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All abstracts by Gregory F. Slater in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Characterisation of the Rate of Phospholipid Hydrolysis Under Abiotic Conditions in Bentonite
Ford S, Engel K, Binns J, McKelvie J, Neufeld J & Slater G

(2020) Insights into Biogeochemical Cycling and Unanticipated Geobiological Trajectory after Alum Addition to an Engineered Lake
Jessen GL, Chen L-X, Mori JF, Colenbrander Nelson T, Slater GF, Rudderham SB, Lindsay MBJ, Banfield JF & Warren LA

(2015) Abiogenic and Microbial Cycling of Volatile Fatty Acids in Ancient Crustal Fracture Waters in the Canadian Shield
McDermott JM, Heuer VB, Tille S, Moran JJ, Slater GF, Sutcliffe CN, Glein CR, Hinrichs K-U & Sherwood Lollar B

(2015) Organic and Isotopic Biomarkers of Antarctic Endolith Microbial Communities
Brady AL, Goordial J, Davila AF, Whyte L & Slater GF

(2014) Bioavailabiilty and Chemistry of Arctic Soil Carbon
Ziolkowski L, Slater G, Whyte L, Onstott T & Townsend-Small A

(2014) Synthesis of Prebiotic Organic Compounds within the Tagish Lake Meteorite
Hilts R, Herd C, Simkus D & Slater G

(2014) Lead Isotopes as Tracers of Particulate Contamination in Lakes
Cheyne CAL, Thibodeau AM, Slater GF, Desrocher S & Bergquist BA

(2014) Deciphering Microbial Carbon Sources and Metabolic Signatures in the Deep Terrestrial Subsurface
Slater G, Simkus D, Magnabosco C, Lau M, Mailloux B, Wilkie K, Kieft T, Borgonie G, Kuloyo O, van Heerden E, Sherwood Lollar B & Onstott TC

(2013) Deep Fracture Fluids Isolated in the Crust Since the Precambrian
Holland G, Sherwood Lollar B, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Slater G & Ballentine C

(2013) Active Carbon Cycling in Deep Subsurface Fracture Environments: Insights from RNA, Lipid and Isotopic Analyses
Lau M, Lindsay M, Kieft T, Pullin M, Hendrickson S, Simkus D, Slater G, Sherwood Lollar B, Li L, Lacrampe-Couloume G, van Heerden E, Erasmus M, Borgonie G, Linage B, Kuloyo K, Mailloux B, Heuer V, Hinrichs K-U, Maphanga S & Onstott T

(2013) Reduced Gas Flux from Precambrian Cratons – Implications for Subsurface Microbiology
Sherwood Lollar B, Holland G, Li L, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Slater GF, Onstott TC & Ballentine C

(2012) Radiocarbon Analysis of Microbial DNA and PLFA from Arsenic Impacted Aquifers in Bangladesh
Mailloux B, Trembath-Reichert E, Cheung J, Watson M, Dochenetz A, Stute M, Freyer G, Ferguson A, Ahmed KM, Alam M,J, Buchholz B, Slater G, Ziolowski L, Thomas J, Layton A, Zheng Y & van Geen A

(2012) Isotopic Evidence for the Early Use of Ceramics in Cooking Meats and Processing Milk from Sheep and Goats
Gregg M & Slater G

(2012) Assessing Limitations for PAH Biodegradation in Long-Term Contaminated Soils Using Bioavailability Assays
Mahmoudi N, Slater G & Juhasz A

(2012) The Oldest Isolated Life-Bearing Macrosystem on the Planet?
Ballentine C, Holland G, Slater G, Li L, Laccrampe-Couloume G & Sherwood Lollar B

(2012) Brines and Saline Fracture Waters in the Terrestrial Subsurface: A Niche for the Deep Biosphere and Unique Analog for Mars
Li L, Sherwood Lollar B, Holland G, Slater GF, Ballentine CJ & Lacrampe-Couloume G

(2012) Network of Terrestrial Subsurface Sites in Precambrian Shields: Insights for Early Earth and Mars
Sherwood Lollar B, Onstott TC, Kieft TL, Li L, van Heerden E, Slater GF, Moser DP, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Holland G & Ballentine CJ

