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All abstracts by Axel K. Schmitt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) U-Series Ages of Young Tengchong Volcanoes, Southeast Tibetan Plateau
Zou H, Guo Z, Peng Y, Schmitt A, Fan Q, Zhao Y & Ma M

(2020) Permo-Triassic Metamorphism in the Mérida Andes, Venezuela: New Insights from Geochronology, O-Isotopes, and Geothermobarometry
Tazzo-Rangel MD, Weber B, Schmitt AK, González-Guzmán R & Hecht L

(2020) Forensic Geochronology of an Explosive-Effusive Transition: Ascension Island
Scarrow JH, Schmitt AK, Danisik M, Montero P, Preece KJ, Davies BV, Brown RJ, Mark D & Barclay J

(2020) Rhyolitic (Micrographic Granite) Igneous Clasts from Ancient Mars in the Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 8171
Lindner M, Schmitt A, Krot A & Brenker F

(2019) Zircon Crystallization Age Distribution Reflecting the Lifetime of the Long-Living Crystal Mush System beneath the Ciomadul Volcanic Dome Field (Eastern-Central Europe)
Lukács R, Schmitt AK, Caricchi L, Bachmann O, Guillong M, Molnár K & Harangi S

(2018) The Dark Side of Zircon: Textural and Chemical Evidence for Volatile Saturation in Subvolcanic Yellowstone Magma Reservoir
Troch J, Ellis B, Schmitt A, Bouvier A-S & Bachmann O

(2015) Integrating Zircon Ages and Geochemistry to Investigate the Volcanic-Plutonic Connection: A Case Study from the Lesser Antilles Arc
Barboni M, Schmitt A, Shane P, Bouvier A-S & Baumgartner L

(2015) Geochronology and Evolution of the Youngest Volcano in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
Molnár K, Harangi S, Dunkl I, Kiss B, Lukács R & Schmitt AK

(2015) Longevity of Crystal Cargo vs. Transience of Melts in Magma Systems
Hora JM, Schmitt AK, Kronz A & Wörner G

(2014) Protracted Crystallization of Bishop Tuff Zircon Revealed by Serial Section U-Pb Dates
Reid M & Schmitt A

(2014) Development of U-Series Baddeleyite Geochronology for Young Low-Si Lavas
Wu WN, Schmitt AK & Pappalardo L

(2014) Micron-Scale Chronochemical Zoning in Zircon from Tarawera Volcano
Schmitt A, Storm S, Shane P & Lindsay J

(2013) The Shocking State of Baddeleyite in Basaltic Shergottite NWA 5298
Darling J, Moser D, Barker I, Tait K, Chamberlain K & Schmitt A

(2013) O and Hf Isotopic Evidence in Zircons for Crustal Recycling in Caldera Complexes and Rifts, Picabo Volcanic Field, Yellowstone Hotspot Track
Drew D, Bindeman I, Watts K, Schmitt AK, Fu B & McCurry M

(2013) A Comparison of Geothermometers for Shallow Silicic Magmas
Hora J, Wörner G, Kronz A & Schmitt A

(2013) Testing Accuracy of Combined Zircon (238U/230Th) and (U-Th)/He Dating Against Radiocarbon Dating
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K, Lindsay J & Alloway B

(2012) Large-Volume Silicic Magma Genesis at Yellowstone, Heise, and Caetano: Isotope and Geochronology Insights from Three Supervolcanoes in the Western U.S.A
Watts K, Colgan J, John D, Bindeman I, Schmitt A & Henry C

(2012) On the Interpretation of Zircon U-Pb Ages from (U)HP Host Gneisses in the Woodlark Rift of Papua New Guinea
Zirakparvar N, Baldwin S, Schmitt A & Fitzgerald P

(2012) SIMS in situ Micro-Baddeleyite U-Pb Method for Dating Mafic Rocks
Chamberlain K, Schmitt A, Swapp S, Swoboda-Colberg N, Moser D, Wright J, Bleeker W & Khudoley A

