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All abstracts by Adam Simon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Cu and Fe Diffusion in Rhyolitic Melts during Chalcocite “Dissolution”
Ni P, Zhang Y, Simon A & Gagnon J

(2015) Redox Evolution during Magma-Mixing: Implications for Cu/Au Ratios of Porphyry Deposits
Fiege A, Simon A & Ruprecht P

(2015) Re-Os Isotopes in Andean IOCGs and IOA Deposits: Implications for the Source of Metals
Barra F, Selby D, Reich M & Simon A

(2015) A Genetic Model that Links Magma, IOA and IOCG Deposits
Simon A, Knipping J, Bilenker L, Reich M, Barra F & Deditius A

(2015) The Roles of Decompression Rate and Volatiles (H2O+Cl±CO2±S) on Crystallization in Basaltic Magma
Fiege A, Vetere F, Iezzi G, Simon A & Holtz F

(2015) Nano-Geochemistry of Trace Elements in Magnetite from the Los Colorados IOA Deposit in Chile
Deditius A, Reich M, Suvorova A, Roberts M, Rubanov S & Simon A

(2015) The Trace Element Signature of Pyrite from the Los Colorados Iron Oxide Apatite (IOA) Deposit: A Missing Link between IOA and IOCG Systems?
Reich M, Simon A, Deditius A, Chryssoulis S, Tardani D, Barra F, Knipping J, Bilenker L & Sanchez-Alfaro P

(2015) Tracing Redox at Depth Using Apatite?
Konecke B, Fiege A & Simon A

(2015) Timescales and Physical Limitations for Magma Mixing at Arc Volcanoes
Hudgins T & Simon A

(2014) Experimental Constraints on Sulfur Transfer during Magma Mixing
Fiege A, Simon A & Ruprecht P

(2014) Evolution and Genesis of Volcanic Rocks from Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka
Simon A, Yogodzinski G, Smith E, Selyangin O & Kiryukhin A

(2014) Cassiterite Dissolution and Sn Diffusion in Silicate Melts
Yang Y, Zhang Y & Simon A

(2014) The Effect of Melt Composition on Bubble Nucleation
Fiege A, Holtz F, Cichy S & Simon A

(2014) Sulfur and Chalcophile Metal Mobility during Magma Mixing
Simon A, Fiege A & Ruprecht P

(2014) Evidence for a Magmatic Origin for Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposits
Knipping JL, Simon A & Reich M

(2014) Fe and O Systematics of the Los Colorados IOA Deposit, Chile
Bilenker L, Simon A, Reich M, Lundstrom C & Bindeman I

(2014) Is There a Link between IOCG and Manto-Type Deposits in the Andes of Northern Chile?
Barra F, Morata D, Reich M, Campos E & Simon A

(2014) Chemical Zoning and Microtexture of Magnetite from Los Colorados Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposit, Chile
Reich M, Simon A, Deditius A, Bilenker L, Knipping J & Barra F

(2014) Mixing of Basalt and Dacite to Produce Intermediate Compositions at Mutnovsky Volcano, Kamchatka
Hudgins T & Simon A

(2013) Melt-Inclusion Evidence for a CO2-Rich Mantle beneath the Western Branch of the East African Rift
Hudgins T, Mukasa S & Simon A

(2013) Partitioning of Nb between Rutile and NaAlSi3O8-, NaCl- and NaF- Aqueous Fluids at 1-5 GPa and 300-600℃
Tanis E, Simon A, Tschauner O, Chow P, Xiao Y, Hanchar J, Shen G & Zhao Y

(2013) Experimental Constraints on Fe Isotope Fractionation in Fluid-Melt-Oxide-Sulfide Assemblages
Bilenker L, Simon A, Lundstrom C, Gajos N & Zajacz Z

(2013) The Importance of Iron Mobility in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Simon A, Bilenker L & Bell A

(2013) Magmas, Solutions and Metals
Bell A, Simon A, Tanis E & Bilenker L

(2012) Using Melt Inclusions to Constrain Magma Evolution and Pre-Eruptive Plumbing System Architecture of Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia
Simon A, Robertson K, Pettke T, Smith E, Kiryukhin A, Selyangin O, Mulcahy S & Walker D

(2011) Chloride Degassing and its Effects on the Evolution of Magmatic Redox State
Bell A, Simon A & Webster J

(2011) In situ SXRF Determination of Trace Element Abundances in Aqueous Fluid at 1 – 3 GPa and 300 – 500℃: Applications to Subduction Zone Element Cycling
Simon A, Tanis E, Tschauner O, Frank M, Chow P, Xiao Y, Shen G & Hanchar J

(2009) The Misuse of Nernst-Type D’s: A Case Study with R Factors
Simon A & Jugo P

(2009) REE, HFSE, LILE, and Transition Metal Exchange between Basaltic Melt and Supercritical Cl-Bearing Aqueous Fluid
Bell A, Simon A, Guillong M & Heinrich C

(2006) Gold and Arsenic Partitioning at Magmatic Conditions.
Simon A, Pettke T, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2005) The Effect of Volatile Sulfur on Metal Partitioning at Magmatic Conditions
Simon A, Pettke T, Candela P, Piccoli P & Heinrich C

(2001) Chlorine and Iron in Magnetite-Melt-Volatile Systems
Simon AC, Candela PA, Piccoli PM & Frank M

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