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All abstracts by Takashi Sano in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Nascent along Arc Magmatism is Consistently Hydrous as Revealed by H Concentrations in Orthopyroxene Phenocrysts: A Study of Boninites from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Intraoceanic Arc
Coulthard D, Zellmer GF, Brahm R, Kuritani T, Reagan MK, Sakamoto N, Sano T, Tani K & Yurimoto H

(2022) Nitrogen Cycling in the Late Paleoproterozoic Freshwater Environment
Motomura K, Kiyokawa S, Ikehara M & Sano T

(2021) Geochemical Constraints on Bimodal Magmatism in Okinawa Trough, Japan
Murch A, Tani K, Sano T & Yoneda S

(2021) Generation of Quaternary Adakites due to Two-Stage Differentiation of Arc Magma beneath Central Myanmar
Sano T, Tani K, Yoneda S, Min H, Htike T, Thein ZMM, Ishizuka O, Kusuhashi N, Kono R, Takai M & Conway C

(2021) Sampling Source Heterogeneities that Bind the Ontong Java Nui Puzzle Together
Tejada MLG, Sano T, Hanyu T, Koppers A, Nakanishi M, Ishikawa A, Miyazaki T, Tani K, Shimizu S, Chang Q & Vaglarov B

(2020) Oceanic Alkaline Volcanism Recorded in Basaltic Blocks of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Accretionary Complex in Amami–Oshima Island, Ryukyu Arc
Motohashi G, Ujiie K & Sano T

(2020) Petrogenesis of Neogene Polymagmatic Suites at a Monogenetic Low-Volume Volcanic Province, Bahariya Depression, Western Desert, Egypt
Khalaf EEDAHKAH & Sano T

(2019) Redox State of the Late Paleoproterozoic Marine Environment: The Cape Smith Belt, Canada
Motomura K, Kiyokawa S, Ikehara M, Sano T, Bleeker W, Tanaka K, Miki T & Sano Y

(2014) Highly Siderophile Element Mobility during Oceanic LIP Emplacements: Implications from Subaerial and Submarine Basalts on Shatsky Rise
Ishikawa A, Sano T, Senda R & Suzuki K

(2011) The Shatsky Rise Supervolcano
Sager W, Sano T & Korenaga J

(2011) Highly Depleted Melt Inclusions in Olivine from Shatsky Rise
Almeev R, Portnyagin M, Wengorsch T, Sano T, Natland J & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2011) Geochemical Study of Fresh Volcanic Glasses from ~145Ma Shatsky Rise
Shimizu K, Kimura J-I, Chang Q & Sano T

(2011) Geothermobarometry of Basaltic Glasses from Tamu Massif, Shatsky Rise Oceanic Plateau
Husen A, Almeev R, Shimizu K, Sano T, Natland JH, Koepke J & Holtz F

(2009) Are Ontong Java Plateau and Lyra Basin Related?
Tejada ML, Shimizu K, Suzuki K, Hanyu T, Sano T & Nakanishi M

(2008) Subduction Influence of Philippine Sea Plate on the Mantle beneath Kyushu, SW Japan: An Examination of Boron Contents in Basaltic Rocks
Miyoshi M, Shimono M, Hasenaka T, Fukuoka T & Sano T

(2008) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Basaltic Rocks from the Lyra Basin, the Western Edge of the Ontong Java Plateau
Shimizu K, Sano T, Tejada M, Chang Q, Sato K, Suzuki K & Nakanishi M

(2007) Temporal Changes of the Subduction Components in Volcanic Products from AsO Area, SW Japan
Miyoshi M, Shimono M, Hasenaka T, Sano T, Fukuoka T & Shinmura T

(2007) The Influence of Philippine Sea Plate on the Composition of Mantle beneath Kyusyu, SW Japan Arc: along-Arc Variation of B Data
Shimono M, Miyoshi M, Fukuoka T, Sano T & Hasenaka T

(2006) Slab influence of hot Philippine Sea plate on the subarc mantle: an examination of Boron contents in basaltic rocks from northern Kyushu, SW Japan
Miyoshi M, Shimono M, Fukuoka T, Sano T & Hasenaka T

(2006) Temporal and spatial influence of Philippine Sea Plate on the composition of basaltic rocks from southern Kyushu, SW Japan arc ~ a study from boron analysis
Shimono M, Miyoshi M, Fukuoka T, Sano T & Hasenaka T

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