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All abstracts by Max Werner Schmidt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Many Roads Lead to Granite: A Field Study of a High-K LLD
Bucholz C, Jagoutz O & Schmidt M

(2014) Melting and Redox Control of the Deep Carbon Cycle
Schmidt MW

(2014) Mantle Metasomatism by Slab-Derived Carbonate Melts
Golubkova A & Schmidt M

(2014) Super-Reducing Assemblages in Mantle Xenoliths: Evidence for Marine Carbonate Recycling
He D, Liu Y, Gao C, Foley S, Hu Z, Zong K, Schmidt MW & Gao S

(2013) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Khantaishir Ophiolite (Central Mongolia)
Gianola O, Schmidt MW, Jagoutz O & Oyungerel S

(2013) Experimental Determination of the Si Isotope Fractionation Factor between Metal and Silicate Liquids
Hin RC, Fitoussi C, Schmidt MW & Bourdon B

(2012) The Arc Delaminate: A Geochemical Reservoir Twice the Size of the Continental Crust
Schmidt M & Jagoutz O

(2012) Fluid-Absent Melting of Phase D and the Role of Hydrous Melts in the Deep Mantle
Ghosh S & Schmidt MW

(2012) The Stability of Iron Nickel Carbides in the Earth S Mantle
Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW, Ghosh S, Wijbrans CH & Klemme S

(2012) The Differentiation of Continental Crust in Arcs
Jagoutz O & Schmidt MW

(2011) Stability of Phase D at High Pressure and Temperature: Implications for the Role of Fluids in the Deep Mantle
Ghosh S & Schmidt M

(2011) Late Volatile Addition to Earth
Ballhaus C, Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC, Muenker C, Albarède F, Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U & Helmy H

(2011) Experimental Constraints on Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate Liquids
Hin RC, Burkhardt C, Schmidt MW, Bourdon B & Kleine T

(2011) Redox-Freezing and -Melting of Carbonates in the Deep Mantle and the Role of Transient Carbides
Rohrbach A & Schmidt MW

(2011) The Magnitude and Composition of the Delamination Flux in Arcs during Continental Crust Formation
Jagoutz O & Schmidt MW

(2010) Experimental Element Partitioning between Silicate and Carbonatite Melts and Evidence for Liquid Immiscibility
Martin LHJ, Schmidt MW, Gunther D & Hametner K

(2009) Melting Subducted Carbonated Pelites, Magma Hybridization in the Mantle and Carbonatites – The Italian Ultrapotassics
Schmidt MW

(2009) Melting of Carbonated Pelites at 8-13 GPa: Generating Potassic Carbonatitic Melts for Mantle Metasomatism
Grassi D & Schmidt M

(2009) Pt Solubility in Silicate Melts: Centrifuging Nanonuggets to Decipher Core Formation Processes
Médard E, Schmidt MW, Wälle M & Günther D

(2009) Storage of CO2 in the Upper Mantle: A Solid Solution Model for Ca-Mg-Fe Carbonates
Franzolin E, Schmidt MW, Poli S & Merlini M

(2009) The Fluid-Absent Melting of Phase E in the MgO-SiO2-H2O System
Saikia A & Schmidt MW

(2009) The Fe-O-S System at High Pressure and Implications for Earth’s Core
Langlade JA & Schmidt MW

(2009) Carbonate Stability in the Earth's Lower Mantle and Redox Melting Across the 660 km Discontinuity
Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW & Ballhaus C

(2009) Fluid-Absent Melting of Pelites at Subarc Depths
Mann U & Schmidt MW

(2008) Experimental Determination of Ra Partition Coefficients for Leucite, Phlogopite, and Feldspars, and a Re-examination of 226Ra-230Th Disequilibria
Fabbrizio A, Schmidt MW, Günther D & Eikenberg J

(2008) Evolution of Arc-Magmas during their Transfer Through the Lower Crust
Bouilhol P, Burg J-P, Schmidt MW, Bodinier J-L, Dawood H & Hussain S

(2008) Primary Melts from Slab Metasomatized Mantle – The Interplay of Metasomatic Agent and Mantle Fertility
Schmidt MW

(2008) Predicting Solid Metal – Molten Metal Element Partitioning Using Crystal Lattice Strain
Stewart AJ, van Westrenen W, Schmidt MW & Günther D

(2008) Composition of Low-Degree Hydrous Melts of Fertile Spinel- or Garnet-Bearing Lherzolite
Medard E & Schmidt M

(2008) Underneath the Magma Ocean: Element Distribution between Calcium Silicate Perovskite and Sulphur-Bearing Iron Melts
van Westrenen W, Schmidt MW, Günther D & Stewart AJ

(2007) Magmatic Paragonite: Vapour Saturation of Hydrous Arc Magmas at High Pressure ?
Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Jagoutz O

(2007) Differences between Preserved vs. Delaminated Lower Crust: Evidences from the Kohistan Arc
Jagoutz O, Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Burg J-P

(2007) Fluids, Melts, and Supercriticality in the MSH System and Element Transport in Subduction Zones
Schmidt MW & Melekhova E

(2007) Equlibrium Experiments and Theoretical Studies in the MgO-SiO2-H2O System at High Pressures: Clarification of Stabilities and Thermodynamic Properties of Phase A, Clinohumite and Chondrodite
Melekhova E, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P, Connolly JAD & Dorogokupets PI

(2001) How to Generate a Mobile Component in Subducting Crust: Melting vs. Dissolution Processes
Schmidt MW & Vielzeuf D

(2001) Rutile/Mineral and Rutile/Liquid Partition Coefficients for HFSE, REE and Actinides: Results from Natural Eclogites and Partial Melting Experiments
Dardon A, Schmidt MW, Chazot G, Tiepolo M & Vannucci R

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