(2012) Reconstructing a Young Martian History with Igneous Microbaddeleyite Rimmed by Metamorphic Zircon
Moser D, Chamberlain K, Tait K, Schmitt A, Barker I, Hyde B & Darling J

(2012) Icelandic Zircon: Illuminating Juvenile Silicic Crust Construction
Carley T, Miller C, Padilla A, Wooden J, Bindeman I, Schmitt A, Economos R, Fisher C & Hanchar J

(2012) Elucidating the Complex Thermal and Fluid History of Austurhorn Intrusive Complex: Zircon Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry
Padilla AJ, Miller CF, Carley TL, Wooden JL, Economos RC, Schmitt AK, Fisher CM & Hanchar JM

(2012) Testing Efficacy of Zircon (238U/230Th) + (U-Th)/He and Radiocarbon Dating Methods on the New Zealand Late Quaternary Tephras
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K & Lindsay J

(2012) Eruption and Crystallization Ages for Breccia Museo Plutonic Ejecta
Gebauer S, Schmitt A, Stockli D, Kislitsyn R & Pappalardo L

(2011) Eruptive History and Chemical Evolution of the Acigöl Volcanic Field, Central Anatolia, Turkey, Based on Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr-Nd-Pb, δ18O) Constraints and Ion Microprobe Zircon Analysis
Siebel W, Schmitt A, Danisik M, Aydin F & Kiemele E

(2011) Deep Subduction of Crustal Minerals in the Mantle: Evidence from Ophiolites
Robinson P, Trumbull R, Yang J-S & Schmitt A

(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Gabitov R, Schmitt A, Watson B, Mckeegan K & Harrison TM

(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca Partitioning between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Schmitt A, Gabitov R, Sadekov A & Leinweber A

(2011) In situ Dating and Investigation of Remarkably Depleted –27.3‰ SMOW “Slushball” Earth Zircons
Bindeman I, Vazquez J, Schmitt A, Eiler J, Serebryakov N & Evans D

(2011) Reworked Hadean Crust in the ca. 3780 Ma Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt
Cates N, Mojzsis S, Ziegler K & Schmitt A

(2011) Zircon Rim Response to Metamorphic and Hydrothermal Regime-Change
Schneider D & Schmitt A

(2010) The Limits of Hydrosphere-Lithosphere Interaction: The Origin of the Lowest-Known δ18O Silicate Rock on Earth
Bindeman I, Schmitt A & Evans D

(2010) High Precision and High Resolution SIMS – Having the Cake and Eating it Too?
Schmitt A

(2009) U-Pb, O, and Ti Zircon Depth Profiling Analyses: Understanding Mid-Crustal Processes
Gordon SM, Grove M, Whitney DL, Schmitt A & Teyssier C

(2008) U-Th Age Constraints on Processes of Differentiation and Solidification in Carbonatite – Phonolite Associations
Schmitt A, Wörner G, Cooper K & Zou H

(2008) Petrogenesis of Dacites from the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Perfit M, Schmitt AK, Ridley WI, Rubin K & Valley J

(2008) In situ SIMS Micro-Baddeleyite U-Pb Dating Method for Mafic Rocks
Chamberlain K, Harrison M, Schmitt A, Heaman L, Swapp S & Khudoley A

(2008) Evidence of Crust during the First 100 M.y. of Earth History: Lu-Hf, δ18O, and Ti Thermometry Results for Hadean Zircons
Harrison TM, Schmitt AK, McCulloch MT & Lovera OM

(2007) Crustal Contamination of the Upper Mantle: Evidence from Ophiolites
Robinson P, Trumbull R, Kostrowski S, Erzinger J, Schmidt A & Emmermann R

(2007) Zircon U-Th Ages from Laacher See Indicate Coeval Crystallization of Coerupted Carbonatite and Silicate Magmas
Schmitt A & Wörner G

(2007) Rutile 207Pb-206Pb Ages in the Jack Hills Quartzite, Western Australia
Harrison T, Trail D, Schmitt AK & Watson EB

(2007) Climate Change in the Southern Central Andes at 8 Ma
Strecker M, Mulch A, Uba C, Schmitt A & Chamberlain P

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