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All abstracts by Sergey A. Sergeev in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Re–Os Age and Gold Source for Mayskoe Quartz-Vein Deposit (Northern Karelia, Baltic Shield)
Krymsky R, Belyatsky B, Goltsin N, Sergeev S & Bushmin S

(2010) Lithospheric Mantle Evolution of the East Antarctic Craton: Isotope Evidence and PGE Patterns of Spinel Lherzolite Xenoliths
Belyatsky B, Krymsky R, Antonov A, Rodionov N & Sergeev S

(2009) Os Isotope Variation in Basaltic Glasses of the SW Indian Ridge
Krymsky R, Sushchevskaya N, Belyatsky B & Sergeev S

(2008) Geochemical Signatures of Oceanic Crust Zircon
Belyatsky B, Lepekhina E, Antonov A & Sergeev SA

(2008) Hydrothermal Zircon from Proterozoic Carbonatite Massif
Antonov A, Belyatsky B, Savva E, Rodionov N & Sergeev S

(2007) New Evidences for Existance of Early Archaean Terrains within Enderby Land, Antarctica
Belyatsky B, Rodionov N, Leitchenkov G & Sergeev S

(2007) The Role of Mantle Fluid in Formation of Modern Oceanic Sulfide Ore: Os Isotope Evidences
Krymsky R, Birk J-L, Belyatsky B, Cherkashev G, Stepanova T & Sergeev S

(2007) Atypical SHRIMP II REE Data in Zircons: A Positive Eu Anomaly
Paderin I, Mordberg L, Vetrin V, Belyatsky B & Sergeev S

(2007) REE in the Oldest Zircons, Okhotsk Terrane
Presnyakov S, Berezhnaya N & Sergeev S

(2007) Method of Interpretation of in situ U-Pb Zircon Geochronology Using Data on Melt and Fluid Inclusions
Tolmacheva E, Saltykova T, Berezhnaya N, Velikoslavinsky S & Sergeev S

(2007) The Geochemistry of Ni Isotopes in Mafic-Ultramafic Layered Complexes
Sergeev D, Sergeev A, Prasolov E, Kapitonov I & Sergeev S

(2007) Archaean Evolution of the Okhotsk Terrane by U/Pb Zircon Chronology
Berezhnaya N, Kuzmin V, Glebovitsky V, Tolmacheva E, Matukov D, Presnyakov S, Paderin I & Sergeev S

(2006) Ni isotope fractionation during lateritization of serpentinites
Mordberg L, Krymsky R, Kapitonov I, Klindukhov V & Sergeev S

(2006) Cu isotope composition of sulfide mineralization of ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal field (12º45'N, MAR)
Krymsky R, Belyatsky B, Kapitonov I, Cherkashev G & Sergeev S

(2006) SHRIMP-II U-Pb dating of perovskite from ultramafic-alkaline intrusion
Matukov D, Lepekhina E, Bagdasarov E, Antonov A & Sergeev S

(2006) Geochronological evidences of three-stage tectonic evolution of the Dzhugdzhuro-Stanovoy fold terrane
Berezhnaya N, Matukov D, Presnyakov S, Tolmacheva E, Glebovitsky V & Sergeev S

(2006) First SHRIMP U-Th-Pb data on detrital zircons and monazite from ice drillcore, Vostok lake, Antarctica
Rodionov N, Belyatsky B, Matukov D, Antonov A, Presnyakov S, Leitchenkov G & Sergeev S

(2004) Tracing Crust-Mantle Interaction during Karakoram-Kohistan Accretion (NW Pakistan)
Schaltegger U, Heuberger S, Frank M, Fontignie D, Sergeev S & Burg J

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