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All abstracts by Esther M. Schwarzenbach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Upscaling of Chemical and Petrophysical Rock Properties for Modeling Serpentinite Dehydration Using a Multiscale Dataset
Huber K, Vrijmoed JC, John T & Schwarzenbach EM

(2023) In situ Lead and Multiple Sulfur Isotope Analyses of Sulfides in Eoarchean Peridotites Provide Evidence for Early Crustal Recycling
Lewis JA, Schwarzenbach EM, Liesegang M, van de Löcht J, Schwarz A, Strauss H, Münker C, Rosing MT, Whitehouse M, Jeon H & Hoffmann JE

(2023) Unraveling the Molybdenum (Mo) Cycle at the Subduction Interface: A Case Study from the Ligurian Alps
Brown A, Codillo E, Scambelluri M, Schwarzenbach EM, Rojas Kolomiets E, Bizimis M, Marschall H & Dragovic B

(2023) Evidence for Multiple Fluid-Rock-Interaction in HP Metamorphic Ocean Floor Basalts from the Tianshan, NW China
Scherzer S, Schwarzenbach EM, John T, Scicchitano MR, Dragovic B & Kiczka M

(2021) Evidence for Surface-Derived Sulfur in Eoarchean TTGs from the Itsaq Gneiss Complex, SW Greenland
Lewis JA, Hoffmann JE, Schwarzenbach EM, Strauss H, Liesegang M & Rosing M

(2021) Evidence for Recycled Surface-Derived Sulfur in Earth’s Oldest Mantle Peridotites from Southern West Greenland
Hoffmann JE, Lewis JA, Schwarzenbach EM, Strauss H, Vrijmoed HJC & Rosing MT

(2021) Exploring the Hydrothermal Evolution of Seawater-Exposed Ultramafic Rocks and the Abundance of Microbial Activity
Schwarzenbach EM, Früh-Green GL, Boschi C & Vogel M

(2015) Sulfur Cycling in Oceanic and Continental Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
Schwarzenbach E, Gill B & Johnston D

(2014) Fe Isotopes in Serpentinites: A Positive Fe Isotopic Reservoir in the Oceanic Crust
Scott SR, Sims KWW, Frost BR, Kelemen PB, Evans KA & Schwarzenbach EM

(2014) Tracking Serpentinization Reactions in situ Using Synthetic Fluid Inclusions in Ultramafic Minerals
Lamadrid H, Schwarzenbach E, Caddick M, Rimstidt D & Bodnar R

(2014) Tracking the Fate of Carbon in Serpentinite-Hosted Systems
Lang S, Schwarzenbach E & Früh-Green G

(2013) Serpentinization History of the Santa Elena Complex Peridotites, Costa Rica
Schwarzenbach E & Gazel E

(2013) Serpentinization, Metasomatism and Carbonate Precipitation in Jurassic Mafic and Ultramafic Sea-Floor
Vogel M, Früh-Green GL, Boschi C & Schwarzenbach EM

(2011) The Ligurian Ophiolite: An Analogue to Marine Serpentinite-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
Schwarzenbach E, Früh-Green G & Bernasconi S

(2010) Present-Day Serpentinization and Microbial Activity in Peridotites Hosting High-Ph Spring Waters, Gruppo di Voltri (Italy)
Schwarzenbach E, Früh-Green G, Bernasconi S, Méhay S & Lilley M

(2009) Sulfur and Carbon Geochemistry of Carbonate-Veined Serpentinites from Liguria: A Comparison to the Iberian Margin and Lost City
Schwarzenbach EM, Früh-Green GL & Bernasconi SM

(2008) Carbon in Ancient Serpentinite-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems: The Northern Apennine Ophiolites (Italy) and the Iberian Margin
Schwarzenbach E, Früh-Green G, Bernasconi S, Plas A & Delacour A

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