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All abstracts by Marco Scambelluri in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Peridotite and Pyroxenites from the Mantle-Wedge Underneath the Northern Andes (Mercaderes Area, Colombia)
Notini L, Rampone E, Scambelluri M, Zanetti A, Ferri F & Rodríguez-Vargas A

(2021) Fluid-Mediated Mass Transfer between Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks in Subduction Zones: Insights from the High-Pressure Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy)
Codillo EA, Klein F, Dragovic B, Marschall H, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2021) Heterogeneous Mineral Nucleation Controls the Thermodynamic Equilibria in Multiphase Inclusions
Malaspina N, Campione M, Alvaro M, La Fortezza M, Tumiati S & Scambelluri M

(2020) Epitaxial Mineral Growth in Fluid Inclusions Monitors Redox Equilibria in Subducting Ultramafic Rocks
Malaspina N, Campione M, La Fortezza M & Scambelluri M

(2019) Quartz Inclusions from Eclogite Xenoliths Record Past Subduction
Mazzucchelli ML, Angel RJ, Morganti S, Murri M, Campomenosi N, Scambelluri M, Marone F, Korsakov AV, Morana M & Alvaro M

(2019) Preserved Quartz Inclusions from Eclogite Xenoliths Record Past Subduction in Siberian Craton
Alvaro M, Mazzucchelli ML, Angel RJ, Murri M, Campomenosi N, Scambelluri M, Nestola F, Korsakov A, Tomilenko A, Marone F & Morana M

(2019) Elastic Geothermobarometry on Multiple Inclusions in a Single Host
Gilio M, Alvaro M & Scambelluri M

(2019) Mass Transfer between Crustal and Mantle Rocks in Subduction Zones: Insights from the High-Pressure Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy)
Codillo E, Klein F, Marschall H, Dragovic B & Scambelluri M

(2019) Constraints on the P-T Conditions and Timing of Prograde Subduction of the Voltri Ophiolite
Broadwell K, Starr P, Dragovic B, Caddick M, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2019) Using Rodingite Dikes to Explore the P-T-T Histories of Subducted Serpentinites
Haws A, Starr P, Baxter E, Dragovic B, Scambelluri M & Belmonte D

(2019) Timing of Subduction and Exhumation of the Voltri Ophiolite: Evaluating Exhumation Mechanisms for HP Massifs
Starr P, Broadwell K, Dragovic B, Scambelluri M, Baxter E & Caddick M

(2018) Syntectonic Serpentinite Dehydration within Subduction Zones
Pluemper O, Janssen C, Wallis D, Ohl M & Scambelluri M

(2018) Protracted Exhumation of Eclogites and Blueschists of the Voltri Group, Western Alps
Seman S, Smye A & Scambelluri M

(2018) Comparing Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths Across the Beigua Unit, Voltri Ophiolite: Implications for the Exhumation Mechanisms of HP Massifs
Starr P, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2018) Geothermobarometry of Inclusions from Raman Spectroscopy: Advantages and Limitations
Alvaro M, Campomenosi N, Mazzucchelli ML, Mihailova BD, Scambelluri M & Angel RJ

(2016) Fluid-Rock Interactions in Serpentinites Subducted to 60-80 km Depth
Peters D, John T, Scambelluri M & Pettke T

(2015) Coupled Dehydration-Decarbonation in High-Pressure Ophicarbonate. Implications on Carbon Cycling in Subduction Zones
Scambelluri M, Gilio M, Bebout GE, Belmonte D, Campomenosi N, Cannaò E & Crispini L

(2015) Serpentinites and their Role as Tracer of Fluid Pathway in Subduction Zones
Cannaò E, Scambelluri M, Agostini S & Tonarini S

(2013) B, Pb, Sr Isotopic Imprint of Crustal and Mantle Rocks from the Slab-Mantle Interface: The Cima di Gagnone Example (Central Alps)
Cannaò E, Agostini S, Scambelluri M & Tonarini S

(2013) Boron and Sulfur Isotopic Variations during Subduction of Hydrated Lithosphere: The Erro Tobbio Case
Shimizu N, Scambelluri M, Santiago Ramos D & Tonarini S

(2013) Self-Organizing Reactive Porosity Waves Allow Large-Scale Fluid Escape from Subducting Oceanic Lithosphere
Plümper O, John T, Podladchikov YY & Scambelluri M

(2011) Serpentinite Channel and the Role of Serpentinite Buoyancy for Exhumation of High-Pressure Rocks (Voltri Massif, Western Alps)
Malatesta C, Gerya T, Scambelluri M, Federico L, Crispini L & Capponi G

(2011) Subducted Serpentinites are the Boron Reservoirs for Arc Magmatism
Scambelluri M & Tonarini S

(2010) Volatile Subduction in Serpentinites
Kendrick M, Scambelluri M, Honda M & Phillips D

(2009) Deep Subduction Fluids and their Interaction with the Mantle Wedge
Scambelluri M, Pettke T & Van Roermund HLM

(2009) Subduction-Related Melts in the Alboran Mantle: The Tallante Xenoliths (B. Cordillera, SE Spain)
Rampone E, Vissers RLM, Poggio M, Scambelluri M & Zanetti A

(2009) Trace Element Records of Hydration and Dehydration Reactions in Ultramafic Rocks
Kodolányi J, Pettke T, Spandler C, Scambelluri M, John T, Kamber B & Gméling K

(2009) Serpentine Dehydration Recorded by Garnet Peridotites and Chlorite Harzburgites from Cima di Gagnone
Scambelluri M, Rampone E & Pettke T

(2008) Olivine-Ti-Clinohumite Veins and their Relation to Partial Dehydration of High Pressure Serpentinites
Kodolányi J, Spandler C, John T, Scambelluri M & Pettke T

(2002) Boron and Chlorine Cycling in the Subducted Hydrous Oceanic Mantle
Scambelluri M, Muentener O, Ottolini L, Pettke T & Vannucci R

(2000) Solute-Rich Supercritical Fluids Released from Deeply Subducted Hydrous Mantle
Scambelluri M, Bottazzi P, Trommsdorff V & Vannucci R

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