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All abstracts by Hamed Sanei in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Benthic Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Mineralization in Hadal Trenches
Glud RN, Thamdrup B, Berg P, Oguri K, Sanei H, Zabel M & Wenzhoefer F

(2021) Potential of Sinking Zooplankton Carcasses for Organic Matter Export to Fuel Deep-Sea Life
Franco-Cisterna B, Stief P, Glud A, Rudra A, Sanei H, Winding MS, Nielsen TG & Glud RN

(2021) High Benthic Turnover Rates in Buried Sediments of Deep-Sea Trenches
Zabel M, Glud RN, Sanei H, Elvert M, Chuang P-C, Okuma E & Kölling M

(2021) Molybdenum-Uranium-Vanadium Geochemistry in the Lower Paleozoic Alum Shale of Scandinavia: Implications for Vanadium Exploration
Bian L, Sanei H, Schovsbo NH, Chappaz A & Zheng X

(2020) The Geochemical Process of Lower Paleozoic Shale Through Artificial Thermal Evolution
Zheng X & Sanei H

(2020) Early Diagenesis of Organic Material in Hadal Trenches
Glud RN, Thamdrup B, Zabel M, Larsen M, Glud A, Sanei H, Yunping X, Lou M, Li X, Oguri K, Jamieson A, Stewart HA, Rowden A, Fang J & Wenzhoefer F

(2018) Molybdenum Molecular Geochemistry in Distinct Solid Phases Reveal Strong Heterogeneity in Black Shales
Hlohowskyj S, Ardakani O, Sanei H, Wood J & Chappaz A

(2017) Evidence for Localized Severe Euxinia during Lower Jurassic in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A Multi-Paleo Proxies Study
Ardakani OH, Chappaz A, Sanei H, Mayer B & Wieser M

(2017) Does High Molybdenum Enrichment in Sedimentary Records Always Require Past Anoxic Conditions?
Ardakani OH, Sanei H, Chappaz A, Haghnazar-Liseroudi M & Wood JM

(2016) Processes Influencing Kerogen Characteristics in the Oil Shales of the Duvernay Formation
Van de Wetering N, Mayer B & Sanei H

(2016) Dolomite Fluorescence Color Variation, Chemical or Thermal Effect, LA-ICP-MS Evidence
Ardakani OH, Sanei H, Jackson SE, Yang Z & Al-Aasm IS

(2015) Geochemistry and Petrology of a Middle Triassic Source Rock in the Canadian Arctic
Kondla DM, Sanei H, Ardakani OH, Ghanizadeh A, Aquino S & Clarkson CR

(2015) The Importance of Thermal Maturity for Molybdenum Geochemistry in Black Shale: Implications for the Paleo – Proxy
Ardakani OH, Chappaz A & Sanei H

(2015) Geochemical Fractionation of Organic Matter as Applied to Unconventional Petroleum Reservoir Quality
Sanei H, Wood JM, Ardakani OH & Clarkson CR

(2014) REE Characteristics of the Utica Shale in Southeastern Quebec, Canada
Haeri Ardakani O, Sanei H, Lavoie D & Mechti N

(2014) Trace Elements Characteristics of the Utica Shale in Southeastern Quebec, Canada
Haeri Ardakani O, Sanei H, Lavoie D & Mechti N

(2014) Assessing Baseline Near-Surface Bedrock and Groundwater Geochemical Data Prior to Shale Gas Exploration and Development – The Case of the Utica Shale, Quebec, Canada
Lavoie D, Mort A, Haeri Ardakani O, Sanei H, Bordeleau G, Rivard C & Aznar J-C

(2012) Geochemistry of Mercury and Trace Elements Captured by Activated Carbons in a Canadian Coal-Fired Power Plant
Sanei H, Wang F & Huggins F

(2010) Geochemistry and Speciation of Trace Elements Captured by Various Activated Carbons in a Canadian Coal-Fired Power Plant
Sanei H, Huggins F & Goodarzi F

(2010) The Environmental Aspect of Mercury Emission from Coal Fired- Power Plants – An Example from Western Canada
Goodarzi F & Sanei H

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