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All abstracts by Charles Shearer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Insights into Lunar Volcanism Through a Unique Olivine Porphyritic Very Low-Ti Basalt, 73002, 1017C, and an Accompanying High-Mg-Al Volcanic Glass
Yen CJ-K, Carpenter PK, Jolliff BL, Ogliore RC, Kent JJ, Zeigler RA, Gross J, Eckley SA & Shearer C

(2023) New Cr K-Edge XANES and Phase Equilibrium Constraints on Primitive Magmatic Redox Conditions on the Angrite Parent Body and Implications for Core Formation
Bell AS, Pinkham L, Shearer C & Irving A

(2020) Differences between Bulk and in situ Cl Isotope Compositions of Lunar Materials
Gargano A, Sharp Z & Shearer C

(2020) Oxygen Isotope Heterogeneity Among Apollo 15 Green Glasses
Cano E, Sharp Z & Shearer C

(2020) Asymmetric Early Post-Magma Ocean Crust Building on the Moon’s Nearside
Elardo S, Laneuville M, McCubbin F & Shearer C

(2019) Volatile Traps in a Lunar Landslide. An Example from the Unopened Apollo 17 Double Drive Tube
Shearer C, Schmitt H, Jolliff B & Petro N

(2018) Chlorine and Zinc Isotope Composition of Lunar Materials: Insight into Volatile Element Isotope Fractionation on The Moon
Gargano A, Sharp Z & Shearer C

(2018) Differences in the Triple-Oxygen Isotope Composition of the Earth and Moon
Cano E, Sharp Z & Shearer C

(2018) Zr, Nb, Ta and Th Distributions in Terrestrial Planets: Constraints on Early Planetary Evolution
Condie K & Shearer C

(2017) The Effects of Temperature on Cr-Redox Systematics in Basaltic Liquids
Bell A, Shearer C & Burger P

(2014) Survey of Volatiles in Apatite from Planetary Materials
McCubbin F, Jones R & Shearer C

(2011) The Cl Isotope Composition of the Moon and Mars
Sharp Z, Shearer C, McCubbin F & Agee C

(2010) Analysis of Samples from Regolith in the Moon’s South Pole-Aitken Basin
Jolliff B, Shearer C & Papanastassiou D

(2009) Integrating Lunar Sample Data with Lunar Prospector Thorium Data: Insights into the Thermal and Magmatic Evolution of the Moon
Hagerty J, Lawrence D, Shearer C & Hawke BR

(2005) Crystal Chemical Controls on Garnet Partitioning of REE and HFSE
Dwarzski R, Draper D, Shearer C & Agee C

(2005) Evidence for Garnet in the Lunar Mantle
Neal C & Shearer C

(2004) Low Abundances of Highly Siderophile Elements in Lunar Mantle Imply Prolonged Late Accretion
Horan M, Walker R, Shearer C & Papike J

(2000) Comparative Partitioning of Hf and W in Silicates: A Key to Understanding Radiogenic W in Terrestrial Planets
Righter K & Shearer CK

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