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All abstracts by Kathleen Scheiderich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Seasonal Variations in Chromium Isotopes and Dissolved/Particulate Metal Concentrations in San Francisco Bay
Scheiderich K

(2018) Chromium Isotopes Inform Plume and Background Conditions in Mojave Desert Groundwater
Scheiderich K & Izbicki J

(2015) Cr Isotope Variability in the Oceans: Implications for the Cr Isotope Proxy
Holmden C, Scheiderich K, Amini M & Francois R

(2015) Determination of Ce Isotope Ratios on the Nu Plasma II MC-ICP-MS Using a High-Gain Detection System
Zhao Y, Scheiderich K & Pietruszka A

(2014) Extreme Geochemical Environments in Mound Springs of the Great Artesian Basin, Australia
Shand P, Love A, Gotch T, Raven M, Grocke S, Kirby J & Scheiderich K

(2012) Iron Isotopes as a Tracer in an Acid-Sulfate Soil System
Scheiderich K, Kirby J & Shand P

(2012) Copper Isotope Fractionation during Uptake and Translocation in Strategy I and II Plants
Ryan B, Kirby J, McLaughlin M, Degryse F, Scheiderich K & Harris H

(2011) Chromium Isotopes in Saanich Inlet Sediments and Waters
Scheiderich K, Holmden C & Francois R

(2008) Light Mo Isotopic Signatures in Chesapeake Bay Sediments
Scheiderich K, Dolor M, Helz G, Walker R & Kaufman AJ

(2005) Paired Mg/Ca and <$f"Symbol">d<$f"Times-Roman"><+>18<$>O Records Reveal Mid Miocene Paleoceanography
Billups K & Scheiderich K

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