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All abstracts by Urs Schaltegger in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Lifetime and Dynamics of Large-Volume Upper Crustal Magma Reservoirs: A Zircon Perspective
Wotzlaw J-F, Bindeman IN & Schaltegger U

(2015) Assessing the Long-Term Reproducibility of High-Precision ID-TIMS U-Pb Data
Schaltegger U, Wotzlaw J-F, Ovtcharova M, Schoene B, Davies JHFL & Baresel B

(2015) Progress Towards Using Oxygen Isotopes in Baddeleyite to Assess Pb Loss
Davies J, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner L, Vennemann T & Schaltegger U

(2015) Combining High-Precision Geochronology with Accessory Mineral Chemistry: Zircon and Apatite from Volcanic Ashes at the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Baresel B, Bucher H & Schaltegger U

(2015) Hafnium Isotope Analysis of Yb-Doped Zircon and JMC475 Reference Materials by MC-ICP-MS: Protocols and Pitfalls
D'Abzac F-X, Davies JHFL, Wotzlaw J-F & Schaltegger U

(2015) Zircons of the Bushveld Complex – When and How did They Form?
Zeh A, Wilson A, Schaltegger U & Ovtcharova M

(2013) Periods of Magma Propagation and Homogenization Preserved in an Upper Crustal Pluton over 1.2 Ma
Floess D, Baumgartner L, Brack P, Broderick C, Chiaradia M, Muntener O, Putlitz B & Schaltegger U

(2013) The Geochronological Signal of a Dying Magma System
Schaltegger U, Broderick C & Wotzlaw J

(2013) Dating Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds in Sedimentary Successions: Magmatic Crystallization vs. Ash Deposition
Ovtcharova M, Schaltegger U, Goudemand N & Bucher H

(2013) From Zircon Date to Process Rate: Interpreting Zircon U-Pb Dates in Igneous Petrology and Stratigraphy
Wotzlaw J-F & Schaltegger U

(2012) The Construction of the Alpine Adamello Batholith as Recorded by Zircon
Schaltegger U, Broderick C, Skopelitis A, Floess D, Muntener O, Baumgartner L, Brack P & Ulmer P

(2012) Insights into Zircon U-Pb Systematics from Intercalibration with Astronomical Time
Wotzlaw J-F, Schaltegger U, Husing SK & Hilgen FJ

(2012) Dating Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds in Sedimentary Successions: Magmatic Crystallization vs. Ash Deposition
Ovtcharova M, Schaltegger U, Goudemand N & Bucher H

(2011) Alkaline Mantle Melts Pinpoint Late Triassic Thinning of the Southern Alpine Lithosphere (Ivrea Zone, Italy)
Schaltegger U, Müntener O, Ulianov A, Ovtcharova M, Peytcheva I, Antognini M & Girlanda F

(2011) Distinguishing Periods of Crustal Growth and Recycling by U-Pb Dating, Sr, Pb and Hf Isotopes Among the Eastern Cordilleran Granitoids of South Peru
Reitsma M, Schaltegger U, Spikings R, Chiaradia M, Ulianov A & Gerdes A

(2011) Petrologic Significance of High-Precision Zircon U-Pb Dates from the Skaergaard Intrusive Complex
Wotzlaw J-F, Bindeman IN, Schaltegger U, Brooks CK & Naslund HR

(2011) Tracing the Late Paleozoic to Early Mesozoic Crustal Evolution of Coastal Southern Peru
Boekhout F, Spikings R, Chiaradia M, Sempere T, Ulianov A, Gerdes A & Schaltegger U

(2011) Tracing Episodic Magma Accretion by Zircon 18O/16O Isotopes and U-Pb Dating in the Adamello Batholith, Italy
Skopelitis A, Bindeman I, Ulianov A, Brack P & Schaltegger U

(2011) The Rapid Emplacement of the Val Fredda Complex, Adamello Batholith, N. Italy
Broderick C, Schaltegger U, Günther D & Brack P

(2011) Time Scales of Magma Differentiation and Implications for the Growth Rate of the Torres del Paine Laccolith
Leuthold J, Müntener O, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B, Ovtcharova M & Schaltegger U

(2009) A New Method Integrating ID-TIMS U-Pb Geochronology with Zircon Trace Element Analysis
Schoene B, Schaltegger U, Latkoczy C & Günter D

