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All abstracts by Abhas Singh in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Investigation of Uranium (VI) Uptake by Rhodochrosite and Its Effect on Uranium Mobility in Sediments
Sujathan S, Sharma S & Singh A

(2023) Potential Role of Indigenous Bacteria in Controlling Arsenic Concentration in Mixed‑Oxic State Groundwater
Verma A, Matheshwaran S & Singh A

(2023) Effect of Magnesium on Fluoride Removal from Groundwater Using Calcium Phosphate-Based Amendments
Mohapatra AK & Singh A

(2022) Kinetics of Precipitation of Barium Chromate [BaCrO4(s)] in Groundwater
Singh A, Bhattacharya M & Mohapatra AK

(2022) Biogeochemical Processes Governing Arsenic Release in Shallow Mixed‑Oxic State Groundwater
Verma A, Mohapatra AK, Matheshwaran S & Singh A

(2021) A Comparative Study on Stabilization of Chromite Ore Processing Residue with Prevalent Reductants
Bandyopadhyay T, Kumar S, Bhattacharya M & Singh A

(2021) Potential Role of a Novel Strain of Citrobacter sp. in Controlling Arsenic Speciation in Groundwater
Verma A, Murugan PA, Matheshwaran S & Singh A

(2021) Kinetics of Transformation of Calcite to Fluorapatite Under Flow Conditions
Singh A, Ekamparam ASS & Sujathan S

(2021) Microscopic Investigations of Uranium Uptake by Rhodochrosite
Sujathan S & Singh A

(2021) Impact of Manganese-Inhibited Calcite Precipitation on Fluoride Mobilization in Groundwater
Mohapatra AK & Singh A

(2020) Relative Kinetics of Precipitation and Adsorption of Arsenic(V) in Systems with Dissolved Iron(II)
Nilling JJ & Singh A

(2020) Analysis of Uranium Geochemistry in Indian Groundwaters with a Unified Thermodynamic Model
Sujathan S & Singh A

(2019) As(V) Reduction to As(III) in the Presence of Chloride in Ambient Conditions
Verma A, Nilling JJ & Singh A

(2019) Potential Solubility and Sorption Controls on Arsenic in the Presence of Elevated Dissolved Iron
Nilling JJ, Verma A & Singh A

(2019) Cr Isotopes as Tracers for Environmental Contamination: A Field Study in the Kanpur Area, India
Cornet M, Fitoussi C, Singh A & Bourdon B

(2018) Phosphate-Induced Transformation of Calcite to Fluorapatite in the Presence of Fluoride
Ekamparam ASS & Singh A

(2012) Dissolution of Uranyl Precipitates in Contaminated Vadose Zone Sediments
Singh A, Zachara JM, McKinley JP, Liu C, Boyanov MI, Kemner KM & Moore DA

(2008) Nano-Scale Structure and Stability of Biogenic Uranium(IV) Oxide
Ulrich K-U, Schofield E, Bargar J, Sharp J, Veeramani H, Bernier-Latmani R, Singh A & Giammar D

(2008) Uranium(VI)-Phosphate Interactions at the Goethite-Water Interface
Singh A, Ulrich K-U & Giammar D

(2007) Uranium(IV) Oxide Surface Reactivity
Ulrich K-U, Singh A, Dixon S, Schofield E, Bargar J & Giammar D

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