperrus M, Goñi Urriza M, Rovezzi M, Salome M & Isaure M-P

(2021) The ID21 Beamline at ESRF: Sub-Micron Spectroscopy Under Cryo Conditions for Life and Environmental Sciences
Castillo-Michel H, Cotte M, Salome M, Bugnazet D, Veronesi G, Pradas Del Real AE, Colocho Hurtarte LC, Villalobos E & Goulet G

(2021) Oldest Methanogens from Subseafloor Hydrothermal Environment, South Africa
Cavalazzi B, Lemelle L, Simionovici AS, Cady SL, Russell M, Bailo E, Canteri R, Enrico E, Manceau A, Maris A, Salome M, Thomassot E, Bouden N, Tucoulou Tachoueres R & Hofmann A

(2015) ID21 a Synchrotron Multi-Modal Platform for Micro-Spectroscopic Analyses in Earth, Environmental and Geo-Sciences
Castillo-Michel H, Cotte M, Salome M, Fayard B, Hesse B, Rivard C, Bugnazet D, De Nolf W, Gagliardini E, Berruyer G & Susini J

(2009) In situ Analysis of the Molecular Organic and Elemental Composition of a 3.33 Ga Microbial Mat from Barberton
Westall F, Lemelle L, Simionovici A, Salomé M, Marrocchi Y, Foucher F, Cavalazzi B, Meibom A, Robert F, Moustafaoui S, Jauss A, Toporski J, Laclean L, Southam G, Susan W, Vilette S, Jamme F & Dumas P

(2009) Surface Passivation Does not Impede Biotransformation of Fe Oxides by Shewanella oneidensis
Eusterhues K, Friedrich MW, Thieme J, Prietzel J, Keller T, Grundmann G, Salomé M & Totsche KU

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