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All abstracts by Orfan Shouakar-Stash in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Sulfate Reduction Associated with Petroleum Contamination in the Umm Er Radhuma Aquifer
Arkadakskiy S, Shamrani A & Shouakar-Stash O

(2017) The First d37Cl and d81Br Data from the Wasia-Biyadh Mega-Aquifer in Saudi Arabia: Implications for the Origin of Dissolved Solutes
Arkadakskiy S, Shamrani A, Ghamdi A & Shouakar-Stash O

(2016) Using Noble Gases to Trace Fluid Circulation in the Los Humeros Geothermal Field, Mexico
Han G, Pinti D, Castro MC, Shouakar-Stash O, Lopez-Hernandez A, Hall C & Ramírez-Montes M

(2016) Multi-Isotopic Study of the Fluid Circulation at Los Azufres Geothermal Field, Mexico
Shouakar-Stash O, Pinti DL, Castro CM, Lopez-Hernandez A, Abuharara A, Hall CM, Sandoval-Medina F & Nuñez-Hernandez S

(2014) Probing the Mechanism of Anaerobic Trichloroethene Biodegradation with Dual Element Carbon and Chlorine Isotope Analysis
Douglas LM, Cretnik S, Pérez-de-Mora A, Höche M, Meyer AH, Shouakar-Stash O, Edwards EA, Sherwood Lollar B & Elsner M

(2012) Modeling Groundwater Recharge and Seawater Intrusion in the Quaternary Coastal Plain Aquifer of the Wadi Watir Delta, Sinai, Egypt
Eissa M, Thomas J, Pohll G, Hershey R, Shouakar-Stash O, Daowud M, Dahab K & Gomaa M

(2012) Strontium-, Magnesium-, Sulfur- and Bromine-Isotopes as Indicators for Brine Origin and Migration
Stadler S, Henjes-Kunst F, Shoukar-Stash O & Buhl D

(2009) The Effect of Sorption on Chlorine Stable Isotopes of TCE
Shouakar-Stash O, Stotler R, Frape S & Illman W

(2008) Carbon and Chlorine Isotope Fractionation during Degradation of Trichloroethene by Metals
Zhang M, Shouakar-Stash O, Gillham R, Frape S & Drimmie R

(2006) Variations of the δ81Br and δ37Cl stable isotope signature for pre-Mississippian formation waters of the Williston Basin
Shouakar-Stash O, Frape SK, Rostron BJ & Drimmie RJ

(2006) Geochemical evolution of groundwaters in the Michigan and Appalachian Basins, southwestern Ontario
Hobbs M, Frape SK, Shouakar-Stash O & Mcnutt RH

(2006) Methane-halide reactions in shield waters, inferred from δ13 C and δ2H of methane and δ81Br and δ37Cl of dissolved ions
Stotler R, Frape S, Shouakar-Stash O, Ruskeeniemi T & Blomqvist R

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