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All abstracts by David Selby in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Redox and Nutrient Cycling in a Late Mesoproterozoic Sea
Husband K, Poulton S, Guilbaud R, Rooney A & Selby D

(2013) Perturbation to the Marine Ca Isotope Cycle Across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Du Vivier A, Jacobson A, Lehn G, Selby D & Sageman B

(2011) Osmium, Carbon and Trace Element Investigations into Archaeological Material
Finlay A, McComish J, Bates R & Selby D

(2011) Understanding Early Jurassic Ocean Connectivity Using Os Isotopes
Porter S, Selby D, Suzuki K & Grocke D

(2011) Re-Os Geochronology of Lacustrine Organic-Rich Sedimentary Rocks: Systematics and Implications
Cumming V, Selby D & Lillis P

(2011) Identifying the When and Where of Oil Generation Using Platinum, Palladium, Osmium and Rhenium Geochemistry
Selby D, Finlay A & Osborne M

(2011) Re-Os Geochronology of the Neoproterozoic Coppercap and Twitya Formations: Implications for the Rapitan-Sturtian Glaciation
Rooney A, Macdonald F & Selby D

(2009) Developing Ni as a Geological Tracer: A New Method for Ni Separation
Porter S, Selby D, Ottley C & Nowell G

(2009) Re-Os Depositional Age for Extremely Thermally Mature Upper Carboniferous Organic-Rich Shales, Western Ireland: Challenges and Insights
Stanislawska M, Selby D & Chew D

(2009) Mantle-Like Fluid Interaction with the Miller Oil Field, UK North Sea: Disturbance of Oil Re-Os Systematics
Finlay A, Selby D & Osborne M

(2006) 187Re Decay Constant Accuracy and Black Shale Re-Os Geochronology
Selby D, Kendall B & Creaser R

(2006) Re-Os Elemental and Isotopic Systematics in Petroleum: A Potentially Powerful Tracer
Creaser R & Selby D

(2005) High-Precision Re-Os Shale Geochronology
Creaser R, Selby D & Kendall B

(2004) A Novel Approach to Hydrocarbon Systems: Application of the 187Re-187Os Geochronometer
Selby D & Creaser R

(2004) Characterization of a Molybdenite Reference Material for Re-Os
Markey R, Stein H, Hannah J, Selby D & Creaser R

(2003) Integrated Geochronology of Intrusion-Related Gold Systems: Examples from Yukon & Alaska
Hart C, Villeneuve M, Mair J, Selby D & Creaser R

(2003) U/Pb, Re/Os, and Ar/Ar Dating of the South Mountain Batholith and its Mineral Deposits
Carruzzo S, Kontak D, Reynolds P, Clarke D, Dunning G & Selby D

(2002) Analytical Considerations for Re-Os Analysis of Organic-Rich Sediments
Selby D & Creaser RA

(2002) Re-Os Molybdenite Analysis ├Ĺ Considerations for Accurate and Reproducible Dates
Creaser RA & Selby D

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