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All abstracts by Jeffrey Severinghaus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Atmospheric Noble Gas Ratios as a Whole-Ocean Thermometer: Advances and Nuances of the Mean Ocean Temperature Ice Core Proxy
Shackleton S & Severinghaus J

(2020) Increasing Trend in Atmosphere Helium from 1975 to 2019
Birner B, Severinghaus J & Keeling R

(2019) High-Precision, Heavy Noble Gas Isotope Ratios in Groundwater Identify Past Water-Table Depth
Seltzer A, Ng J, Kulongoski J, Danskin W, Gannon R, Stute M & Severinghaus J

(2019) Precise Interpolar Phasing of Younger Dryas Climate Change Using Isotopes of Nitrogen and Argon in Air from the WAIS Divide Ice Core
Morgan J, Buizert C, Rhodes R & Severinghaus J

(2019) Discontinuous Ice from the 40 k World in the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, Antarctica
Yan Y, Kurbatov A, Bender M, Mayewski P, Severinghaus J, Brook E & Higgins J

(2019) 14C Ages of ‘Hand-Picked’ Foraminifera and More from the AMS Facility at ETH Zurich
Hajdas I, Clark E, Klas M, Trumbore S, Ivy Ochs S, Peteet D, Hemming S, McManus J, Liu T, Severignhaus J, Putnam A & Bonani G

(2019) Five Geochemical Time Series Support a Southward Shift of the Earth’s Thermal Equator, Causing Better Ventilation of the Deep Ocean, as the Cause of the Rise in Atmospheric CO2 at the End of the Last Glacial Period
Severinghaus J, Abernathey R, Anderson R, Shackleton S, Bereiter B, Putnam A, Denton G & Brook E

(2019) Noble Gas Stable Isotope Reconstruction of Background Climatological Water Table Depths: An Indicator of Lithium Mining Impacts
Ng J, Seltzer A & Severinghaus J

(2017) 2.7-Million-Year-Old Ice from Allan Hills Blue Ice Areas, East Antarctica Reveals Climate Snapshots Since Early Pleistocene
Yan Y, Ng J, Higgins J, Kurbatov A, Clifford H, Spaulding N, Severinghaus J, Brook E, Mayewski P & Bender M

(2013) Temperature Reconstruction for the Last 1000 Years at WAIS-Divide, Antarctica, from Inert Gas Isotopes and Borehole Temperature
Orsi A & Severinghaus J

(2013) Radiometric 81Kr Dating Reveals 120, 000 Year Old Ice at Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
Buizert C, Baggenstos D, Jiang W, Purtschert R, Petrenko V, Brook E, Lu Z-T, Mueller P & Severinghaus J

(2008) Accurate Chronology of Antarctic Climate and Greenhouse Gas Changes over the Past 470 ky
Kawamura K, Aoki S, Nakazawa T, Matsushima H, Ishidoya S, Sugawara S, Lisiecki L, Raymo M & Severinghaus J

(2006) High-Precision Measurement of 86Kr/82Kr and 136Xe/129Xe in Air to Study Convective Mixing in Polar Firn
Kawamura K & Severinghaus J

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