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All abstracts by Steven B. Shirey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Revisiting Iron Isotope Systematics of the Earth-Moon System
Ni P, Shahar A, Liu Y, Nie NX, Young ED & Shirey SB

(2022) Exploring Earth’s Deep Water Cycle Using Sublithospheric Diamonds
Gardner L, Jacobsen SD, Rivers M, Zhang D, Shirey SB & Pearson DG

(2021) Terrestrial Geochronology and Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry at the Carnegie Institution of Washington 1950–2021
Shirey SB, Carlson RW, Walter MJ & Hardy SJ

(2021) Sublithospheric Diamonds and Deep Earthquakes Demonstrate an Arc-Avoiding Subduction Pathway for C-O-H-N-S Volatiles
Shirey SB, Wagner LS, Walter MJ, Pearson DG & van Keken PE

(2021) Heavy Iron in Sublithospheric Diamonds Reveals Deep Serpentinite Subduction
Smith E, Ni P, Shirey SB, Richardson SH, Wang W & Shahar A

(2021) Use of Accessory Minerals for Accurate Initial Nd Isotope Determinations in Early Archean Rocks: An Example from the Minnesota River Valley Terrane
Wang D, Shirey SB, Carlson RW, Fisher CM, Kemp A & Bickford ME

(2021) Hf Isotopic Evidence for the Gradual Onset of Earth’s Mobile-Lid Tectonic Regime
Bauer A, Reimink JR, Chacko T, Foley B, Shirey SB & Pearson DG

(2020) Age and Depth of Oceanic Slab-Derived Diamonds and the Formation of Archean Subcontinental Mantle
Shirey S & Smit K

(2020) Using LREE Minerals to Reassess the Nd Isotopic Record of the Early Earth
Wang D, Carlson RW, Shirey SB & Vervoort JD

(2019) Extinct Radionuclide Signatures from Juvenile Crustal Blocks within the Slave Craton
Reimink J, Pearson DG, Shirey SB, Carlson RW, Mundl-Petermeier A & Walker RJ

(2019) Subducted Serpentinite Water, Superdeep Diamonds, and Deep Focus Earthquakes
Shirey S, Wagner L, Walter M, Pearson G & van Keken P

(2019) Water Content of Silicate Mineral Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds from Juina, Brazil
Thomson A, Hauri E, Shirey S, Walter M, Kohn S, Bulanova G, Smith C & Wang J

(2014) Water Content of Stishovite, Majorite, and Perovskite Inclusions in Juina Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey S, Hauri E, Thomson A, Bulanova G, Smith C, Kohn S & Walter M

(2013) Water Content of Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Thomson AR, Bulanova GP, Smith CB, Kohn SC & Walter MJ

(2013) Hf Isotope Evidence for Continental Lithosphere Pollution of the Asthenosphere Near the Oceanographer Fracture Zone
Hanan B, Dosso L, Sayit K, Shirey S & Bender J

(2013) Simultaneous Measurements of C and N Isotopic Composition and N Abundance in Diamonds by NanoSIMS
Wang J, Shirey S & Hauri E

(2013) Pyroxene Megacrysts in Anorthosites: Revealing Continental Crust-Forming Processes at Moho Depths
Bybee G, Ashwal L & Shirey S

(2013) Lithium and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Basaltic Glasses from Ridge Axes and Off-Axis Seamounts in the Northern EPR (10-15ºN)
Tian L, Shirey S, Wang Z & Castillo P

(2011) Mantle Heterogeneity Constraints from Abyssal Peridotite Sulfide Pb and Os Isotopic Compositions
Warren J & Shirey S

(2011) An Isotopic Glimpse of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the East African Rift System
Nelson W, Shirey S & Furman T

(2011) 3 Ga Onset of the Supercontinent Cycle: SCLM and Crustal Evidence
Shirey S, Richardson S & Van Kranendonk M

(2011) Tracing Deep Slab Recycling via Study of Boron Isotopes of Volcanic Rocks from Hotspot (OIB) Settings
Savov IP, Shirey S, Tonarini S, Ryan J & Hauri E

(2011) C- and S-Transfer in Subduction Zones: Insights from Diamonds
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R, Thomassot E & Shirey S

(2010) Re-Os and PGE of Neoarchean Websterite Xenoliths and Diamondiferous Lamprophyres
Shirey S, Ayer J, Wyman D & Nelson W

(2010) Formation of Cratonic Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle from Hybrid Plume Sources
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R & Shirey S

