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All abstracts by Liang Shi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Defining a Landscape for Microbial Electron Transfer to Extracellular Minerals
Butt J, Gates A, Marritt S, Edwards M, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Richardson D & Clarke T

(2011) The Structure and Topology of Cytochromes Involved in Outer Membrane Electron Transport
Clarke T, Edwards M, Hemmings A, Hall A, White G, Gates A, Butt J, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J & Richardson D

(2011) Large-Scale Simulation of Molecular Structure and Electron Transfer in Microbial Cytochromes
Rosso K, Zarzycki P, Breuer M, Blumberger J, Shi L, Richardson D, Clarke T, Edwards M, Butt J, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2010) Using Hydrogen Isotopes to Assess Proton Flux during Biological Hydrogen Production: Part 1
Yang H, Kreuzer H, Shi L, Ostrom N, Gandhi H & Hegg E

(2010) Microbial Fuel Cell Study of the Role of OmcA and MtrC in Electron Transfer from Shewanella oneidensis to Oxide Electrodes
Jani R, Colberg P, Eggleston C, Shi L & Reardon C

(2010) Redox-Linked Conformation Change Observed for Adsorbed Metal-Reducing Bacterial Cytochromes
Sycheva L, Eggleston C, Colberg P, Magnuson T & Shi L

(2010) Structure of Bacterial Multiheme Cytochromes at the Microbial-Mineral Interface
Johs A, Shi L, Droubay T, Ankner JF & Liang L

(2008) Molecular-Scale Biogeochemical Mechanisms Affecting the Mobility of Hanford Site Contaminants
Marshall M, Kennedy D, Plymale A, Dohnalkova A, Beliaev A, Shi L, Zachara J & Fredrickson J

(2007) Insights into Enzymatic Reduction of Hematite from Single-Molecule Tunneling Studies of Multiheme Cytochromes
Wigginton N, Rosso K, Shi L, Lower B & Hochella M

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