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All abstracts by Thomas Sisson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) What Have the Magmas of Indian Heaven and Mounts St. Helens, Cascades Arc, in Common?
Salters V, Larson P, Sisson T & Clynne M

(2016) Quantifying Gas Composition and Yield from the 946 CE Millennium Eruption of Paektu Volcano, DPRK/China
Iacovino K, Kim JS, Sisson T, Lowenstern J, Ri KH, Jang JN, Song KH, Ham HH, Oppenheimer C, Hammond J, Donovan A, Weber-Liu K & Ryu KR

(2014) Experimental Investigation of Deep Crustal Origins of Evolved Arc Magmas: Mount St. Helens Yn
Blatter D, Sisson T & Hankins B

(2014) ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy to Measure H2O and CO2 in Silicate Glass
Lowenstern J, Sisson T, Blatter D, Mangan M & Hankins B

(2014) Aluminosilicate Melts and Glasses at 1 to 3 GPa: Temperature and Pressure Effects on Recovered Structural and Density Changes
Bista S, Stebbins J, Hankins W & Sisson T

(2009) Controls on Calc-Alkaline Differentiation & Composition of the Continents
Sisson T

(2008) Growth of an Intrusive Complex beneath Mt. Veniaminof, Alaska
Calvert A, Bacon C, Sisson T & Nye C

(2008) High-Mg Andesites from Glacier Peak Wa, Derivatives of Mixing between Low- and hi-Si Endmembers
DeBari S, Sisson T & Taylor D

(2005) Water, Decompression, and Mantle Melting at Galunggung, Indonesia
Kelley K, Hauri E & Sisson T

(2005) Magma Storage and Ascent at Mount Rainier from 2600 to 2200 ybp
Sisson T & Vallance J

(2005) Basalts and High-Mg Andesites from the Northern Cascade Arc (Glacier Peak, Washington): Insights into Mantle and Crustal Processes
DeBari S, Taylor D & Sisson T

(2003) Alkalic Through Tholeiitic Shield-Stage Development of Kilauea, Hawaii
Sisson T, Calvert A, Coombs M, Kimura J, Lanphere M & Lipman P

(2003) Geochemistry of Ancient Kilauea Volcano: Implications from Hilina Bench Lavas
Kimura J, Nakano N, Sisson T, Coombs M & Lipman P

(2002) Pb Isotopic Variations in Kilauea Magmas: From Pre-Shield to Shield Stages
Shimizu N, Sisson T & Layne G

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