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All abstracts by Johannes B. Schwieters in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Thank F for Ca: Novel Methods for Measuring Ca Isotopes in Biomedical Samples with Collision Cell MC-ICPMS
Lewis J, Coath CD, Heuser A, Eisenhauer A, Schwieters JB & Elliott T

(2020) A Perfect MC-ICP-MS Detector Array for Transient Signal Analysis?
Craig G, Vollstaedt H, Lloyd N, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2020) Detrital K-Feldspar Geochronology by Collision Cell MC-ICPMS/MS
Bevan D, Coath C, Lewis J, Schwieters J, Lloyd N, Craig G & Elliott T

(2020) LIDI 2 – New Evaluation Strategy for Accurate and Precise Clumped Isotope CO2 Analysis on Carbonate Samples
Brodie C, Stoebener N, Radke J & Schwieters J

(2019) Measuring Geological and Biological Potassium Stable Isotope Ratios with Proteus Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS
Tacail T, Lewis J, Coath CD, Lloyd NS, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2019) In situ Rb-Sr Dating Using Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS
Bevan D, Coath C, Lewis J, Schwieters J, Lloyd N, Craig G & Elliott T

(2019) High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Extends the Limits of Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Albrecht N, Lloyd NS & Schwieters JB

(2019) High Sensitivity, Fast Scanning, Sector Field ICP-MS – Improving Sensitivity for Laser Ablation with the Jet Interface
Lloyd N, Craig G, Lindemann T, Hinrichs J & Schwieters J

(2019) In situ Titanium Isotope Measurements in Meteorites Using the Collision Cell MC-ICPMS, Proteus
Pfeifer M, Lewis J, Coath CD, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2019) Ca Isotope Systematics of the Moon
Lewis J, Klaver M, Luu T-H, Hin R, Anand M, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2014) Performance of the Helix-MC Multi-Collector Mass Spectrometer – Resolution of Argon Isobaric Interferences
Honda M, Zhang X, Phillips D, Matchan E, Szczepanski S, Deerberg M, Hamilton D, Krummen M & Schwieters J

(2013) Use of 1012 and 1013 Ohm Resistors in TIMS Analysis of Sr and Nd Isotopes in Sub-Nanogram Geological and Environmental Samples
Koornneef J, Bouman C, Schwieters J & Davies G

(2013) High-Precision Neodynium Isotope Analyses by MC-Ti-Ms
Trinquier A, Bouman C & Schwieters JB

(2012) The MAT-253 Ultra -a Novel High-Resolution, Multi-Collector Gas Source Mass Spectrometer
Eiler J, Clog M, Deerberg M, Magyar P, Piasecki A, Schlueter H-J, Schweiters J, Sessions A, Stolper D & Thiagarajan N

(2012) Advances in MC-Ti-Ms for Precise and Accurate Ca Isotopic Analysis
Trinquier A, Bouman C, Lloyd N, Derbeerg M & Schwieters J

(2012) High Sensitivity Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Lloyd N, Shuttleworth S, Bouman C, Roy J, Trinquier A & Schwieters JB

(2011) Developments in Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry
Hamilton D, Schwieters J, Tuttas D, Krumman M, Deerberg M & Lloyd N

(2011) Advances in High Precision Ca Isotope Ratio Measurements Using TIMS
Bouman C, Tuttas D, Deerberg M & Schwieters J

(2011) Laser Ablation with the NEPTUNE Plus MC-ICP-MS
Lloyd N, Shuttleworth S, Schwieters J & Bouman C

(2010) First Static Os Measurements Using the New Discrete Dynode Multipliers and Common SEM’s
von Quadt A, Tuttas D & Schwieters J

(2010) Low Noise Faraday Cup Measurements Using Multicollector Mass Spectrometers
Tuttas D, Schwieters J & Lloyd N

(2010) New Strategies for Precise & Accurate Isotope Ratio Determination from Very Small Analyte Quantities Using the NEPTUNE Plus MC-ICP-MS
Lloyd N, Schwieters J & Bouman C

(2009) High Precision Uranium Isotope Analysis of Very Small Samples by MC-ICPMS
Bouman C, Schwieters J, Deerberg M & Tuttas D

(2009) High Precision Os Isotope Ratio Measurements on sub pg Sample Sizes Using N-TIMS and Multi Ion Counting Detectors
Tuttas D, Schwieters J, Bouman C & Deerberg M

(2009) Simultaneous in situ Laser Ablation Analysis of Pb-U and Lu-Hf Isotope Ratios in Zircons Using MC-ICPMS
Schwieters J, Bouman C & Deerberg M

(2009) Argon Isotope Ratio Measurements Using Different Detector Strategies
Krummen M, Burgess D, Wapelhorst E, Hamilton D & Schwieters J

(2008) Simultaneous in situ Analysis of U-Pb Age and Hf Isotopes of Zircon by Laser Ablation Sector-Field (MC-) ICP-MS
Schwieters JB, Gerdes A, Deerberg M & Wills J