(2009) Timing of Injection and of Thermal Maturation in a Mid-Crustal Variscan Bimodal Intrusion
Barboni M, Schoene B, Bussy F, Schaltegger U & Gerdes A

(2009) Taking the Pulse of Magma Emplacement
Schaltegger U, Schoene B & Brack P

(2009) Dating Magma Emplacment in the Shallow Crust
Baumgartner L, Michel J, Putlitz B, Müntener O, Schaltegger U & Ovcharova M

(2008) Interpreting High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Dates: New Insights from Volcanic and Plutonic Rocks
Schoene B & Schaltegger U

(2008) The Growth of Plutons: How Precisely and Accurately can We Date Incremental Melt Emplacement with U-Pb Zircon (Adamello Intrusion, Northern Italy)?
Schaltegger U, Brack P, Ovtcharova M, Peytcheva I, Schoene B, Stracke A & Bargossi G

(2008) Crustal Growth along a 1.1 Ga Non-Collisional Cratonic Margin: U-Pb and Lu-Hf Evidence from the Peruvian Eastern Cordillera
Miskovic A & Schaltegger U

(2008) Single-Grain and/Or in situ U-Pb and Hf-Isotope Study to Unravel Long-Lived Calc-Alkaline Magma Complex
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A, Schaltegger U, Tacheva E & Heinrich C

(2008) Tracing Magmatic Sources of Ash Beds in the Late Permian to Middle Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin (South China): Insights from Hf Isotopes on Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds
Ovtcharova M, Bucher H, Galfetti T, Schaltegger U, Brayard A, Goudemand N & Stracke A

(2007) Interrogating a Paleo-Cratonic Margin – The Peruvian Cordillera Oriental Batholiths
Miskovic A, Schaltegger U & Kosler J

(2007) Variscan Potassic-Alkaline Magmatism in Stara Planina, Bulgaria – Composition, Source and Geodynamic Significance
Dyulgerov M, Platevoet B & Schaltegger U

(2007) Precise Ages for the Triassic/Jurassic Boundary and Hettangian Recovery from Northern Peru
Schaltegger U, Schoene B, Bartolini A, Guex J & Ovtcharova M

(2007) Plešovice Zircon – A New Natural Standard for U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Microanalysis
Slama J, Kosler J, Crowley JL, Gerdes A, Hanchar J, Horstwood MSA, Morris GA, Nasdala L, Schaltegger U & Tubrett MN

(2005) Calibration of the Early Triassic Biotic Recovery: New U/Pb Zircon Ages from South China
Ovtcharova M, Bucher H & Schaltegger U

(2005) The Active Margin of Gondwana in Peru – Isotopic and Geochronologic Constraints
Schaltegger U, Chew D, Miskovic A, Fontignie D & Frank M

(2004) Tracing Crust-Mantle Interaction during Karakoram-Kohistan Accretion (NW Pakistan)
Schaltegger U, Heuberger S, Frank M, Fontignie D, Sergeev S & Burg J

(2004) Does Zircon Trace Element Chemistry Monitor the Magmatic-Tohydrothermal Crystallization History?
Pettke T, Audétat A, Schaltegger U & Heinrich C

(2002) Contamination of OIB by Underlying Ancient Continental Lithosphere: U-Pb and Hf Isotopes in Zircons Question EM1 and EM2 Mantle Components
Schaltegger U, Amundsen H, Jamtveit B, Frank M, Griffin WL & Grˆnvold K

(2002) Contrasting Mantle Sources for the Permian Mafic Magmatism in the Alps: Insight from the Mont-Collon Gabbro (Dent-Blanche Nappe, Western Alps)
Monjoie P, Bussy F, Schaltegger U, Lapierre H & Pfeifer H-R

(2002) Melting and Melt/Rock Reaction in Extending Mantle Lithosphere: Trace Element and Isotopic Constraints from Passive Margin Peridotites
Muntener O, Desmurs L, Pettke T & Schaltegger U

(2000) Formation of Juvenile Island Arc Crust Through Melting of Sub-Arc Mantle: Precise U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes from a Fossil Crust-Mantle Transition in the Kohistan Complex (Northern Pakistan)
Schaltegger U, Zeilinger G, Frank M & Burg J

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