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All abstracts by Andrew Schroth in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Dynamics of Redox Conditions in Shallow Freshwater Sediments as Principle Control on Nutrient Speciation and Mobility
Druschel G, Shukle JT, Kurek MR, Harir M, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Schroth A

(2021) Multiple Fe, Mn, and P Mineral Interaction Pathways at the SWI of a Shallow Eutrophic Lake Revealed by K-Edge XANES and Multi-Energy Mapping Across Epoxy Preserved Sediment Profiles
Shukle JT, Richardson J, Kurek MR, Schroth A, Webb S & Druschel G

(2020) Biogeochemical Dynamics of Iron Minerals Controlling Transport and Bioavailability in Freshwater Systems
Druschel G, Shukle J, Kurek M, Wilkes A, Nuzzio D & Schroth A

(2019) Dissolved Organic Matter Biodegradation: How Substrate, Microbial Activity and Environmental Conditions Converge
Perdrial J, Landsman-Gerjoi M, Lancellotti B, Seybold E, Kincaid D, Adair C, Schroth A & Wymore A

(2019) Dynamics of Redox Conditions in Shallow Freshwater Sediments as Principle Control on Nutrient Flux Direction and Timing
Druschel G, Shukle J, Kurek M, Leduc M, Wilkes A & Schroth A

(2018) Fe Sources and Sinks along The Southern Alaska Margin Inferred from Time-Series Observations
Crusius J, Schroth A, Michael S, Cullen J, Resing J & Campbell R

(2018) Understanding Organic Phosphorus Cycling in Redox-Dynamic Eutrophic Freshwater Systems
Kurek M, Harrir M, Shukle J, Leduc M, Schroth A, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Druschel G

(2018) Characterization of Phosphorus Mobility in Shallow, Freshwater Lakes Under Variable Redox Conditions
Shukle J, Leduc M, Kurek M, Schroth A, Wilkes A & Druschel G

(2018) Drivers of Iron and Phosphorus Partitioning in Eutrophic Waters and their Sediments: Insight from Monitoring and Experimental Redox Front Manipulation
Schroth A, Druschel G, Leduc M, Wilkes A, Bostick B, Shukle J & Kurek M

(2008) Iron Speciation and High Solubility in Alaskan Glacial Dust
Schroth A, Crusius J, Sholkovitz E & Bostick B

(2005) Lead Transport and Speciation in Organic Horizons of Forest Soils
Kaste J, Friedland A, Bostick B & Schroth A

(2005) Influence of Overstory Vegetation on Long-Term Chemical Weathering Rates
Schroth A, Friedland A & Bostick B

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