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All abstracts by Axel Schippers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Biotic Uranium Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) and Associated U Isotope Fractionation
Roebbert Y, Rosendahl CD, Schippers A & Weyer S

(2022) Iron Oxidation by Hydrogenovibrio Isolated from Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents
Perner M, Laufer-Meiser K, Adam-Beyer N & Schippers A

(2021) Isotopic Signature of Tetravalent Uranium Mobilization by Complexation or Oxidation
Roebbert Y, Rosendahl CD, Brown A, Schippers A, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2019) How do Bacteria Dissolve Metal Sulfides?
Schippers A

(2019) Iron-, Sulfur-, Nitrogen- and Carbon-Cycling Microbial Communities in an Abandoned Acidic Metal Sulfide Mine
Hedrich S & Schippers A

(2019) Mobilization of Non-Crystalline U(IV) by Complexation with Organic Ligands Generates U Isotope Fractionation
Roebbert Y, Schippers A, Bernier-Latmani R & Weyer S

(2018) Biohydrometallurgy for Metal Recycling
Hedrich S & Schippers A

(2017) Fe and Cu Isotope Fractionation in Acidic Mine Tailings: Modification and Application of a Sequential Extraction Method
Roebbert Y, Rabe K, Lazarov M, Schippers A, Dold B & Weyer S

(2016) Quantification of Deep Sedimentary Microorganisms and Single-Cell Genomic Analysis from IODP Leg 347 Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment
Lloyd K, Buongiorno J, Turner S, Webster G, Bird J, Reese B, Marshall I, Asai M, Shumaker A, Roy T, Weightman A & Schippers A

(2015) A Modified Reductive Bioleaching of Laterite Ores and Mine Waste Using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and/Or Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Marrero J, Coto O & Schippers A

(2014) Geobiotechnological Metal Dissolution and Precipitation
Schippers A & Hedrich S

(2014) Quantification of Microbial Life in the Extreme Subsurface
Schippers A & Krüger M

(2013) Metal Mobilization by Iron- and Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria in a Multiple Extreme Mine Tailings in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Korehi H, Blöthe M, Sitnikova MA, Dold B & Schippers A

(2013) Metal Isotope Fractionation during Microbial Processes in the Critical Zone
Rabe K, Schippers A, Weyer S, Schuth S & Lazarov M

(2013) Elevated Pressure of Carbon Dioxide Affects Growth of Thermophilic <i>Petrotoga</i> sp
Rakoczy J, Gniese C, Schippers A, Schlömann M & Krüger M

(2013) Characterization of Metabolically Active Microorganisms in an Hydrothermal Active Field in the Okinawa Trough (IODP Exp. 331)
Bloethe M, Breuker A & Schippers A

(2013) Subseafloor Biosphere of the Canterbury Basin
Ciobanu M-C, Burgaud G, Dufresne A, Breuker A, Redou V, Ben Maamar S, Gaboyer F, Trambouze O, Lipp J, Schippers A, Vandenkoornhuyse P, Barbier G, Jebbar M, Godfroy A & Alain K

(2011) The Microbiology and Biogeochemistry of Sulfidic Mine Dumps
Schippers A

(2008) Abiotic Sulfide Oxidation via Manganese Fuels the Deep Biosphere
Bottrell S, Böttcher ME, Schippers A, Parkes RJ, Jorgensen BB, Raiswell R, Telling J & Gehre M

(2007) What Controls Iron Isotope Fractionation in an Acid Mining Pile?
Staubwasser M, von Blanckenburg F & Schippers A

(2002) Quantitative Molecular Techniques to Study the Abundance and Activity of Microorganisms in the Marine Deep Subsurface
Neretin LN, Schippers A, Teske A, Ferdelman T, Joergensen BB &  L2SSP

(2000) Oxidation of FeS2 and FeS by MnO2 in Marine Sediments
Schippers A & Jørgensen BB

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