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All abstracts by Daniela N. Schmidt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Evidence for Coulpling of Climate and CO2 during the Late Neogene Cooling
Seki O, Schmidt D, Mackensen A, Kawamura K & Pancost R

(2015) A (Palaeo)ecological View on Reconstructing High CO2 Worlds
Schmidt D, Ragazzola F, Jennions S & Wall M

(2014) Advantages of Combined High Precision MC-ICPMS and High Spatial Resolution Techniques in Earth Sciences
Kasemann S, Jones R, Schmidt D, Elliott T & Kirstein L

(2014) The CCD in the Latest Maastrichtian: Implications for Global Carbon Cycle Resilience to the K/Pg Impact and Associated Extinctions
Ridgwell A, Green S, Schmidt D, Thomas E, Kirtland S & Pälike H

(2014) Long-Term Stability of the Carbonate Compensation Depth Across the Late Paleocene-Early Eocene Warming Trend
Greene SE, Ridgwell AJ, Kirtland Turner S, Schmidt DN, Pälike H & Thomas E

(2013) Glacial-Interglacial Changes in Ocean Carbonate Chemistry Constrained by Boron Isotopes, Trace Elements, and Modelling
Rae J, Adkins J, Foreman A, Charles C, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2012) Delta 11B-Based Atmospheric CO2 Records during the Pliocene at Orbital Resolution
Martinez-Boti MA, Foster GL, Badger MPS, Pancost RD, Schmidt DN & Lunt DJ

(2011) Quantifying Ocean Acidification during the Palaeogene Hyperthermals
Foster L, Schmidt D, Ridgwell A, Thomas E, Coath C, Hinton R & Scott T

(2011) Polar Twins? Deglacial Carbon and Circulation Records from the Deep North Pacific and Southern Oceans
Rae J, Foster G, Gutjahr M, Sarnthein M, Skinner L, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2011) Orbital Scale Alkenone Based CO2 Records Across the Pliocene Intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation
Badger M, Bowler G, Davis C, Hull A, Potts M, Schmidt D & Pancost R

(2009) Benthic Boron Isotopes and Glacial CO2
Rae J, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2009) PCO2 and Climate – Evidence from Boron Based Proxies of pH and pCO2
Foster G, Seki O, Pancost R & Schmidt D

(2008) Neodymium Boundary Exchange in Two North East Atlantic Water Profiles
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D

(2008) Constraints on the Carbon Cycle Changes during the PETM
Schmidt DN, Ridgwell A, Kasemann S & Thomas E

(2007) Trace Elements in Foraminiferal Calcite: New Understanding Based on in situ Analysis
Schmidt DN & Kasemann S

(2007) In situ Boron Isotope Analysis in Foraminifera: Implications for palaeo-Ph Predictions
Kasemann S & Schmidt D

(2007) Li Isotopes and Li/Ca Measured in Foraminifera via SIMS and MC-ICP-MS
Abell R, Elliott T, Foster G, Kasemann S & Schmidt D

(2007) Benthic Foraminifera as a Novel Substrate for Deep-Water Nd Isotopes
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D

(2007) Nd Isotope Records of the Deep South Atlantic and the Intepretation of Neogene δ13C Gradients
Klevenz V, Vance D, Schmidt D & Mezger K

(2007) Quaternary Records of Ocean pH
Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2006) Biology of boron iotopes in planktic foraminifers: new understanding based on in-situ analysis (SIMS)
Schmidt DN & Kasemann S

(2006) A core-top assessment of foraminiferal isotopic and trace element proxies for the ocean carbonate system
Ni Y, Foster GL, Elliott T & Schmidt DN

(2006) Accurate and precise determination of Li isotopes in Foraminiferal Carbonate
Abell R, Elliott T, Foster GL & Schmidt DN

(2002) Environmental Dependence of Size in Planktic Foraminifers
Schmidt DN, Renaud S, Bollmann J & Thierstein HR

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