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All abstracts by David Schneider in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Fluid Inclusion Induced Hardening in Pyrite: Results from Atom Probe Tomography
Dubosq R, Rogowitz A, Schneider D, Schweinar K & Gault B

(2017) Assessing Unconformities Through Thermal History Modelling: A Case Study from the Mackenzie Plain, NWT, Canada
Powell J, Schneider D & Issler D

(2015) Revealing Low-Temperature Alkaline Alteration of Zircon via Unpolished Grain Mapping
Kelly C, Schneider D, Jackson S & Harlov D

(2015) LA-ICP-MS Approaches to Depth-Profiling and Chemical Mapping of Unpolished Zircon
Kelly C, Schneider D, McFarlane C & Jackson S

(2012) Using Garnet to Record Mineralization in a BIF Hosted Orogenic Au Deposit
Duff J, Hattori K, Schneider D, Cossette E, Jackson S & Biczok J

(2011) Zircon Rim Response to Metamorphic and Hydrothermal Regime-Change
Schneider D & Schmitt A

(2010) U-Pb & O-Isotope Depth-Profiling Coupled with REE on Zircon: Evidence for Cycladic Anatexis
Senkowski C, Schneider DA, Iglseder C & Grasemann B

(2010) Using Zircon to Decode the Timing & Source of Au Mineralization
Schneider DA & Bachtel J

(2002) Timing of Metamorphism and Stabilization of Paleoproterozoic Laurentia
Schneider D & Holm D

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