(2012) Using PLFA to Constrain Microbial Distribution Related to S-Cycling in Oil-Sands Composite Tailings during Reclamation
Ngonadi N, Slater G, Ziolkowski L & Penner T

(2012) Timing and Carbon Sources for Microbial Processes in the Deep Terrestrial Carbon Cycle
Slater G, Mailloux B, Silvern R, Li L, Sherwood Lollar B & Onstott TC

(2012) Biogeochemical Characterization of a Late Archean Sub-Seafloor Hydrothermal System, Dome Mine, Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Stromberg J, Banerjee N, Southam G, Cloutis E, Slater G & Barr E

(2011) Noble Gases from the Precambrian Shield of Canada
Holland G, Sherwood Lollar B, Li L, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Slater G & Ballentine C

(2011) Archean Sulfur may Power Modern Microbial Life in the Deep Subsurface in the Canadian Shield
Li L, Wing B, Bui T, Slater G, Lacrampe-Couloume G & Sherwood Lollar B

(2010) Nitrogen in the Canadian Shield: Resolving Abiotic Contributions and Biological Cycling
Li L, Sherwood Lollar B, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Moran J & Slater G

(2009) The Deep "Cool" Terrestrial Biosphere – Fracture Water and Dissolved Gases at >2.5 km in the Canadian Shield
Sherwood Lollar B, Tille S, Moran J, Voglesonger K, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Onstott T & Slater G

(2008) PAH Concentration and δ13C Trends in Sediments Receiving Long-Range Atmospheric Deposition
Benson A, Yang F, Marvin C, Muir D & Slater G

(2008) Molecular and Isotopic Characterization of N-Alkanes in a Humic-Rich, Urbanised Estuary
Ahad J, Slater G, Ganeshram R, Ertunc T & Bryant C

(2008) Stable Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Sulfur Oxidizing and Heterotrophic Bacteria Native to an Acid Mine Tailings Pond
Cowie B, Bernier L, Warren L & Slater G

(2008) Ancient Analogs for Ultramafic-Hosted Vents: Water-Rock-Derived Energy for Deep Subsurface Chemosynthesis
Moran JJ, Slater G, Tille S, Voglesonger K & Sherwood Lollar B

(2008) Isotopic Biosignatures Associated with Freshwater Microbialites and Carbonate Precipitating Microbial Mats
Brady A, Slater G, Laval B & Lim D

(2007) Constraining Carbon Sources and Growth of Microbialites in Pavilion Lake, BC Using 14C
Slater G, Brady A, Laval B & Lim D

(2006) Compound Specific Isotope Analysis and the challenge for identifying life: the role of biosignatures and abiosignatures
Sherwood Lollar B, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Telling J, McCollom TM & Slater GF

(2004) The West Falmouth Oil Spill: A Geochemical Update after 35 Years
Reddy C, Nelson R, Xu L, Peacock E, White H, Eglinton T & Slater G

(2002) Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Gases in Crystalline Rock: Implications for the Deep Biosphere
Sherwood Lollar B, Ward J, Slater G, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Lin L & Onstott T

(2001) Field Applications of Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) for Assessment of Contaminant Biodegradation
Sherwood Lollar B, Morrill P, Slater GF, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Edwards E, Sleep B, McMaster M & Major D

(2001) Abiotic Formation of C1-C4 Hydrocarbons in Crystalline Rocks of the Canadian Shield
Westgate TD, Ward J, Slater GF, Lacrampe-Couloume G & Sherwood Lollar B

(2000) Carbon Stable Isotope Effects as a Tool to Monitor Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene (TCE)
Barth J, Slater G, Schueth C, Bill M, Downey A, Sherwood Lollar B & Kalin RM

(2000) Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation during Methanogenic Degradation of Toluene: Potential for Direct Verification of Bioremediation
Ward JAM, Ahad JME, Lacrampe-Couloume G, Slater GF, Edwards EA & Sherwood-Lollar B

(2000) Carbon Isotopic Fractionation by Zero-Valent Iron: Influence of Surface Pre-Treatment
Slater G, Sherwood Lollar B, Allen-King R & O'Hannesin S

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