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All abstracts by Ondrej Sebek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Magnesium Isotope Variations in Aqueous Samples from a Small Catchment in the Czech Republic
Novak M, Andronikov A, Sebek O, Kram P, Farkas J, Stepanova M, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Prechova E, Andronikova I & Hruska J

(2017) Evaluating the Extent of Cr(VI) Reduction in Polluted Groundwater: Toward Better δ53Cr Fingerprinting of Sources
Novak M, Sebek O, Andronikov A, Kotkova J, Chrastny V, Prechova E, Curik J, Veselovsky F, Stepanova M, Farkas J, Martinkova E & Kram P

(2015) Contaminant Bioaccessibility from Dusts in Mining and Smelting Districts of Namibia
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M, Kribek B, Sebek O, Vanek A, Penizek V, Sracek O, Kamona F & Mapani B

(2015) Using Soils and Geochemical Archives to Understand Spatial and Temporal Distribution Patterns of Metal(loid)s Near Metal Smelters
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M, Kribek B, Sebek O, Vanek A, Penizek V, Sracek O, Nyambe I & Mapani B

(2011) Dissolution Kinetics of Pd and Pt from Automobile Catalysts by Naturally Occurring Complexing Agents
Mihaljevic M, Sebek O, Strnad L, Ettler V, Jezek J, Stedry R & Drahota P

(2011) Stability and Transformation of Pb Smelter Fly Ash in Soils
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M & Sebek O

(2011) Dust from Copper Smelters in the Zambian Copperbelt
Vitkova M, Ettler V, Veselovsky F, Kribek B & Sebek O

(2009) Can We Use the Mineralogical and Chemical Composition of Medieval Slags to Understand Historical Smelting Technologies?
Ettler V, Johan Z & Sebek O

(2009) Alteration of Arsenopyrite in Soils Under Different Tree Stands
Mihaljevic M, Ettler V, Sebek O, Strnad L, Drahota P & Prochazka R

(2009) Chemical and Mineralogical Investigation of Smelting Slags from the Copperbelt District, Zambia
Vítková M, Ettler V, Šebek O, Mihaljevič M & Kříbek B

(2007) Mineralogy and Alteration of Fly Ash from Secondary Pb Metallurgy
Ettler V, Johan Z, Mihaljevic M, Sebek O, Bezdicka P & Klementova M

(2004) Lead Isotopes as a Tool for Understanding the Lead Mobility in Smelter-Impacted Soils
Ettler V, Mihaljevic M, Sebek O & Komarek M

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