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All abstracts by Christoph Schnabel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) 129I Concentrations in Surface and Deep Seawater from the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
López-Gutiérrez JM, Villa-Alfageme M, Peruchena JI, Schnabel C, Marcinko C & McGinnity P

(2009) Determining Amounts and Timing of Soil Erosion Using in situ Cosmogenic 14C and 10Be
Fülöp R-H, Bishop P, Fabel D, Cook G, Schnabel C, Naysmith P & Xu S

(2009) Erosion Rate Measurements with Cosmogenic 36Cl in Carbonate from Guizhou, China
Xu S, Liu C-Q, Freeman S, Schnabel C, Tu C-L & Wilcken K

(2009) On the Half-Life of 32Si – Reconciling a Major Discrepancy by Usage of High-Resolution 10Be Data to Correct for Temporal Variations in 32Si Deposition Rates
Schnabel C, Beer J & Clausen HB

(2009) Production Rates of Cosmogenic 36Cl on Ca and K
Binnie S, Dunai T, Schnabel C & Wilcken K

(2009) Cosmogenic Dating of ‘Old’ Glacial Events in Patagonia
Hein A, Hulton N, Dunai T, Schnabel C, Kaplan M & Xu S

(2008) Distribution of 230Th, 10Be and 231Pa in Sediment Particle Classes
Kretschmer S, Geibert W, Schnabel C, Rutgers van der Loeff M & Mollenhauer G

(2008) First Exposure Ages from Mt Chimborazo, Ecuador
Rinterknecht V, Hall M, Schnabel C & Wilcken K

(2007) Application of in situ Cosmogenic Nuclide Analysis to Landform Evolution in (Palaeo)-Periglacial South-West Britain
Hagg J, Summerfield M, Schnabel C, Phillips W & Freeman S

(2007) Any Supernova 60Fe Excess on Earth? Evidence from 3He in Ferromanganese Crust
Basu S, Stuart F, Schnabel C & Klemm V

(2005) Inter-Comparison in <+>10<$>Be Analysis Starting from Pre-Purified Quartz
Schnabel C, Reinhardt L, Bishop P, Davidson A, Fifield LK, Freeman S, Maden C & Xu S

(2005) <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Surface Waters of the English Lake District
Atarashi-Andoh M, Schnabel C, Cook G, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, MacKenzie A, Maden C, Olive V & Sheng X

(2005) I-129 and I-127 in Northern Germany
Michel R, Klipsch K, Ernst T, Gorny M, Jakob D, Vahlbruch J, Synal H & Schnabel C

(2005) The Development of <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Scottish Sea Water
Schnabel C, Olive V, Atarashi-Andoh M, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Maden C, Stocker M, Synal H & Wacker L

(2004) 129I/127I Ratios in the Scottish Hydrosphere
Schnabel C, Olive V, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Xu S & Wacker L

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