(2007) Detector Strategies to Measure Osmium Isotope Ratios in Small Samples by NTIMS
Schwieters J, Tuttas D, Bouman C, Lassiter JC & Housh TB

(2006) Improvements in high precision multicollector isotope ratio measurements for small sample sizes using 1012 Ohm current amplifiers and Faraday cup detectors
Schwieters J, Tuttas D, Bouman C & Quaas N

(2006) Routine high-precision U-Th isotope analyses for paleoclimate chronology
Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Schwieters J & Bouman C

(2005) Total Sample Evaporation of Ng-Sized Li Samples Using the Finnigan TRITON Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer in Static Mode
Tuttas D, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2005) Low-Level <+>187<$>Os/<+>188<$>Os Analysis by Laser Ablation, Multi-Ion-Counting ICPMS
Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Ball L, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2005) Insitu Single Spot Analysis of B Isotope Ratios by Laser Ablation Multiple Ion Counting ICPMS
Bouman C, Tiepolo M, Vannucci R & Schwieters J

(2004) High Precision Calcium Isotope Abundance Variations Measured by the High Mass Resolution Finnigan Neptune
Buhl D, Wieser M, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2004) A New Tool for in situ Isotopic Analysis of Small Samples: Multi-Ion Counting ICP-MS and TIMS
Schwieters J, Bouman C, Tuttas D & Wieser M

(2004) Sr Isotope Analysis by Multiple Ion Counting – ICPMS (MIC-ICPMS)
Bouman C, Vroon P, van der Wagt B, Wieser M & Schwieters J

(2004) Hf-Isotope Measurements at ppt Concentration Levels with Multi Ion Counting ICP-MS
Lazarov M, Weyer S, Bouman C, Schwieters J & Brey G

(2004) Thorium Isotopic Composition of Synthetic Standards Measured by the Finnigan NEPTUNE and Finnigan TRITON
Ball L, Sims K, Schwieters J & Tuttas D

(2004) Species Dependent Fractionation of Silicon Isotopes by Present-Day Demosponges
Vroon P, Beets C, Soenarjo D, Soest R, Troelstra S, Schwieters J, Van belle J & Wagt B

(2004) Molybdenum Isotope Abundance Variations Measured in Molybdenites by Double-Spiking Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Wieser M, de Laeter J, Stein H, Tuttas D & Schwieters J

(2003) In situ U-Pb Zircon Dating Using Laser Ablation- Multi Ion Counting- ICPMS (LAMIC-ICPMS)
Bouman C, Cocherie A, Robert M, Schwieters J & Wieser M

(2003) Performance Characteristics of a New Multi-Ion-Counting System For a TIMS Multicollector: Nd and U
Wieser M, Tuttas D, Bouman C & Schwieters J

(2003) Sensitivity Study of the ThermoFinnigan Neptune MC-ICPMS Using Different Inlet Systems
Schwieters J, Bouman C, Tuttas D & Wieser M

(2002) Advances in High Precision Isotope Ratio Measurements of Calcium Using TIMS
Tuttas DT & Schwieters ,JBS

(2002) Measurement of 232Th/230Th in Volcanic Rocks by PIMMS, Using the ThermoFinnigan Neptune
Ball L, Sims K, Weyer S & Schwieters J

(2002) Flexible Multiple Ion Counting Detectors for TIMS and ICP Multicollector Mass Spectrometers
Schwieters J, Schwieters JB, Tuttas D, Weyer S, Moll A & Seedorf R

(2002) Flexible Multiple Ion Counting Detectors for TIMS and ICP Multicollector Mass Spectrometers
Schwieters J, Schwieters JB, Tuttas D, Weyer S, Moll A & Seedorf R

(2002) Silicon Isotopic Composition of Sponge Spicules Determined by MC-ICPMS
Vroon P, Beets CJ, Soest RWM, Schwieters J, Troelstra SR & Belle JCV

(2002) Determination of Lithium Isotope Compositions by MC-ICPMS (Thermo Finnigan MAT Neptune)
Bouman C, Vroon PZ, Elliott TR, Schwieters JB & Hamester M

(2002) Advances in Stable Isotope Measurements with High Mass Resolution MC-ICPMS
Weyer S & Schwieters JBS

(2001) MC-ICPMS — High Resolution Isotope Ratio Measurements of Fe and Ca
Weyer S, Schwieters J, Hamester M, Jung G, Pesch R & Rottmann L

(2000) Full Mass Range, Multi-Elemental Analysis with a Rapid Scanning Single Collector Sector Field ICP-MS for Laser Ablation Analysis
Hamester M, Wills J, Pesch R & Schwieters J

(2000) Neptune: A New High Precision Multicollector ICP Mass Spectrometer
Schwieters J, Hamester M, Jung G, Pesch R, Rottmann L, Tuttas D & Wills J

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