(2010) Re-Os Reveals Ancient Mantle Components in Xenoliths from the Cook-Australs and Samoan Hotspots
Jackson M, Hauri E & Shirey S

(2009) B and B Isotopic Composition of Mariana Trough Basalt Glasses: Implications for Mantle Sources
Savov I, Shirey S, Hauri E & Shaw A

(2009) Osmium in Extreme EM2 Lavas: Implications for Recycled Sediment vs Eclogite in the Samoan Mantle
Jackson M & Shirey S

(2008) Deciphering Crust vs. Mantle Inputs and Timescales of Magma Genesis at Mount Adams Using 238U-230Th Disequilibria and Os Isotopes
Jicha B, Johnson C, Hildreth W, Beard B, Hart G, Shirey S & Singer B

(2008) Eclogitic Sulfide and Silicate Inclusions in Diamonds and Sub-Continental Geological Processes
Shirey S, Richardson S, Pearson G, Carlson R & Harris J

(2008) Slab Melting beneath Central Mexico: A Seismological Perspective
Song T-RA, Helmberger DV & Shirey SB

(2008) Li and B Isotopes as Tracers for Crust/Mantle vs. Slab Influences in Western Mexico
Ryan J, Savov I & Shirey S

(2007) Li-Sr-Lu-Hf Isotope and Trace Element Systematics of Eclogites from Bulgaria
Savov I, Bizimis M, Halama R, Shirey S, Hauri E & Haydoutov I

(2007) Proterozoic Diamond Formation at the Kaapvaal Craton Edge: Re-Os of Jagersfontein Sulfide Inclusions
Aulbach S, Shirey S, Stachel T & Harris J

(2007) Mantle and Crustal Processes in the Hadean and Archean: Evidence for the Onset of Subduction at 3.8 Ga
Shirey S, Kamber B, Whitehouse M, Mueller P & Basu A

(2007) High Primary Productivity in Stromatolitic Phosphorites from the Paleoproterozoic Aravalli Supergroup
Papineau D, Purohit R, Mehta P, Shirey S & Fogel M

(2006) Genesis mechanisms and the survival and destruction of continental lithospheric mantle
Carlson R & Shirey S

(2005) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of a South African Diamondiferous Eclogite
Linhoff B, Schmitz M & Shirey S

(2005) Boron Isotope Compositions of South Atlantic MORB and Mantle Sources
le Roux P, Dixon J, Shirey S & Hauri E

(2005) A Comparison of Mineral and Whole Rock Approaches to Re-Os Dating of the Kaapvaal Lithospheric Mantle
Garden B, Carlson R, Pearson G, Shirey S & Richardson S

(2005) Diamonds beneath an Ancient Continental Rift: The Star Kimberlite, South Africa
Schmitz M, Shirey S & Carlson R

(2005) Dating Mantle Samples: Examples from the Re-Os System in Eclogites and Diamonds
Shirey S, Schmitz M, Westerlund K, Richardson S, Wiechert U, Pearson G, Carlson R & Harris J

(2004) Coupled Boron and Oxygen Isotope Variations in Subglacial Basaltic Glasses from Northern Iceland
le Roux P, Baker J, Hauri E & Shirey S

(2004) Partitioning of Highly Siderophile Elements (HSE) in Very Refractory Peridotites
Luguet A, Horan M, Shirey S, Lorand J & Carlson R

(2004) Mantle Modification and Diamond Genesis during Continental Accretion
Garden B, Shirey S, Carlson R, Schmitz M, Richardson S & Gurney J

(2002) Late Archean Komatiites and BIFs, Woodburn Lake Group, Churchill Province, Nunavut
Jenner G, Shirey S, Hyde D, Elkins L, Kjarsgaard B & Kerswill J

(2002) Re-Os Systematics of 3.3 Ga Nondweni-Commondale Komatiites, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa
Shirey SB, Wilson AH & Carlson RW

(2002) Degassing & Preliminary Assimilation Histories of Selected on- and Off-Axis EPR MORB Glasses (8-10ºN, 12-14ºN, & 15-16ºN)
le Roux P, Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Perfit MR & Mock T

(2000) Re-Os Systematics of Sulphide Inclusion Bearing Diamonds from Continental Mantle Roots
Richardson SH, Shirey SB, Harris JW & Carlson RW

(2000) Re-Os Isotope Constraints on the Age of Siberian Diamonds
Pearson DG, Bulanova G, Shirey S, Carlson R, Milledge J & Barashkov Y

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