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All abstracts by Warren D. Sharp in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) U-Th Burial Dating of Ostrich Eggshell Beyond the 14C Limit
Niespolo EM, Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Avery G, Blegen N, Faith JT, Henshilwood CS, Klein R, Van Niekerk K, Weisz DG & Tryon CA

(2014) Multi-Cave Stalagmite Records of Deglacial Climate in California
Montanez I, Oster J, Wong C, Santare L, Cooper K, Sharp W & Potter G

(2014) Speleothem-Based Evidence for the 8.2 kyr Event on the California Coast
Oster J, Covey A, Gibson J & Sharp W

(2014) U-Series Dating of Ostrich Eggshells
Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Faith JT, Peppe DJ & Tryon CA

(2014) Rapid and Precise Pb Isotope Analysis of K-Feldspar: A New Tool for Tephrochronology
Ickert R, Renne P, Deino A & Sharp W

(2012) Precise, Accurate Measurement of U-Th Isotopes in a Single Solution by ICP-MS
Sharp W, Mertz-Kraus R & Ludwig K

(2010) Challenges and Opportunities in Dating Young Tholeiitic Basalts: Example from New 40Ar/39Ar Ages from the HSDP-2 Core, Hawaii
Jourdan F, Sharp W & Renne P

(2010) 230Th/U Dating of Pedogenic Carbonate by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Hellstrom J, Sharp W, Ludwig K, Hergt J, Woodhead J, Amundson R & Chadwick O

(2010) Combined Th-U Isotope and Multi-Element Analyses by LA-ICP-MS
Mertz-Kraus R, Jochum KP, Sharp WD, Stoll B, Weis U & Andreae MO

(2009) Dating Quaternary Alluvial Fans via U-Series on Pedogenic Carbonate and 10Be Surface Exposure Ages
Fletcher K, Sharp W, Behr W, Le K, Rood D, Finkel R, Hanks T, Kendrick K, Oskin M & Rockwell T

(2009) Stalagmite Records of Pleistocene and Holocene Climate from the Sierra Nevada, California
Oster J, Montanez I & Sharp W

(2006) Utilising U-series disequilibria of calcic soils to constrain the surface age of Quaternary deposits: a comparison with 10Be, 26Al age data from Patagonian glacial moraines
Phillips R, Sharp W, Singer B & Douglass D

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