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All abstracts by Thorsthen Schäfer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Coupling HTO Tracer Experiments and Tomography Imaging to Monitor the Effects of Celestite Porosity Clogging on Diffusion Properties in Porous Media
Chagneau A, Claret F, Madé B, Wolf M, Enzmann F & Schäfer T

(2013) Effect of Solution Supersaturation and Presence/Absence of Seeding Crystals on the Precipitation Kinetics of Celestite and Strontianite
Temgoua LG, Chagneau A, Geckeis H & Schaefer T

(2013) Chemical Homologue Speciation in Natural Systems: A Key to Understand the Anthropogenic RN Fate
Claret F, Lerouge C, Grangeon S, Sato T, Schäfer T, Giffaut E & Tournassat C

(2013) Montmorillonite Colloid Size Heterogeneity – Fractionation and Characterization
Norrfors K, Bouby M, Heck S, Finck N, Marsac R, Schäfer T, Geckeis H & Wold S

(2013) Waste Characterisation of a Uranium Conversion Facility
Fernandes T, Duro L, Schäfer T, Masqué P, Delos A, Flinois J-S & Videau G

(2013) Competitive Effect of Al(III) on Eu(III) Sorption to Illite
Marsac R, Schnurr A, Kupcik T, Rabung T, Schäfer T, Banik NL, Marquardt C, Marques-Fernandez M, Baeyens B, Bradbury M & Geckeis H

(2012) Ion Specific Effects at the Calcite(104) – Water Interface
Heberling F, Eng P, Lutzenkirchen J, Stubbs J, Schafer T & Geckeis H

(2011) Sorption and Redox Behavior of Neptunium on Opalinus Clay and Callovo–Oxfordian Argillite
Banik NL, Marquardt C, Schild D, Rothe J & Schäfer T

(2011) Interactions of Eu(III) and Cm(III) with Celestite and Strontianite: Precipitation Kinetics and Uptake Mechanisms Characterisation
Chagneau A, Holliday K, Schmidt M, Stumpf T & Schäfer T

(2011) Zn-Labeled Montmorillonite RN Sorption Reversibility Studies
Höss P, Truche L, Bouby M, Brendlé J, Huber FM & Schäfer T

(2011) Retention of Colloids at Rough Rock Surfaces
Fischer C, Darbha G, Michler A & Schäfer T

(2010) Bentonite Nanoparticle Mediated Radionuclide Migration Under Simulated Glacial Melt-Water Intrusion in Fractured Rocks
Huber F, Enzmann F & Schäfer T

(2010) Retention of Colloids at Rough Mineral Surfaces: An Analog Study
Darbha G, Michler A, Schafer T, Luttge A & Fischer C

(2010) U(VI) Sorptive Reduction on Magnetite Nanoparticles
Schäfer T, Huber F, Schild D, Smyrek A, Dardenne K & Rothe J

(2009) The Colloid Formation and Migration (CFM) Project at the Grimsel Test Site (Switzerland): Results from the Homologue Tests
Schäfer T, Seher H, Hauser W, Walther C, Degueldre C, Yamada M, Suzuki M, Missana T, Alonso U, Trick T & Blechschmidt I

(2009) Retention of Latex Colloids on Calcite as a Function of Surface Roughness
Darbha G, Schäfer T, Luttge A & Fischer C

(2008) Bentonite Colloid Generation from a Deep Geological Repository in Granite: An in situ Study
Missana T, Alonso Ú, Albarrán N, Gómez P, Buil B, Schäfer T, Hauser W, Seher H & Garralón A

(2006) Experimental determination of UO22+ sorption and reduction at mineral surfaces
Regenspurg S, Schäfer T & Malmström M

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