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All abstracts by James Scoates in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) MAGNET in Hawaii: The Future of Active Teaching and Learning in Geochemistry is in the Field
Scoates J, Bilenker L, King E, Li M, Low K, Hanano D, Weis D, Gilley B, Sherman SB & Jolley A

(2018) The Control of Pyrrhotite on the Fe Isotope Composition of Magmatic Systems: Implications for the Formation of Magmatic Ni-Cu Deposits and Layered Intrusions
Bilenker L, Weis D & Scoates J

(2016) The Tempo of Crystallization and Cooling of Ultramafic Rocks in Arcs from the Giant Mascot Intrusion, Canadian Cordillera
Manor M, Wall C, Scoates J, Nixon G, Friedman R, Amini M, Gabites J & Ames D

(2014) Trace Element Mobility in Metamict and Altered Zircon from Late-Stage Granophyres in the Stillwater Complex
Ver Hoeve T, Wall C, Amini M, Weis D & Scoates J

(2014) Role of the Deep Mantle in Generating EM-I in Ocean Island Basalts
Weis D & Scoates J

(2014) Accurate and Precise Isotopic Compositions of Ultramafic and Mafic Rocks: Reference Materials and Application to the Kiglapait Intrusion
Fourny A, Weis D & Scoates J

(2014) Evaluation of the Stillwater Complex Anorthosite (ANII) as an Archean U-Pb Geochronology Standard
Wall C & Scoates J

(2013) Age of the Bird River Sill (Manitoba, Canada) and the Secular Variation of Layered Intrusion-Hosted Stratiform Chromite Mineralization
Scoates J, Scoates J & Wall C

(2012) The Neoproterozoic Franklin Large Igneous Province, Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for Changing Sources, and Linkages between Intrusive and Extrusive Components
Bedard J, Dell'Oro T, Weis D, Scoates J, Williamson N, Cousens B, Naslund H, Ben H, Hryciuk M, Boswell W & Charlie B

(2012) Age of the Bushveld Complex
Scoates J, Wall C, Friedman R, VanTongeren J & Mathez E

(2012) Age of the Stillwater Complex
Wall C, Scoates J, Friedman R & Meurer W

(2012) Isotopic Variability of the Ninetyeast Ridge – Implications for its Mantle Sources
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Scoates J, Pringle M & Frey F

(2011) Revisiting the Age of the Merensky Reef, Bushveld Complex
Scoates J, Wall C, Friedman R & Chamberlain K

(2011) ULVZ as Repository for the Enriched Component in the Hawaiian Source
Weis D, Garcia MO, Rhodes JM, Jellinek M & Scoates J

(2011) Pb-Sr-Nd Systematics of the Early Mauna Kea Shield Phase and Insight into the Pacific Deep Mantle
Nobre Silva I, Weis D & Scoates J

(2008) Crustal Recycling vs. Arc Maturity, Mesozoic Quesnel Terrane Intrusive Rocks, Canadian Cordillera
Breitsprecher K, Weis D & Scoates J

(2008) Platinum Group Element Geochemistry of Large Igneous Provinces
Scoates J, Greene A & Weis D

(2008) High-Precision Isotopic Compositions of Basalts from the Last Phase of the Hawai’i Scientific Drilling Project
Nobre Silva I, Weis D & Scoates J

(2008) Wrangellia Flood Basalts in Alaska: A Record of Plume-Lithosphere Interaction in a Late Triassic Accreted Oceanic Plateau
Greene A, Scoates J & Weis D

(2007) Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: Constraining its Origin and Relation with the Kerguelen, Amsterdam and St. Paul Hotspots
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Swinnard L & Scoates J

(2007) Geochemistry of Post-Shield Lavas from Paired Loa- and Kea-Trend Hawaiian Volcanoes
Hanano D, Weis D, Aciego S, Scoates JS & DePaolo DJ

(2005) Siderophile Element Geochemistry of Restitic and Cumulate Xenoliths from the Southeast Province of the Kerguelen Archipelago
Pretorius W, Scoates J, Weis D & Mattielli N

(2005) Exsolution Origin for Zircon Rims Around Hemo-Ilmenite in Magmatic Fe-Ti Oxide Deposits
Morisset C, Scoates JS & Weis D

(2005) Small-Scale Heterogeneities in the Enriched Component of the Kerguelen Mantle Plume: Pb-Hf-Sr-Nd Isotopic Constraints from the Kerguelen Baie Charrier Section
Hanano D, Weis D, Scoates J & Giret A

(2005) Principle Component Analysis of Cenozoic Kerguelen Plume Basalts
Henriques F, Weis D & Scoates J

(2005) Trace Element and Hf-Nd Isotopic Profiling of Crustal Contamination Across the Marginal Zone of the Muskox Intrusion, Nunavut
Mackie R, Scoates J, Weis D, Maerschalk C & Peck D

(2005) Pb Isotopic Variability in Leached and Non-Leached Magnetic Fractions of Plagioclase from the Laramie Anorthosite Complex, Wyoming
Williams G, Scoates J & Weis D

(2005) The Val Gabbro Plutonic Suite, Kerguelen Archipelago: Evolution of a Volcanic Feeder System in an Oceanic Island
Scoates J, Weis D, Franssens M, Mattielli N, Annell H, Frey F, Nicolaysen K & Giret A

(2002) High-MgO Basalts and Picrites from the Kerguelen Archipelago: Inferences for the Composition of the Kerguelen Mantle Plume
Doucet S, Scoates JS, Weis D & Giret A

(2002) Sediment Subduction and Magma Genesis in the Central Aleutian Arc
Nicolaysen K, Weis D, Scoates JS & Myers JD

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