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All abstracts by Peter H. Santschi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Molecular Characterization of Natural Organic Matter Binding 239,240Pu in the Northwestern Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Lin P, Xu C, Kaplan DI, Yeager CM, Xing W, Schwehr KA & Santschi PH

(2019) Iodide Uptake by Forest Soils is Principally Related to the Activity of Extracellular Oxidases
Grandbois R, Xu C, Santschi P, Kaplan D & Yeager C

(2014) Hydroxamate Siderophores in Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Responsible for Binding 239,240Pu in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site, USA
Xu C, Zhang S, Ho Y-F, Athon M, Johnston I, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Didonato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH

(2013) Iodine Speciation Change by a Mn-Oxidizing Marine Bacteria, Roseobacter sp. Azw-3 k, Through the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species
Li H-P, Creeley D, Daniel B, Grandbois R, Zhang S, Xu C, Schwehr K, Kaplan D, Santschi P & Yeager C

(2013) Plutonium Immobilization and Re-mobilization by Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Compounds in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site (SRS), USA
Xu C, Athon M, Ho Y-F, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Roberts KA, Dinato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH

(2011) Biogeochemical and Microbial Controls of <sup>129</sup>I Mobility in Groundwater
Santschi PH, Brinkmeyer R, Schwehr KA, Zhang S, Xu C, Li H-P, Kaplan DI, Yeager C & Roberts KA

(2010) Mobility of Iodine (129I and 127I) Species in Sediment Columns from the Savannah River Site
Zhang S, Du J, Xu C, Schwehr K, Ho Y, Santschi P & Kaplan D

(2010) Groundwater 129I Speciation and its Causes for Release from a Subsurface Burial Basin
Kaplan D, Brinkmeyer R, Denham M, Noonkester J, Roberts K, Schwehr K, Vangelas K, Yeager C, Zhang S & Santschi P

(2009) Organo-Iodine Formation in Aquifer Sediments at Ambient Concentrations
Schwehr KA, Santschi PH & Kaplan DI

(2009) Chemosorbents for Natural and Artificial Radionuclides Detection by in situ Gamma Counting in Natural Waters
Johnson BE, Santschi PH, Schwantes JM, Douglas M & Addleman RS

(2005) Near-Conservative Behavior of <+>129<$>Iodine in the Orange County Aquifer System, California
Schwehr K, Santschi P, Moran J & Elmore D

(2004) The Coupling Relation between 210Pbex and Organic Matter in Sediments of Enrichment Nutrient Lake: An Example from Lake Chenghai, China
Wan G, Santschi P, Chen J, Xu S, Wu F, Wan E & Yang W

(2004) Characterization of Organic-Rich 239,240Pu-Containing Colloids from Surface and Ground Waters from a Contaminated Site in Colorado, USA
Roberts K, Santschi P, Leppard G & West M

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