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All abstracts by Mark Skidmore in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Mineralogical Controls on Subglacial Abrasion Products and their Role in Sustaining Subglacial Microbial Ecosystems
Gill-Olivas B, Telling J, Skidmore M & Tranter M

(2021) A Ferrous Wheel beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Hawkings J, Skidmore M, Priscu J, Shoenfelt Troein E, Davis C, Christner B, Kim O-S, Sieber M, Conway T, Gardner C, Vick-Majors T, Michaud A, Tranter M, Benning LG & Spencer R

(2019) Crushing of Real and Model Subglacial Sediments as a Source of Microbial Nutrients and Energy
Gill Olivas B, Telling J, O'Doherty S, Skidmore M, Christner B, Priscu J & Tranter M

(2019) Microbially-Driven Nitrate Production in a High Alpine Glaciated Catchment
Skidmore M, Allen J, Dore J & Boyd E

(2014) Dynamics of Carbon-Based Gas Flux from Glacial Sediments at a Retreating Alpine Glacier
Spotts T, Skidmore M, Boyd E & Dore J

(2013) Seasonal Variation in Biological Methane Production in a Subglacial Ecosystem
Boyd E, Hamilton T, Spots T, Dore J, Canovas P, Havig J, Peters J, Shock E & Skidmore M

(2010) Dissimilatory Iron Reduction in Subzero Brines
Urschel M, Skidmore M & Geesey G

(2009) Microbial Respiration at Sub-Zero Temperatures in Laboratory Ices
Skidmore M, Bakermans C, Brox T, Christner B & Montross S

(2009) Mineralogical Controls on Microbial Communities in Glacial Environments
Mitchell A, Lafreniere M, Lange R, Pitts B, Skidmore M & Boyd E

(2009) Sediment-Rich Antarctic Basal Ice as a Habitat for Microorganisms
Montross S, Doyle S, Samyn D, Tison J-L, Christner B & Skidmore M

(2008) Microbially Driven Chemical Weathering in Glaciated Systems
Skidmore M, Montross S, Tranter M, Kivimaki A-L & Parkes J

(2008) Experimental Analysis of Supercritical CO2-Brine-Rock Interactions Using a Flow-Through Reactor
Hansen L, Skidmore M & Brox T

(2000) Subglacial Microbiology and Chemical Weathering
Skidmore M, Foght J, Sharp M, Parkes J & Tranter M

(2000) Chemical Weathering Rates and Solute Fluxes from Catchments of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Skidmore M, Tranter M, Grust K & Jones I

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