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All abstracts by Alan Shiller in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Controls on Barium and Radium-226 Distributions along GEOTRACES GP15
Le Roy E, Charette MA, Henderson PB, Shiller A, Moore W, Lawrence R, Shrikumar A, Casciotti KL, van Beek P, Souhaut M, Auro M & Horner TJ

(2021) Biogeochemical Processes Controlling the Marine Ba Cycle: Dissolved and Particulate Barium Distributions along the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic and South Pacific Zonal Transects (GA03 and GP16)
Shiller A, Rahman S, Anderson R, Charette MA, Hayes CT, Gilbert M, Grissom K, Lam PJ, Ohnemus D, Pavia F, Twining B & Vivancos S

(2021) Particulate Excess Ba as a Proxy for Biological Productivity along the North Atlantic and South Pacific GEOTRACES Transects
Rahman S, Shiller A, Anderson R, Hayes CT, Lam PJ, Ohnemus D, Pavia F, Twining B & Vivancos S

(2019) Gallium vs. Nutrients to Separate Atlantic and Pacific Source Waters
Newton R, Whitmore L, Pasqualini A & Shiller A

(2017) Temporal Dynamics of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Mississippi Coastal Waters
Joung D, Box H, Ho P, Whitmore L, Anderson H, Moore W & Shiller A

(2017) Light Rare Earth Depletion during Methanotropy: Are There Implications for Oceanic Distributions?
Shiller A, Chan E, Joung D, Redmond M & Kessler J

(2016) Distribution and Flux of Methane in the 2015 U.S. GEOTRACES Arctic Section
Whitmore L & Shiller A

(2016) Dissolved Rare Earth Elements in the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section
Shiller A

(2014) Dissolved and Colloidal Trace Elements in Rivers
Shiller A

(2014) Trace Element (Co, Cr, Fe and Mn) Distributions in Louisiana Shelf Waters
Joung D & Shiller A

(2014) Development of a CRDS Method for Methane Determination on Discrete Water Samples: Application to the Study of CH4 Dynamics in a Shallow Sub-Tropical Estuary
Roberts H & Shiller A

(2013) Dissolved Gallium and gallium/Aluminum Ratios in the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Zonal Section
Shiller A, Hatta M & Measures C

(2012) Dissolved Rhenium and Molybdenum in Rivers
Shiller A

(2010) Nanoscale Colloidal Iron-Binding Organic Matter in Marine Waters
Stolpe B, Guo L & Shiller A

(2010) Colloidal Iron in Rivers and Estuaries
Shiller A

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